A fanatical Jew hater had his moment yesterday at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. Robert Bowers entered the synagogue while services were being held with an A-15 and 3 hand revolvers. He killed 11 and wounded 6.

An act of religious terror. The worst attack on people of the Jewish faith in American history.

Anti-Semitism has been on the rise world wide, as well as in the U.S., in recent years. Increasingly each year. The number of U.S. incidences rose significantly in 2016-2017. Up 60 percent.

The reasons interesting.

The 2007-2008 recession. Jews are considered bankers and money people. The claim was their greed brought on the recession.

Trump now is an admitted nationalist. The nationalist label applies to neo-Nazis and members of the Klu Klux Klan.

I do not think Trump personally is a neo-Naxi. His problem is he does not understand. He does not think. He does not tie group relationships together. He is very much pro-Israel, his daughter Ivanka and husband Jared are Jews, his former close friend and attorney Michael Cohen a Jew.

Anti-Semitism on college campuses has been on the rise significantly in recent years. Complaints to administrators have generally fallen on deaf ears.

Israel’s rise powerwise. Netanyahu has become an authoritarian figure. A bully. A warmonger. Similar to Trump in many ways.

Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville last year. White supremacy groups participated. Neo-Nazis and Klu Klux Klan. Trump said violations occurred on both sides.

Finally, Trump’s constant venting of hatred. Such encourages those of weak minds who follow him. Bowers the most recent example. I read somewhere in the past 24 hours that to support Trump is to support an environment in which more Richard Bowerses are inevitable.

Trump is blind as regards that which he is encourages. The blind cannot see.

The American people must put a stop to Trump and the evil he promotes. The only way is through the ballot box. Most must vote Democratic. Even Republicans. The result of the November 6 election will indicate whether we support Trump and the movement of hate he has unleashed, or oppose it.

The U.S. is standing on tip toes on the top edge of the Empire State Building. We either fall forward to continued destruction, or back to be saved.

To happier things.

The Fantasy Fest Parade was last night. How successful I cannot say. I did not attend. I will not know till tomorrow morning’s newspaper. The Key West Citizen does not publish on Sundays.

I had a more enjoyable time than the parade. I remained home and watched the Syracuse/North Carolina State game. North Carolina a 2 point favorite going into the game. Syracuse won 51-41. Syracuse now 6-2. The best start and best season in 20 years. Go ‘Cuse!

Bad things can happen in places other than Pittsburgh. A serious sick central Florida event occurred which fortunately was thwarted.

You will ask how/why could such a thing even enter into anyone’s mind.

The place the Bartow Middle School. Two girls 11 and 12 planned to kill 15 other female students, drink their blood, possibly eat body parts, and then commit suicide.

The girls were caught by a teacher waiting for other girls to enter. The girls had in their possession a kitchen knife, a butcher knife, a pizza cutter and a goblet.

They were Satanic worshipers.

The Canadian blogger Ian Welsh recently wrote re climate change. The blog titled: Bend Over And Kiss Your Ass Goodbye. Welsh a graphic writer.

I quote relevant portions of Welsh’s article.

“We are so far up shit creek we are never seeing clear waters again.”

“Climate change is settled science. Climate change is past the point of no return…..If you believe that nations are even going to keep the Paris agreement targets, you’re such a fool you’ll be sold all the world’s bridges.”

“We are long past (a good 10 years past at a minimum) any possibility of stopping this.”

Busy day ahead for me. Sloan over at 12. Big day. What would I do without her.

Tonight, a drink or two. Visit Lauri at Rum Bar and John at the Chart Room.

Enjoy your Sunday!


























  1. The Pitt shooter was just your basic right wing AR15 guy and not a Trumpster. I guess you could call that a win for Trump in some bizarre way.

    • Really? Inspired, encouraged and led by Trump and Trump’s rhetoric make him a Trumpster. Many reports say he frequently pushed migrant caravan conspiraces on social media and other places. That’s a BIG Trump garbage talk. I wouldn’t think Trump can claim a disconnect from this guy at all and any attempt by Trumps followers to push this spin is hogwash.

    • Look it up yourself, it’s all over – start w NBC news, CNN, Time, USA today. etc. Do your homework before you start your garbage trolling.

  2. There are major public intellectuals who are wrong about, well, everything. [Thomas Friedman]
    What about private sudo-intellectuals.

    • Agree, like Dobbs, Krauthammer, Brooks, and just about everybody else on FOX. That includes you Patrick, although I wouldn’t refer to you as any kind of public intellectual. You are more a troll and a nuisance. However that’s not what we’re talking about here, we’re talking about facts.

    • Yes, referencing actual quotes from posts that creep made on the “” social media site. Do your homework first before you try and spin your hateful spin attempts.

    • …and the Guardian, Newsweek, the BBC News, the Nation, the Pittsburg Post Gazzette and many more, even the NY Post, for Pete’s sake. These were all within a few hours of the shooting. Who knows how many more articles will come out showing even greater affection Bowers had for Trump after the real news outlets have a chance to look into things. Only the crackpots are the ones trying to claim this guy and the MEGA Bomber was not influenced by Trump. These and the Russians, of course.

      • Better I think, we spend our time with sympathies for those poor innocent victims in Pittsburgh, then on that self centered insensitive troll with his partisan nonsense.

  3. You’re welcome. I didn’t get my name in.

    As to an above post, It is still nice to see I’m still in peoples thoughts while I was gone once again. Its so heartening.

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