My dear friend Laurie Thibaud has a radio show. Her first. Two weeks old.

Yesterday, I was a guest on her show. Fun! We chatted away about this and that.

The show is called Party With A Purpose. Purpose music, fun and crazy. Station 105.7-FM. For lower keys listeners. Runs from Key West to Sugarloaf.

Laurie the perfect host. Her years working the various clubs and benefits with mike in hand trained her well for this experience.

Topics we covered involved the gale which was blowing outside, Key West being designated #1 nationally for cities of its size for bicycle deaths and injuries, Mt. Trashmore on Stock Island, implanting parents and children on the border with numbers on their arms, and Key West chickens.

The gale yesterday a minor hurricane. Felt like a category 1 if you were outside. Winds 20-30 mph. Gusts up to 60 miles an hour. Rain, rain, rain. Monsoon in nature.

Streets flooded. Certain areas badly. Took a while to drive home. I had to pick my streets based on prior experiences with flooding.

I had to cross Front Street to get my car 2 hours into the rain. Front Street flooded over the curb. Water over my ankles. Fortunately, I was wearing crocs.

The sun was shining till the gale hit. Sky got white. Then gray. Then black. Around 77 degrees in the afternoon. The gale brought a cold with it. Dropped into the mid 60’s during the storm.

Mary and I were going to see the first night of the new Mary Poppins at Tropic Cinema at 6. I decided against it. No way.

We are rescheduled for tonight. Should be ok. Winds still 30 mph. No rain yet. Some expected off and on. Not much, however. Temperature will be 73 by day and drop to 70 in the evening.

The bicycle situation worthy of discussion during Laurie’s radio show. A recent study revealed for cities with a population of 15,000 to 75,000, Key West was #1 in deaths and fatalities. Key West’s population 29,000. Doubles during the season.

I was not surprised Key West was #1. Bicyclists are a danger to themselves and auto drivers.

Key West is known as a beautiful community to ride a bike around. That reputation was earned 30 years ago. A time when there were not so many people. Key West no longer a safe place for bicyclists. Primarily, tourists.

Most have not been on a bicycle in 20-30 years. Wobble all over the place. Forget to stop for red lights and stop signs.

Families scare the hell out of me. Families ride in a straight line generally. Still unsafe, however. Mom, Dad and then 4 kids. Most children young. A mother with her baby in a small carriage on the back even more scareful. I do not understand the mentality of the parents.

Most of Key West’s streets are in poor condition. Maintenance a forgotten virtue. Hit a bump and over the rider goes.

I had a doctor visit yesterday. Doctor came in with a mucked up face. Like he had been beaten.

He was riding his bicycle the night before. Hit a bump in the road. The bicycle went down. He went up in the air and over the bike. Came down on his face.

The Graduate an all time great movie. Opened in New York City this day 1967. A huge hit. Viewed today as one of the biggest hits in movie history.

The Graduate cost $3 million to make. Earned $35 million in its first six months. The first year $104.9 million in the United States and Canada combined.

Starred Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft and Katherine Ross.

 I loved the movie. The first to reflect the changing times. Social changes galore occurred in the 1960’s.

General Mattis resigned yesterday as Secretary of Defense. A result and manifestation of Trump’s insanity.

Trump is having a good week. He might even shut down the government today. What a guy! No time a good time for a government shutdown. But at Christmas time? Many federal employees will go without pay.

The stock market continues to be erratic. It was 27,000 earlier in the year. Now 22,000. A bear market around the corner. If the market continues its ride down, a recession possible. I believe if the market breaks 20,000, there definitely will be a recession

A bear market on the horizon. After 10 years of a bull market.

The whole world is in tough times economically. A recession would be world wide.

Trump bears considerable responsibility for the market’s downward spiral.

Trump’s friend Putin continues to make an ass out of the President.

Putin wants a military presence in the Americas. Maduro hates Trump. Putin and Maduro friends. Not the same kind as Trump is with Putin. Maduro has offered a Venezuelan island in the Caribbean.

Two days ago, Putin spoke for 4 hours in Moscow. Dictators all seem to talk for hours. In any event, he clearly said Russia was seeking a base for Russian planes in the Caribbean. The Venezuelan island announced the next day. Putin also warned “that the threat of nuclear war should not be under estimated.”

Forget not that Putin is Trump’s friend.

Thank you again Mr. President for your ignorance and arrogance.

Forget not China. The tariff war’s additional increases are on a 90 day hold. The same day the 90 day deal was made at a face to face meeting between Trump and Xi, the U.S. had Meng Wanzhua arrested in Vancouver. She a big shot and daughter of a Chinese big shot.

Her arrest not helping.

Russia and China are joined at the hip when it comes to the U.S. I do not like saying this, but I sense the drums of war beating.

Another thank you Donald situation.

Syracuse/Arkansas State at noon tomorrow. Syracuse 7-4, Arkansas State 5-6.

I make no prediction. Syracuse play has sucked in recent games. I hurt for me, Boeheim and the team. Syracuse began the season with last year’s starting 5 returning. The Syracuse bench is deep. Never the less, Syracuse has reached the position that not playing well includes difficulty making foul shots.

A sad recollection. On this day in 1998, Pan Am flight 103 blew up 31,000 feet over Lockerbie, Scotland. The plane was returning to the U.S. from England.

A bomb hidden in an audio cassette in the cargo bin caused the mid air explosion.

Libya was determined to have been responsible.

Two hundred forty three passengers, 16 crew members, and 11 persons on the ground died.

On board were 35 Syracuse students who had been studying abroad. One was the daughter of friends. Their pain knew no bounds. The pain still there today.

Enjoy your day!


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