Mary took me to the movies last night. Mary Poppins Returns. Absolutely outstanding!

I never saw the first Mary Poppins which came out in 1964. Not my kind of movie back then. Why now, I am not sure. Probably old age.

Great story line, singing, and dancing. Especially the dancing.

Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda starred. An Academy Award nomination for Blunt.

I never saw Miranda before. He is Broadway famous. Among other things, wrote the book, music and lyrics for Hamilton. Also, played Hamilton.

What added to the fun was the appearance of certain mature stars in specialty roles. Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury, Colin Firth, and Dick Van Dyke.

If you could use a make me feel good evening, I suggest you see Mary Poppins.

As I was leaving through the lobby ran into Laurie Thibaud. We have bonded since the radio show. Hugs and kisses exchanged.

Then to Irish Kevin’s. Could taste the corned beef reuben from a block away.

As I was walking past the stand from which the guitar player sings and causes mayhem, the guitar player yelled out “Lou!”

Lights glaring. My eyes bad enough without the glare. I could not see clearly. Thought it was Larry Smith.
Was not. He kept yelling Lou and pointing to me.

I gave a wave, smiled, and walked on. Still don’t know who the guy was.

Any how, enjoyed the reuben, a couple of drinks, and the crazy music.

Final stop the Chart Room. Good crowd. Sheila sitting at the end of the bar. John bartending.

Mary was full of vim and vigor. I, tired. She told me to go, she would grab a cab. I did. I was home in bed by 9:30. The movie had started at 6 so it was an early evening all around.

Saturday afternoon at the movies was a big deal when I was young. Time frame the late 1930’s into the 1940’s. The format the same each week. Two movies, a serial and a cartoon. One of the movies always a western.

Two cowboy heroes in those days. Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Autry my favorite.

Gene Autry was a singing cowboy. What I learned last night: He recorded Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in 1949. An immediate hit! One year later, he recorded Frosty the Snowman. Another hit!

The gale stayed with us into early evening yesterday. No rain. Wind and cold. I wore long pants.

By the time the movie had ended, the wind had disappeared. Turned into a better evening weather wise.

I mentioned to a tourist at the Chart Room how bad I felt that he was getting bad weather. His response: “Better than shoveling snow!”

The next few days will be mid 70’s by day and mid 60’s during the night.

Trump had a great week! Could not have done worse!

The government shut down last night at midnight.

The stock market is a mess. Down over 400 points yesterday. Closed at 22,445.37. The market the worse it has been since the 2008 crash.

We have not crashed yet. Getting there, however. If the market breaks 20,000, the experts will declare the country in recession.

The market is fluctuating crazily because of Trump. He is too impulsive. Lacks stability. People get nervous.

Thursday Trump announced he was pulling all U.S. troops out of Syria. Yesterday, he added to the announcement. He was cutting back on Afghanistan. Bringing 7,000 military home. Half the U.S. Afghanistan deployment.

Both moves will encourage and enhance ISIS. From their perspective, they will have caused the removal and reduction of American forces.

Some military experts are saying we will at some point face another 9/11. ISIS will flex it muscle as a result of our leaving Syria and reducing forces in Afghanistan. ISIS will be showing off to the rest of the world.

There is a dark secret rarely spelled out to the American people. Rarely discussed. Military contractors. Companies that provide soldiers to fight along side with or for American troops.

The cost of contractor forces never mentioned. Part of the “secret” defense budget.

Erik Prince recently spent some time in Washington with Trump. He founded Blackwater. No longer exists as such. Now, Constellis.

My question: How many military contractors will the U.S. leave in Syria and Afghanistan? Or, add?

If left or added, means to me that we will still be at war in Syria and Afghanistan.

Enjoy your day!


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