Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett in an address this weekend said she was concerned about the public perception of the Supreme Court. She denied it was a partisan institution.

Justice Barrett said, “Justices must be hyper vigilant to make sure they’re not letting personal bias creep into their decisions, since judges are people, too.”

From the time she was nominated by Trump, I have felt she was not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. Her intellectual prowess does not mean she is without a bias which makes her partisan.

People who lean one way do not know they are so inclined. Their thinking/vision is like a horse wearing blinders. Straight ahead.

Rather than detail step by step my feelings regarding her ability to serve, I am directing you to read 4 prior posts where I made mention of her. They cover her background pretty well: Wives Have To Obey Husband In Everything 9/27/20; The Proud Boys’ President 10/1/20; Hoax Comes Home To Roost 10/2/20; The Dike Is On The Verge of Collapsing 10/15/20.

Merely enter Key West Lou Topic Date.

I very rarely revert you a post already published. Today, I shall be doing it twice. Barrett was first. Now, what I view as a voice from the other side.

There is a comment section to my blog. Some do comment. I hear from all sides of the spectrum. Those that agree with me and those who do not. My readers also comment back and forth with each other. The comments sometime can be harsh.

I recently posted a blog titled Tactless Donald Trump.

“Anonymous” responded.

I am happy to receive comments from everyone. Those that agree with me and those who do not. Commenting is healthy, though sometimes a bit rough.

I am sharing one of the comments received to Tactless Donald Trump. I believe I wrote it 9/12/221.

Anonymous wrote, “No, no! – Donald Trump is the real President of the United States of America and deserves our respect. He definitely has my respect. His commentary on the boxing match was brilliant and seeing the white foreign guy beating the American black guy was a perfect entertainment befitting the holiday. And oh boy, Donald’s prediction about how Joe Biden would have gone down in under 10 seconds was right on. Donald always says it like it is. Thanks Mr. President, you’ll always be the best as far as your true fans are concerned. Best show all day.”

The Taliban are trying hard to show the world they have changed. To a degree willing to be like everyone else.

Time will tell.

Unquestionably, the Taliban have always considered and treated women as second class citizens. Their gender not to be educated.

The Taliban announced that henceforth women can study in gender segregated universities. The classrooms will be segregated.

The ladies will continue to wear Islamic attire.

Assuming sincerity on the part of the Talibans, I view this as a major step forward re women. Keep in mind the U.S. was slow in recognizing the right and need to educate its women.

Very few females were admitted to college in the first half of the 19th century. The doors opened rather dramatically in the second half of the century. Women were permitted to go to college. Their own. No mixture of the sexes. The following were born: Vassar, Wellesley, Smith, Bryn Mawr, Radcliffe and Barnard.

Women moved ahead rapidly in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Since those years, women have annually surpassed men in receiving Bachelor and Masters Degrees. Since 2005, they have exceeded men in the number graduating as medical doctors.

I entered law school in 1957. There were two women in my class. Today, there are more female law graduates than male.

The issue re the Talibans is whether they are sincere. Will the higher education of women be a forever thing or will the Taliban revert to their old ways?

A sad story. A reflection of where we are regarding medical services today. A problem contributed to by the COVID-19 virus itself and those who refuse to be vaccinated. I believe the problem has been acerbated by those who refuse to be vaccinated.

Alabama has been for a month or more in deep trouble re the virus. Hospitals filled. No ICU beds  available. Those afflicted with coronavirus or other ICU required attention are being sent to other cities and states if ICU beds are available in those places.

The Washington Post on 9/11  reported Ray DeMonia, an Alabama resident, had a heart attack and required ICU care. His local hospital had no room. Forty three hospitals in a 200 mile radius were contacted also. No beds available.

He died. Died because an ICU bed was not available.

Most of the beds in the hospitals contacted had COVID patients. I wonder how many had not been vaccinated.

As I age, I become a bit forgetful. However there are somethings that should never be forgotten. Like Irma. Hurricane Irma hit 4 years ago on 9/10/20. Impacted me. An experience. Compelled me to write the book Irma and Me.

I forgot Irma this year.

Apologies not required except to Jean and Joe Thornton and those who escaped to their home in Birmingham for more than a week. I apologize to my hosts and the others Jean and Joe took in. I shall never forget Irma, itself. More importantly, the happy party time we experienced each and every day at Jean and Joe’s.

Hard times can be good times.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, the reply from Anon, that you wrote about today. You do realize that was written by one of your liberal friends don’t you? They were trying to be clever.

    • Or maybe by you, to make it look that way so that you could then post this exact ‘gotcha’ response?

      Who you trying to kid azzhole!

    • Why is it you crackpots always think liberals are devious. If one of Lou’s readers wrote that it would have been written better and not so un-clever. The way it was written looked like a fourth grader, or a southern (probably West Virginian) Republican wrote it.

      • That was the whole point. They wrote it to show how “dumb” Trump supporters are.

        I will say one thing for you libs. You lack any sort of deductive reasoning skill.

  2. Ray DeMonia, the guy from Cullman Alabama was turned away from those 43 hospitals and died as a result, was a casualty resulting from the sudden huge increase of Covid cases directly linked to that mas*ive Trump rally here in Cullman this past August 21st

    This stuff is real everybody!

  3. Colorado paster Bob Enyart who was a well known vaccine denier and conspiracy theorist, has now died from Covid. This is the same Christian radio host who during his earlier career, read obituaries from people who died of AIDS while playing the Queen song “Another One Bites the Dust.

    Covid loves the irony by fixing stupid.

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