9/11 is never a day like all days. It is a special time for recollection and mourning.

It was the same yesterday. The services were touching. Heart wrenching on occasion. It was difficult not to shed a tear or two.

Former Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama were at certain locations. Biden at two.

Absent was Trump. To be expected. Perhaps he thought he would feel uncomfortable in the company of former Presidents who were genuine leaders.

Trump’s personality and disposition decidedly would not have fit.

So Trump visited a New York City police station in the morning. Then flew to the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. To announce at what was described as a “major fight card.”

Fifty eight year old Evander Holyfield was the star attraction. The winner of the heavyweight title four times last fought 10 years ago. The time factor done him in. He lost on a TKO in the first round.

Trump’s appearance at the fight reflected his total lack of tact. The man is tasteless. No respect for 9/11 and the almost 3,000 who died.

Tactless is to be rude (without manners) or inept (without finesse). People with tact are polite and respectful, tactless people the opposite. Rude and ill mannered.

Trump is aware he is different. Tactless merely one of his different traits. He lacked the courage to appear and stand with former Presidents. Thus reflecting his cowardly leanings.

Fantastic tennis yesterday afternoon. The finals of the Women’s U.S. Open.

Two teenagers playing. Extremely unusual.They fought hard. Eighteen year old Emma Raducanu won 6-4 and 6-3.

Nineteen year old Leylaw Fernandez the loser. However the match was not as one sided as the score might reflect. Close and hard fought throughout.

Pope Francis fears not. He walks with God.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban is a political strongman. He is Europe’s Donald Trump. “Rules” with the same “qualities” as Trump did.

Francis met with him face to face while addressing a crowd. Francis warned re the “risk of proclaiming a false Messianism, one of human origin, not from God.”

New York’s Lewis County is located in the northern part of the state. Good skiing country in the winter.

Its capital is Lowville. A small rural community. Country folk.

Lewis County adjoins Oneida County located to its south. Oneida County was my home county . Born, raised and practice law there before retiring to Key West.

There is a well known Key Wester who originated from or very near to Lewis County. Chris Rounds, owner of La Te Da.

I tried many cases in the Lewis County Courthouse.

Lewis County General Hospital is the area’s medical center.

The Hospital’s administrator announced friday that effective September 24, the Hospital would no longer deliver babies. The nursing staff is in revolt. They refuse/oppose New York State’s vaccination mandate for medical personnel which goes into effect September 27. The nurses resigned en masse.

It will be back to mid wives or a 50 mile drive to Syracuse or Utica for hospital deliveries.

One hundred sixty five nurses have yet to finalize their decisions to leave or stay.

The tragedy could be a permanent one. The Hospital fears the state will close down certain of the services it offers. It has asked the state to view the problem as a “maternity pause.”

Syracuse, my Syracuse! When will we return to football glory?

Syracuse won its first game last weak. I sensed hope. Yesterday, Rutgers defeated Syracuse 17-7.

I am not a happy camper!

Enjoy your Sunday!





  1. No, no! – Donald Trump is the real president of the United States of America and deserves our respect. He definitely has my respect. His commentary on the boxing match was brilliant and seeing the white foreign guy beating the American black guy was a perfect entertainment befitting the holiday. And oh boy, Donald’s prediction about how Joe Biden would have gone down in under 10 seconds was right on. Donald always say’s it like it is. Thank’s Mr. President, you’ll always be the best as far as your true fans are concerned. Best show all day.

  2. An Alabama man who has a heart attack, was turned away from 43 hospitals because they were full. He finally found one 200 miles away He died there.

    Covid isn’t fixing stupid fast enough in Alabama.

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