Flu shot yesterday afternoon. Got it late. I was becoming concerned.

Before the flu shot, I suffered through two bouts of flu every season. Began receiving the shots, no flu since. Twenty years!

It was after 3 when I received the flu shot. I had missed lunch. Decided on a 5 Guys cheeseburger.

As I was waiting for my order, I got my soda and other items I would need. No paper napkins. There was always a huge pile siting next to the condiments. The customer took from the pile any amount he wanted.

When I received my order, I immediately looked inside. There were paper napkins in the bag. As always. Besides the extras by the condiments, napkins always came inside the bag.

I decided to test the waters. Immediately asked the fellow who called the numbers if I could have extra napkins. No problem. He handed me many more than were in the bag.

I was the only customer for a while. Asked the manager why no extra napkins where they used to be. “Paper shortage,” he responded.

Thought about it. Made sense.There continues to be a shortage of toilet paper, paper towels, and paper napkins at the supermarkets. Some shelves empty. Most limit the number that can be purchased.

5 Guys has the problem also and handled it in their fashion.

Felt the shortage situation when I went to fill the gas tank. Gas was $.25 higher than the national average.

Truly amazing. Re gasoline no matter what the situation, it always costs more in Key West. Yet drive 15 miles up Route 1 and the price is $.10-$.15  a gallon cheaper all the way up to Florida City.

Steve Bannon comes and goes. He is back in the limelight. He must be thrilled.He is relevant again.

I sense him to be a revolutionary at heart. His comment in front of the federal court house in Washington yesterday: “We’re taking down the Biden regime.”

I mentioned recently Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother, Sean Hannity, and the purported libel by Biden concerning Kyle. Received a comment yesterday concerning another TV news release re the subject. A more timely one.

The shootings took place August 25, 2020. Biden was being interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper a few days later. Biden in response to a question re the shootings answered: “Look, I don’t know enough to know whether that 17 year old kid – exactly what he did. But allegedly he is a part of a militia coming out of the State of Illinois.”

I watched portions of the  Rittenhouse summations yesterday. My thoughts.

I criticized the Assistant District Attorney for his questioning a few days ago. Absolutely terrible! The parts of his summation I heard were exceptional, however! Surprisingly so. Precise. Joined the facts in a clear understandable manner to the law.

The defense’s summation took a different tack. Emotional.

Good, but not as effective the the prosecution’s.

A lawyer presents an emotional summation when he thinks the facts have gone against his client during trial. The more deliberate summation is where the attorney knows he has a winner.

Will the comparison prove correct when the jury renders its verdict?

NCR published an interesting article this morning titled: “Q and A with Sr. Dorothy Okoli, Transforming Lives of Women Trapped in Prostitution.”

Sister Dorothy is a Missionary Sister of St. John Paul II of Mary. Her order was started by her several years ago. Its work is done in  Anambra County in Nigeria.

Their primary goal is to help young prostitutes.

Sister Dorothy and her group visit hotels to rehabilitate and counsel young women trapped in hotels where they live and work. Their earnings cover the roof over their heads and food. It is financially impossible for the young women to leave.

They are prostitutes due to the lack of care and assistance from their families, the government and society.

The nuns are their last hope.

There is an interesting side story.

I mentioned last week my first love Natalie who became a nun. I had not seen her in 30 years when she showed up at my box at the Carrier Dome.

We chatted a bit. She told me of her work. She and a group of nuns decided there was a place where help was especially needed. She and the group went to New York City. They shed their robes and began wearing everyday clothing. They decided to work Times Square.

In the 1980’s, Times Square was loaded with prostitutes. Young girls. Pimps ruled their lives. Natalie and her fellow Sisters decided to save them.

That was Natalie’s life at the time. Trying to save young prostitutes. The same work that Sister Dorothy is now doing in Nigeria.

My early life was surrounded with nuns. As I got older, I used to think what a waste. Life outside the nunnery had to be much better.

I thought such as Natalie and I spoke. Never spoke my thoughts, of course.

I did however send her a healthy check two days later when I returned to the office.

Evangelical Christians. Especially Evangelical Republican Christians. The worst! They are modern day troublemakers.

The downtrodden and needy receive, if lucky, lip service from them. No economic assistance. The evangelicals of whom I speak depict “social justice as the agenda of Satan.”

They demonize the “social justice” gospel. Twist its words.

The Evangelical Republican Christians are fortunate God will forgive them. God forgives everyone.

I missed Key West’s Veterans Day Parade saturday.

Key West parades of all kinds are the best. Have so been in my 30 years in Key West.

Change is upon us nationwide and worldwide. It has not missed Key West. Our values are being ripped apart.

A Citizens’ Voice comment in this morning’s paper reflects it: “I guess it’s time to move our Veterans Day Parade. It was sad to see the huge groups of drunks, chanting slurs about our Commander in Chief and disrespecting the parade. The powerboat crowd is clearly more important than veterans, so just get on with it and move the parade.”

Tuesday again! Comes rapidly every week. Tonight my blog talk radio show: Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me. I rant and rave about anything that moves me at the moment.

Nine my time. A quick half hour show.

Enjoy your day!



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