Marital sex has been declining. According to studies, married couples in the U.S. are having less sex than they did a decade ago. 

Another decline involves single people living together. Such has diminished also, as well as the number of times those living together have sex.

COVID contributed to the decline. World instability overall another. Financial and climate change the main reasons.

Though sex diminishes for most as a marriage moves on, studies suggest the amount of sex in a marriage is up to the two persons involved. There is no one-sex-fits all answer.

There is no Biblical passage forbidding a husband and wife from having sex for pleasure when not trying to conceive children. The line constantly touted that sex is solely for procreation and not fun is bullshit.

Paul wrote husbands and wives should never withhold sexual affection due each other – refraining only during times set aside for prayer and fasting. 1 Corinthians 7:3-5.

Sexual laws in Key West in 1829 and 1830. 

Bathing was a problem. People were openly and publicly bathing. A law was passed prohibiting such.

Prostitution another issue. A law was passed to “punish lewd persons,” defined as “any female supporting and maintaining herself by the unlawful profit of prostitution.” The fine $25. A tremendous sum back then.

There was an add-on to the law I find difficult to understand: Again “to punish lewd persons.” A $500 bond was required also. Apparently a guarantee to keep women from practicing their profession.

I find these 1829 and 1830 prostitution laws humorous. There were only 500 people living in Key West in those days. How bad could  prostitution have been. Sounds like a bunch of wives became furious and imposed on their wayward husbands to pass these laws.

Moving from sex to other things.

Some Key West matters.

John M. Spottswood was a brilliant leader of Key West during his time. He was a Sheriff, State Senator and astute businessman.

In 1953, the City Commission passed an ordinance granting a franchise for TV cable operations to him. An example of Spottswood being up front and on top of things.

Today’s Citizens’ Voice asks an interesting question: “Has anyone ever actually bothered to trace back our beach water pollution to the source? There must be a way to do that this day and age.”

I have been here 30 years. Fecal matter in our swimming water almost a constant. Something should be done!

A quiet birthday yesterday. All birthdays at my age are quiet.

I began with a Monkey Smoothie at Date & Thyme. Met a lovely lady. Erin. We chatted briefly. She has been in Key West 20 years off and on. Interestingly, we agreed on everything. Especially the difference in people now settling in Key West as compared to 20 years ago.

Hope we meet again. Enjoyed her charm and company.

Then to fill the gas tank. Nearly empty.

Such was my morning, my day. Spent the rest of the day doing what I usually do. Reading, writing and watching TV. Such is life when one reaches the late 80’s.

I thank those who wrote and called. Heard by phone from my dear friend Theos in Greece, Bob on Cape Cod, some old friends in Utica, many from Key West and also those who I never have met, but read my blog. 

Thank you all!

Other interesting items.

Something very few people are aware of. Twenty five years after she was burned at the stake, Joan of Arc was retried in 1456 and acquitted. A lot of good it did her! Her judges should have been tried and sentenced to be burned at the stake. Payment for the wrong they did her 25 years earlier.

Genius physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton received his Masters Degree this day in 1868 from Trinity College in Cambridge.

Something most of us have enjoyed at some point in our lives. Generally, the very early part. Comic books!

On this day in 1802, the first comic book “The Wasp” was published in Hudson, N.Y.

There was more than one or two persons involved in the conspiracy to kill Abraham Lincoln. On this day in 1865, Mary Surratt, Lewis Ravell, David Herold and George Atzerodt were hung in execution for their roll in the conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln.

Sliced bread! On this day in 1828, sliced bread was sold for the first time by the Chillicothe Baking Co. using a machine invented by Otto Frederich Rottwedder. Described as the greatest step forward in the baking industry since bread was wrapped.

The best of the best! I loved these three, performing alone or together. The first Three Tenor’s concert featuring Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti became the world’s best selling classical record.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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