Graduation 2020 last night was an outstanding tribute to this year’s graduating high school seniors. Deprived of the usual last month or two of high school, America was at its finest in acknowledging them via a program of programs.

Obama’s words the type of tribute one would expect.

Trump could not have put on such a show. The TV event was about them, the kids, not Trump. Trump lacks the sensitivity to understand what last night was all about.

Lets stay with the younger generation a moment. Those about to graduate from college. Not the best of times. Jobs worse than scarce. Many will end up working in a McDonald’s and bear bitter fruits as a result.

My recommendation is those graduating not even look for employment. Rather, continue with their educations. Get a Masters, Ph. D, law or medical degree. Go to school as long as reasonably possible. By the time they finish, the tide will hopefully have turned. That first job will be much better than any possible at this time. The graduate will have more to offer an employer and the beginning pay will be more.

I do not want to hear it cannot be afforded. If there is desire, the money will come.

The worst thing affecting higher American education has been the student loan program. Borrow now and pay back later. An extreme burden for every student. The time is coming when the federal government will forgive the loans. The only way they will be “paid.”

Permit an observation by this old man. There were no loan programs when I went to college and law school. We worked! Two, three and four jobs at a time. Throw in a scholarship or two here and there. We made it.

I was married in law school. My son John was born when I was in law school.

We worked at outside jobs. Studied late into the night. Never complained. In fact, did not even know how tough it was. Never gave it any thought. It was the way most of us got through school.

It irritates me when people say it was cheaper back then. Only relatively so. Expensive is expensive at a given time.

Salaries were not great either. Relative however. I cannot forget high school. I worked 4 years in a super market. My salary was $.1675 an hour. Sixteen and two third cents an hour. In college and law school, $.75 to a $1.25 an hour.

A tough hourly, so I sought jobs that paid a commission. I was the best pots and pans and Encyclopedia Americana salesman around!

And so it was.

Covid-19 male or female?

L’Academie Francaise sets the rules for the French language. It has decided Covid-19 is feminine. Therefore will be referred to as La Covid and not Le Covid.

In excess of 87,000 coronavirus deaths in the U.S. thus far. Responsibility for the excessive number lies with the Trump administration. A public policy for mass murder.

The Boston Globe wrote it correctly last week in a headline: Blood On The Hands Of Those In Power.

At a Task Force presentation in the Rose Garden Friday, Trump with gusto said, “Vaccine or no vaccine, WE’RE BACK!”

Back from where? Nothing? What of significance has been accomplished thus far?

He also went on to spell out how the distribution of the vaccine would be done. By the military.

It is always good to plan ahead. How far, however? It could be 1-2 years to vaccine if we are lucky. Many scientists are now suggesting 4 years. Based on the history of U.S. developed vaccines. The quickest was measles and it took 4 years.

Trump also reiterated a term he used a couple of weeks ago to describe his new approach to creating the vaccine: “Operation Warp Speed.”

Fancy terms all. Whether effective, remains to be seen.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Rutgers University has a picture of the Statue of Liberty standing in water with her body showing only from the breasts up.

Says it all when it comes to the effects of climate change. Extreme in its presentation. I doubt the sea level will rise that much. However, the picture does effectively make a point.

Some books have a resurgence. Discovered again.

For whatever reason, Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises is experiencing an increase in popularity. The novel in demand.

It was difficult! Arthur had to knock on the door two weeks in a row. However, Arthur finally made it.

Arthur is a tropical storm. Probably will grow into a hurricane. The first this year. And hurricane season still 2 weeks away.

Arthur is heading for Florida. Will not make landfall. Instead will run up the Atlantic coast from northeast Florida to south North Carolina. Then expected to turn out to sea.

Enjoy your Sunday!






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