The hoards will return to the checkpoint at the entrance to the Keys June 1. Some will be afflicted with coronavirus. Some Keys residents previously unaffected will become infected. Some may die.

The checkpoint worked! No question about it. One of the wisest moves the Monroe County Commission ever made. The numbers say it all. Total coronavirus cases 100. Thirty nine of the number in Key West. Deaths, 3. None in Key West.

The numbers will change. Perhaps dramatically.

Florida’s record overall is not worthy of praise. Immediately to the north of Monroe County are Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Two of the biggest beds of coronavirus in Florida.

Tourists from those counties and others to the north will drive in. They do every year at this time. In fact, generally earlier. The season is over. Hotel rates and restaurant prices considerably cheaper.

My gut tells me that four to six weeks later, the coronavirus numbers for Monroe County and Key West will rise. Again, in conceivably dramatic fashion.

Money and business will have won over health and life.

In addition to the checkpoint being removed June 1, as of that same date hotels will be permitted to operate at 50 percent occupancy. Masks will be required in stores and to gain entrance into restaurants.

Come on coronavirus! Not much we can do to stop you!

Trump thinks himself to be King. He would love to be King for real and forever. If reelected in November, the opportunity might arise.

On this day in 1804, such a situation occurred in France. Napoleon wished to be Emperor of France. He had no lineage. He did the next best thing. Crowned himself Emperor!

It was a big day in Paris. The Cathedral of Notre Dame the place for the crowning. The Cathedral ablaze in all its glory. Decorated royally and colorfully. At considerable expense.

Napoleon took the crown in his hands and placed it on his head, thereby crowning himself Emperor. He then crowned his wife Josephine Empress.

Don’t tell me it can’t happen here! With Trump, anything can happen anytime.

I can envision Trump in an Address to the Nation afterwards telling all: We have made America great again!

Be careful who you vote for.

The Reverend Frank Pavone is a Catholic priest. Close to God and close to Trump. A Trump supporter in the extreme. Part of Trump’s inner circle of supporters.

Father Pavone heads the organization Priests for Life. A pro-life group. He also is a leader in the Catholics for Trump organization. It is probably those relationships that have made the priest and President close friends

He is not easy to get along with as regards the Church hierarchy. Always aggravating someone. Two Bishops and a Cardinal no longer have anything to do with him.

Father Pavone’s protests know how to raise money. Filed documents reveal that for 2016 and 2017, he raised $13.2 million.

Father Pavone has attracted to the Church and his organizations the same type people that follow Trump.

Evidence of his support for anything Trump involves family separation at the border. He defended Trump’s child separation policy. He said, ” If someone is breaking the law, being separated from their families is not the fault of those enforcing the law but of those who broke it.”

He is an openly proud Keep America Great advocate.

Lynda Frechette shared a video with her followers this morning. It basically had to do with the crazy and erroneous reasons people support Trump, hate Obama, etc. One person interviewed said he was against Obama because “he was responsible for 9/11.”

Nuts everywhere!

Whoever heard of Zoom a year ago?

Zoom is booming!

Business in general is getting killed by coronavirus. People have been required to transition to working and socializing from home.

The transition could be the new normal. Zoom Communications is an example of an organization that has benefited from the transition and continues to benefit from it. Zoom is now worth more than the top 7 airlines combined.


Cocktails at 7 this week became Tea at 11 Sunday morning. A pleasant change of pace.

Enjoy your day!




  1. I think Monroe county did it right, or at lease as right as could have been done. Unfortunately the Keys can’t exist economically without tourists and snowbirds. It is hard to see how we can avoid the problem, once we open up, particularly if the heard immunity thing doesn’t exist for this particular Covid, as many experts seem to think. It can only be a matter of time, so we should plan for that possibility.

  2. Do not blame the check point. The check point did not let the vires loose on the world. We know who let it loose on us.
    There is a lab at Harvard U. which gets a 35 million dollar payment each month from China to study Bats from China and it is still working. The money is good you know!

  3. Hay Lou your boy in NY said the following Cuomo Defends Nursing Home Policy: ‘Older People, Vulnerable People Are Going to Die’
    His he still great leader? Trump did not say it.

  4. Hey Lou, did you purposely choose the words, “ablaze in all its glory”, when referring to the now burned Notre Dame cathedral?

  5. More blathering nonsense from that Sandy Feet pest, who’s only interest with Lou’s blog is to troll with anything he thinks will get people arguing. Not interested in the truth or anything positive just disruptive crap, more often outright lies than anything helpful or worthwhile.

      • Really Sandy? remember then Trump said the Virus is a Hoax and people won’t die?

        Or when Trump supporters said that nobody will die because Trump said that maybe it’s a good idea if we learn how to inject Clorox and then people started drinking Clorox?

        Now it’s HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE you idiot!

  6. Nana Nan says Trump is “morbid”. How about Trump doing a live “weigh in” on Fox TV? I mean, he would never lie about his weight, would he?

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