It has happened to all of us!

I finished today’s blog and hit a wrong button. Cannot find the blog. It is somewhere out there in space. Ergo, I have to redo the blog now.

Greeks are heading for e.coli and salmonella. Plus, a garden variety of other food poisonings.

The Greek people do not have enough money to buy groceries. Grocery stores are closing permanently because people are not shopping. The Greek government came up with a solution.

As of September 1, stores may sell outdated food. Must be in a special section with a sign advising the food is over the permissible age limit. The food will be cheaper, of course.

I do not envision the program working. No money does not mean some money. Overall there still will not be enough money to buy goods.

Yesterday was busy. A haircut, two bank visits, a business meeting, and a visit with Lisa and my friend Jake.

My blood pressure has gone up recently. Visited my heart doctor, also. He increased two of my medications.

I prepared for and did last night’s blog talk radio show. Based on e mails and calls after the show, my voice was crackly/breaking up. It is always something!

The internet this morning carries a picture of Senator McCain playing poker on his cell phone during the Senate’s Syria hearings yesterday. I am not sure what to say.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou,
    I have come to know you for the last 18 months through this blog.
    I am only a an expert but you need to take a breath… Breath strongly and give less. 🙂
    Bess you..

  2. Lou,
    What a great job you do on your blog. But… How about a bit more focus on KEY WEST.. The national news is everywhere, Key news is nowhere.. Just saying..

    Thank you for all you do..

  3. You can say that McCain has past his prime and needs to retire / quit. He’s “considering” wether girls and boys are going to kill other boys and girls. It deserves his undivided attention. Anything less is criminal!

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