Something happened! Something I have never seen before. Such does not mean it did not occur. I merely have never been aware of it for 20 years.

Key West has a new set of restrictions which were imposed last week. Most had to do with New Year’s Eve. My comments are limited to New Year’s Eve.

Curfew is 10 pm. Bars and restaurants close at 10 also. No Sushi, Conch Shell or the Pirate sliding down something to bring in the New Year Everyone off the street by 10:30.

Harsh! Required, however.

Hotel reservations were around 90 percent at the time.

The Key West hotel industry has generally had a condition to reservations for a holiday or popular event weekend. Several specific days must be reserved. Payment in full in advance. No cancellations, no refunds.

Cancellations have been coming in. Reservations have dropped by half. The 90 percent now 45 percent.

Have the hotels been accepting the cancellations and refunding monies already paid for a room? If so, it would be the first time in my memory. A correct thing to under the circumstances.

At the end of KONK E-Blast this morning there is a photograph of the Custom House pre 1888. Referred to in the photo as the “old Custom House.” It was torn down and late in 1891, the new Custom House opened.

The old custom house in the photo is a dream. Looks like a home. Probably was and then utilized as a government building.

The structure a 1 or 2 story building. Difficult to be exact because of trees growing in front of it. Appears to be a wood structure. A large front porch. The property surrounded by a picket fence which I assume was white.

Hard to believe that the huge brick Custom House sitting in the same location today had land enough to be constructed. The 2 buildings very different in size. David and Goliath came to mind as I viewed the old one.

Oh, the many times I have written about this subject. Food scarcity. The problem becoming even more severe. People forced to do things they never did before.

Americans are stealing food to survive. Many have become shoplifters.

Hunger a genuine concern. Or, should be. The fact that many are stealing is proof the economy is bad. Forget the stock market, the economy stinks. Proof of the pudding is the food scarcity.

It is reported 54 million Americans are suffering at this moment. The 54 million number represents a 45 percent increase from 2019.

Numbers don’t lie.

Responsibility for the shortage can be attached to many things. Like coronavirus, federal food programs being reduced or having run out and not replaced, the increasing price of food, many schools no longer offering breakfast and lunch so 3 meals a day must be provided at home, and job losses.

Many are simply looking for a way to feed their families and hopefully themselves. Actually, a means to say alive.

Food shoplifting in years gone by was considered by many to be the result of a character flaw. Lazy husband/father not working for example.

U.S. hunger has reached a point not seen in decades.

People are stealing consumables and items associated with children and babies. They are not grabbing TVs and running out the front door.

Those stealing acknowledge it is wrong. However, they ask what are they to feed their children if food is not otherwise available.

The Electoral College meets today. No Trump problems anticipated. Biden’s election will be affirmed.

Beware, however. Trump announced in a FOX interview this weekend that the election challenge is “not over.”

The first coronavirus vaccines rolled out yesterday in huge Fed Ex trucks and then planes. America appears happy. Hopefully, the end is in sight. It was a happy day.

Three million doses are being released this week.

Trump can be a horse’s ass. Often.

He has been saying in effect he believes in nothing having to do with the virus. Yesterday however a startling announcement came out of the White House. It was announced Trump and key staff would be among the first to receive the vaccine.

This morning’s news reversed the announcement. Trump and staff will not be receiving it at this time. Perhaps sometime later.

Two nights of altercations over the weekend. Washington, D.C. and Olympia, Washington. Protesters and counter protesters in the streets over the issue of Trump’s defeat. He having been cheated out of victory.

While some are going hungry, McConnell still doing his best to weasel down the stimulus bill proposed. One of the major holdups involves corporate liability for injuries arising out of coronavirus related matters.

Somewhere along the way, McConnell lost whatever sense of values he had. He is holding up money people need for food to do another thing for corporate America. He does their bidding and dances to their tune.

Over the election ballot issues, many public servants are being harassed. Big time. Some in fear for their lives. They face personal threats as tensions flare.

Those who disagree with Trump’s baseless tweets about election fraud and coronavirus are being targeted at their homes and offices.

Some protesters are armed. Telephone calls are harassing. Some stalked.

Something bad will happen. An innocent person will be killed.

Then what?

Trump has rabble roused his people into believing everything he says and therefore they are free to act as they are. Trump does not tell them to stop.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I read that shoplifting in Key West is up 367%… mostly food and other necessities. Few arrests.

    No one should be surprised. No tourists means no money for thousands of service workers. No money for even food. As Lou pointed ut, these folks are turning to shoplifting to feed their families and themselves.

    It’s only going to get worse until the tourists return. But perhaps they won’t return. By next summer, the service workers may have all departed to places where they can get work that puts food on the table.

    Without tourists, most of Key West will be a ghost town. It’s already starting. Look at how many places have already gone out of business.

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