Credit rating systems, banks, prospective creditors – are not necessarily the best measure of a person’s ability to pay. What follows is a perfect example of the statement. It represents an “only in America” happening.

Maxwell Frost received national recollection following the November midterm elections. Twenty five years old, he ran for Congress as a Democrat in Republican Florida and won. He will be sworn in January 3. As a Congressman, he will be paid $174,000 a year.

Frost obviously in need of a place to live in Washington. He applied for a rental. He told the rental agent he had “really bad” credit. The agent said no problem. Soon thereafter Frost was advised his application had been rejected because of “really bad” credit.

Frost claims his credit was bad because he could not work full time and run for Congress. He ran for Congress because he could not get a decent job. In the 1 1/2 years prior to the election, things got so bad he slept in his car for a month. He worked as much as he could while campaigning as a Uber driver.

The fact he would begin earning $174,000 immediately after the first of the year was immaterial.

Arrest Donald! Throw him in jail!

The man is a thief!

Forget classified documents, forget his tax cheating. The most recent news re his misappropriations involves one of the United States’ most precious documents: The original Declaration of Independence.

The document was found in a Trump storage rental in Queens, N.Y.

What was it doing there? What motivated Trump to take it? What was his game plan for it?

The Declaration of Independence belongs to the people of the United States. Absolutely no question about it.

The American people will find his theft of the Declaration of Independence more personally offensive than the classified documents.

I repeat, arrest the bastard!

Brittany Riner is breathing American air again. Her plane landed early this morning in San Antonio. She is scheduled for a quick medical examination. Then a return to her wife and friends.

Welcome home, Brittany!

Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema continues her wacky ways. She is no longer a Democrat. She announced she has reregistered as an Independent.

Whether she will caucus with the Democrats is unclear. I am sure by the end of this day she will be asked that question by reporters and we will know.

I did not like her when she and Joe Manchin danced together the past two years. I still do not like her. She is unreliable. Makes governing difficult.

The Senate held a roll call approval vote on a piece of Democratic legislation. An item Democrats and Republicans alike supported.

One Republican did not. Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina.

The legislation was called the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. It provided basic protections like bathroom breaks, bottled water, and stools for pregnant workers.

Tillis is against the legislation. Claims it amounts to funded “abortion on demand.” Abortion not even mentioned in the bill. No one except Tillis conceived of a connection.

Asinine stupidity continues re the abortion issue. People like Tillis see a problem where none exists.

Christmas means Nutcracker Key West. This week today, tomorrow and Sunday at the Tennessee Williams Theater. If you have never enjoyed the show, see it!

The Nutcracker is world famous. I first watched it in Utica many years ago. I made a habit of taking each of my three daughters separately when they were young. Probably 8-10 years old. On a Sunday afternoon. It was dress up time. Date time. Following the show, we would go out for hot chocolate.

I continued the experience with my granddaughters.  Took Ally years ago to see Nutcracker Key West.

Those were the days.

Nutcracker Key West is unique. The animals, etc. in the original presentation are replaced by fish, chickens and conch shells. The Key West flavor an appropriate substitute.

A holiday classic not to be missed.

Two Big East rivals of yesteryear meet tomorrow. Syracuse and Georgetown. One pm.

Enjoy your day!

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