On this day in 1854 Alfred, Lord Tennyson published The Charge of the Light Brigade. One of the greatest historical poetic works of all time.

The Battle of Balaclava occurred during the Crimean War on October 25, 1854. The poem commemorates the courage of 600 British soldiers who charged a heavily defended position during the Battle. The British were outnumbered 11-1. Four hundred sixty nine of the 600 were killed.

Tennyson captures the bravery of the 600: “Half a league, half a league / Half a league onward, / All in the valley of Death / Rode the six hundred. / ‘Forward the Light Brigade! / Charge for the guns!’ he said. / Into the valley of Death / Rode the six hundred….. / Theirs not to make reply, / Theirs not to reason why, / Theirs but to do and die….. / Cannon to the right of them, / Cannon to the left of them / Volleyed and thundered; / Stormed at with shot and shell, / Boldly they rode and well, / Into the jaws of death, / Into the mouth of hell / Rode the six hundred.”

A late lunch yesterday at Harpoon Harry’s. Eggs benedict.

Busy today.

Grocery delivery this morning. Jaqueline. She has been my delivery person forever. Works hard for a 56 year old woman. Generally, 7 days a week.

Syracuse/Georgetown at 1. A meeting of former Big East rivals.

Many a recollection I have of their competition.

The Big East was formed in 1979. The Carrier Dome opened in 1981. I took a box. It marked the beginning of my affinity for Syracuse sports.

Jim Boeheim was Syracuse coach. John Thompson Georgetown’s. The two despised each other. For real. Competitive both on the court and off. Never spoke with each other unless required.

Thompson retired years ago and has since passed on. Boeheim still coaching and in his 47th year at Syracuse.

After Thompson retired, the two ran into each other at a conference. They began chatting, shared a drink and became close everlasting friends. Amazing! Neither really knew why they had disliked each other. They made up for it, however.

After the game, Sloan. We have work to do.

If I was physically in better shape, I would be at the Christmas Boat Parade tonight. Probably watching from somewhere around Schooner’s Wharf or the Pier House. Too many people, too much hustling and bustling and too much walking and standing to handle it unfortunately.

Any of you in Key West this evening, attend. You will love it, whether on a boat or just standing around on shore watching.

Bess Levin is one of my favorite writers. She calls them as she sees them. Interposes her observations with the vernacular.

Levin writes for Vanity Fair.

Her most recent article appeared on December 8: “Report: Trump Has Been Hibernating At Home For Almost A Month.”

No Louis thoughts to follow. I merely share certain of Levin’s own words for you to enjoy.

“After a less-than-rapturous response to his 2024 campaign announcement, the ex-President has ‘barely’ left the grounds at Mar-a-Lago.”

“When Donald Trump was preparing to announce his third run for office, he likely assumed the announcement would spark the beginning of a two-year period in which he would be feted the world over. Everywhere he went, people would spontaneously break into song and dance, thanking their ‘favorite President’ for stepping up to rescue the country. In towns and villages throughout the U.S., parades would be thrown daily in his honor, and not the kind featuring balloons depicting him as a giant, angry baby. No, these would be extremely flattering ones, giving him six pack abs and hair that doesn’t look like it could be blown away in the wind. He’d call into FOX News and they’d tell the audience, “We are in the presence of greatness!” The Republican Party would introduce legislation abolishing the Presidential primary, and just give him the nomination. And maybe they’d throw in an addendum that, after he won the general, they’d get rid of the entire electoral process.”

Levin closes with: “…..he seems to have an inkling of an idea that his candidacy has not been as well received as he’d hoped: The fact that he reportedly has barely left the house in nearly a month.”

Enjoy your day! Forget not the Boat Parade this evening!


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