President Biden announced this morning Brittney Griner was released. She was exchanged for a notorious arms dealer.

At the moment, Britney is a free woman on a plane heading for San Antonio where she will meet with family and be medically examined.

No further details are available at the moment.

A separate issue involves Putin’s apparent concern for his own safety. A Russian plan is in the works labeled Noah’s Ark. It will kick in in the event Putin’s personal safety becomes at risk.

Allison Quinn wrote a revealing article in yesterday’s Daily Beast titled: Putin Is Preparing To Flee When Russia Implodes, Ex-Aide Says. The plan will activate when Putin’s continued position as head of the Russian government becomes a “sinking ship.”

Quinn wrote: “Putin has not ruled out he will lose the war, be stripped of power, and have to urgently evacuate somewhere.” The place has been selected. Venezuela. Selected because Putin will be protected from extradition if he relocates there.

Kanye West continues to be in the news re tax problems.

Yesterday, it was reported West owed $50 million to the IRS. Four of his bank accounts had been frozen by the IRS. Today’s news reveals California has a separate tax claim against a West entity for $600,000. The claim arising out of unpaid taxes from Yeezy Apparel, a fashion company run by West.

West a man of distinction: Trump’s friend, a Hitler fan, an anti-Semite, and an announced candidate for the Republican nomination to be the Party’s nominee for President in 2024.

A tax cheat, also. As is Trump. Birds of a feather.

No one can say Trump is a truthful person. Far from it. One of the best liars in history.

How many times has Trump assured all documents, classified or otherwise, had been listed/provided. Each time, he was wrong. Lied? More were discovered. And still more!

It was announced yesterday that 2 more “classified documents” had been found. This time in a West Palm Beach storage unit.

Are there more yet to be found?

No one knows for sure. Time will tell.

What concerns me the most is that at some point the Department of Justice investigation reveals some thing worse – like Trump shared or sold classified documents to a foreign power. Perhaps Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia or North Korea.

Political whores plentiful. Florida State Rep. Joe Harding (Rep.) for example.

Harding was a sponsor of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill. He has been indicted by a federal grand jury. Not for sponsorship of the bill. Rather for money laundering and wire fraud. The charges involve his falsely claiming two inactive businesses of his had employees during the coronavirus pandemic. He made claim for coronavirus related loans in the amount of $150,000 for salaries paid to the employees he did not have.

Harding says he paid the $150,000 back to the federal government. Nevertheless, he was indicted.

The Key West News aka Key West Citizen failure to write an appropriate article re December 7 yesterday still sticks in my craw. Can’t understand it. Misplaced values. A failure by the newspaper in its responsibility to its readers.

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  1. “Rare” is defined as “unindicted Republican”

    and those who are the rare Republicans are mostly about to be indicted.

    What a strange world we now live in.

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