England and Ireland are getting the hell  knocked out of them. And the worst is yet to come!

Dennis is an Atlantic cyclone. A non-tropical hurricane. It is heading for England and Ireland. Landfall will be a disaster.

Irma was bad. High hurricane winds in certain parts of the lower keys. Homes in the ocean, boats on the highways, flooding.

Wilma is best known for its flooding. The water arrived 1/2 hour after Wilma passed by. Lisa’s home had 6 feet of water.

Dennis has already been reported as one of the 5 strongest non-tropical cyclones of record. Waves in the ocean on their way to shore presently in excess of 100 feet. Accompanied by hurricane winds.

England and Ireland experienced heavy rains last week. Dennis will bring more. The waves will contribute heavily. Flooding an obvious problem. The English and Irish are getting ready. Flood barriers being built up and down their respective coasts.

Dorothy Downs is a lovely woman. I have known her and her husband for years. She is better known as Dot.

Dot’s husband passed on several years ago. Dot is getting on in her years. My Contemporary. She is 82.

I had not heard from her in a year. She lives in Miami. Thought she might have left us. She contacted me last week. I was close. She had a stroke in June from which she has made a relatively good recovery.

We met friday night at the Chart Room. Her friend and care taker Carmen was with her.

Dot has spent her life involved with art and art galleries. Writing, also. She is very knowledgeable re the Seminole and Miccosukee Indian tribes. She has written several books re their art.

We had dinner afterwards at Outback.

Dot gave me a signed copy of her recently published book: Her Soldier of the Queen. A different topic for her. Love and war. I have just begun reading it. I could tell by the end of the first page it will be exciting.

Even more exciting was the time I spent with Dot and Carmen friday evening.

Watched Syracuse/Florida State yesterday afternoon. Florida State having an exceptional year. The game was close. Either team could have won. The lead kept changing hands in the last 2 minutes. Florida State won by 3 points.

A difference in the game was rebounding. Florida State out rebounded Syracuse 47-29.

I anticipate my day today will be a visit to Lisa’s, Hot Dog Church, and Kate Miano’s Gardens.

When I first began exhibiting Tino’s photos, I explained why. Some of you may have missed the explanation.

Tino and his wife Maria are from Chicago. They bought a home in Key West and were snowbirds till several years when they sold it. They wanted to be close to their children and grandchildren all year.  Except for the 2 weeks each year during the season now when they return to visit their Key West friends.

The two were loved by everyone.

Tino and Marie played bocce. Both good. Tino became an artist. Good, also. Tino even became a musician of sorts and bandleader. He had gigs around the island.

Tino’s “musical instrument” was a washboard. He strummed it like a guitar.

Tino is 77. He now works as an extra in TV shows and movies. In demand. I suspect it is his face. He has become successful as an extra.

The job pays well, also. Even though Tino has no need for the money.

Today’s photo of Tino shows him at acting school. A for real experience. Tino is taking acting lessons in the event he moves up from being an extra to having small talking parts.

I admire seniors who get up and do something every day. As an old guy myself, I know the alternative would be laying in bed all day or watching TV all day. Worst of all , it could be sitting in a wheel chair in a corner of a room in a nursing home with my tongue hanging out.

That is why I write and do talk shows. That is why Tino is into acting.

I admire those our age who get out of bed early every morning and move their asses!

New York’s Governor Cuomo and Trump met in the White House this week. Trump is leaning on New York. I think he is doing it to get even with Cuomo and New York for a number of reasons, none of which have anything to do with what was being discussed.

I am confident one if the issues involved had to do with ICE and BORTAC seeking out and arresting illegal immigrants. New York is a sanctuary city.

It was announced following the meeting that nothing had been resolved. It appeared the parties intend to keep talking.

Trump will have his hands full with Cuomo if he tries to overpower him. Cuomo will beat him to a pulp.

Los Angeles is another city the Border Patrol’s SWAT team BORTAC will be sent to in order to assist ICE. The Los Angeles County Sheriff announced such would be an “irresponsible deployment.”

BORTAC is wrong. Trump is playing with fire. People can be injured. Not the way to run a government.

Climate change / global warming constant issues today. One area of special concern is the Antarctica.

On this day in 1840, American Charles Wilkes discovered the Shackleton Ice Shelf. It is part of Antarctica.

Climate change and global warming are affecting it. Melting the ice. Increasing water levels further north. Endangering even our Key West coast lines.

A Summary Study was published in 2018. Ice is measured in gigatons. A gigaton is a unit of explosive force equal to 1 billion tons of TNT.

The Study revealed that between 1992 and 2002, the average total ice loss was 43 gigatons per year.

The average increased dramatically in recent years. From 2012 to 2017, the average total ice loss was 220 gigatons per year.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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