Mary Burgess was one of the finest people I have known. Witty, fun, caring, etc. Everyone I have spoken with this week describes her in those or similar terms.

Mary died monday night. Brain cancer. It hurts to even say those two words.

I first met Mary 3 years ago at Blue Macaw. Those were my falling down days. I was fighting using the cane. She must have noticed me wobbling around.

When I went to leave, she came over, took my arm, and said let me walk you to your car.

And so it began. She would walk me to my car each time we met at Blue Macaw. Which became often.

A relationship of sorts developed. Good friends. Not a romance. We enjoyed each other’s company.

We became a thing for almost 2 years. Sometimes once a week, sometimes twice. Other times 5 consecutive nights.

Monday night we always met at Aqua for Dueling Bartenders. Never called to say lets meet. We both knew we would be there.

It became a monday night custom. After Aqua, we would walk over to La Trattoria or Antonia’s for dinner. Some nights chatted at the Chart Room. The movies every now and then.

Until I got the cane, she always held on to me as we walked. A warm and secure feeling.

We started drifting when I stopped drinking. Pancreatitis. Doctor said no more alcohol and smoking.

I found it difficult to be with other people who were drinking and smoking. So I stopped going out.

Mary seemed to be in excellent health. A walker. Everywhere. She had the body of an athlete.

Mary worked at the Little White House as a Storyteller. That was her title.

She kept me abreast of Truman’s life. As and when she learned something that few knew about Truman, she would bring it to my attention so I could put it in the blog. She frequently sent me books about Truman.

The strangest part of our relationship occurred this past weekend. Note Mary died monday.

I had not seen nor talked with Mary in a year. I doubt I even thought of her. Saturday, sunday and monday before I heard, I could not get her out of my mind. I did not know she was sick. I could not understand why she was in my head those few days.

Sunday, I telephoned her. The answering machine responded. Left her a message to call me. Of course, I never heard from her and now never will.

Why was she in my mind? Did she want to tell me something, make me aware of her situation? I don’t know. Strange.

Tammy Renee sent me an e-mail tuesday that Mary had died. Never met Renee. I thank her for letting me know.

I have been crying off and on since. Mary’s death made an impact on me.

I know not where she died. Key West, Miami, Gloucester her home town, Boston, etc. Many have called or e-mailed me since tuesday to share Mary’s passing. Details as to where, etc. no one knew.

There was an e-mail on Facebook that talked about Mary. The name of the writer was not available.

The two were together on July 20 when Mary first got the news she definitely had brain cancer. Mary had just had a CT scan. The doctor’s office called and told her to get in immediately, that she had a problem. The CT scan had verified the malignancy.

Mary said to the person with her: “I’ve had a great life. I have a beautiful family whom I love and I know love me. Whatever God says is ok with me. It’s in His hands.”

Mary, you were loved! Enjoy your new life!

8 comments on “I MOURN MARY

  1. Lou, I am still in shock! She was a joyful treasure. Every Monday we had with her at Dueling Bartenders was made special by her attendance.How greatly missed she will be….

    Rick dery

  2. So sorry for the loss of your friend. She sounds like an awesome person. I know you will miss her greatly as will her other friends and family.

  3. Cheer up Lou, these are tough times and likely to get rougher. The US has now over 5 million confirmed Covid 19 cases and predictions are for 300,000 deaths in the United States alone, before the end of the year and there is some serious reporting that it is already over 200,000 deaths here, despite what our government is telling us.

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