A Citizens’ Voice comment this morning took me back to my early youth. Very young. Like 3-4 years old.

First the comment: “Someone who was born 80 years ago on their grandmother’s kitchen table may not have gotten a birth certificate. Now they won’t give them a government ID because they don’t have that document.”

The kitchen table for birthing understandable. Many medical activities were performed on kitchen tables back then. I am an example.

The tables were not as today. Back then, metal tops.

It was 1938 or 1939. We were still living third floor front in the Italian neighborhood. My parents had been out of work a couple of years. The Depression still ongoing. It took World War II to get the nation out of the Depression.

I got sick. I do not remember getting sick. My recollection today of what happened begins immediately before the operation.

I had some sort of an ear infection. The doctor had to go in and do whatever he had to do.

My recollection is my father laying me on top of the kitchen table. My grandfather and uncles hholding my arms and legs. My father held my chest down.

A cloth was placed over my nose and mouth. I assume it was chloroform.

My grandmother, aunts and my mother in the living room. I could hear them crying as I was put under.

I recall it was dark outside when I first was placed on the table.

Why the table and not a hospital? Had to be one of two reasons. No time to get me to a hospital. Or, my parents did not have the money for a hospital.

I recall nothing following the surgery.

Oh, my God! Holly died!

My first reaction seeing her obituary in this morning’s newspaper.

Her full name Holly Cmiel.

First met Holly and her partner Peter Diamond Illacqua some 25 years ago when we bought our Key West Home.

Peter was an entertainer. A vocalist. He worked most evenings. Holly was always with him. A warm person, I could always depend on Holly hurrying over and giving me a hug and kiss. Not just me. Everyone. That was Holly.

She and Peter were together 31 years. Hang in there, Peter.

Holly, I send you a hug and kiss. You will always be remembered by everyone.

Another shooting. Do we ever go a day without one?

The most recent a shooting at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis.

One thing certain, mass shootings have definitely become an American story.

Roger Stone was and I assume still is one of Donald Trump’s closet friends. Recall Trump gave him a pardon.

Now it comes out Stone owes nearly $2 million in unpaid taxes and fees.

The IRS has sued him.

Guns have become an epidemic. The numbers support the statement. Daily in the U.S. an average of 316 are shot and 106 of that number die.

Every day!!!!!

Ghislaine Maxwell is in jail awaiting trial. She was Jeffrey Epstein’s lady friend who assisted Epstein in acquiring young girls to have sex with older men. A pedophilia ring of sorts.

It was revealed this week by her attorneys that they need more time to prepare for her trial scheduled to begin July 12. Discovery was assumed to have been completed. The prosecution must have discovered some new evidence. Two thousand one hundred “highly confidential” photos were forwarded by the prosecution to defense counsel.

Maxwell’s attorneys have asked the Judge to reschedule the trail date as they will need more time to prepare in view of the 2,100 photos received.

If Maxwell is in any compromising photos, she is is deep turd trouble.

Moderna and Pfizer both came out with similar announcements yesterday.

Moderna plans to have a third booster shot available to Americans in the fall.

Moderna is supposedly 90 percent effective. A good number. However, it has been determined the first two shots may only be good for six months. Moderna is not certain how long immunity from the virus persists.

Pfizer basically came out with the same statement. They will be recommending a third shot for the same reasons given by Moderna. One difference however. Pfizer claims the third shot will be required within 6-12 months after the second shot.

I close with Syracuse basketball. Two new pieces of information.

Coach Boehiem’s oldest son Jimmy is finishing his senior year at Cornell. As a junior, he was a star on the team. Averaged 16.7 points and 5.6 rebounds per game, plus making 31 three point shots.

Jimmy sat out his entire senior year because Cornell cancelled all its games due to the pandemic. He still has a year of eligibility, however. He will do that year of graduate work at Syracuse rather than Cornell.

The Boeheim family is ecstatic. Jimmy and Buddy are excited they will be playing together.

ESPN announced its Way-Too-Early-Top 25. Syracuse is ranked #14.

Enjoy your day!






  1. I read a report yesterday that said there were 54 mazz shootings in the last month alone, in AMERICA.

    Thank God there are all these ‘good guys’ with guns keeping the numbers so low.

      • But that never happened. That was only the rallying cry of the BLM and other liberal and socially responsible groups.

        Nothing became of that or anything else that WASN’T tried.

        Are you trolling or just or just ignorant?

  2. We obviously need a lot more guns, according to the NRA types.
    Currently they are selling like hot cakes. Insanity.

  3. MORE guns, more killing, nothing done about it.

    Even the police are killing more people with guns.

    More guns, that’s the answer?

    It’s beginning to look like there are NO good guys with guns, and that the slogan is just a bunch of bad guys workin’ a scam.

    • There seems to be some confusion here about what “a good guy with a gun” actually is. Usually he is a man or woman carrying a handgun for personal protection. He is not some vigilante walking the streets looking for trouble. He”s not stupid. He likely will not defend you at all if the “bad guy” is more heavily armed. The idea that he will pull out his little six shot revolver and tell the “bad guy” with the semi-automatic rifle to surrender is completely absurd. A “good guy with a gun” will be the first to tell you that we need more well trained and well armed police officers.

      • No, that’s your ignorant interpurtation.

        LePierre’s actual quote is that The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun’ said December 2012.

        Any further excuses attempting to wiggle out of what was said is yours.

        Stop trying to twist things to make things work when in fact “It’s beginning to look like there are NO good guys with guns, and that the slogan is just a bunch of bad guys workin’ a scam.”

        You are only proving the scam.

        • LaPierre made those remark after the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012. They were in reference to more armed security in schools, churches and hospitals. Police officers were included in his his definition of “good guys”. But you skipped over all that.

          There are no “good guys with guns” roaming around out there waiting for some “bad guy” to come along. Never has been. If someone is pointing an AR-15 at you with no police presence, you are probably on your own. Good luck.

          • Nonsense LaPierre’s remarks were NOT meant in reference “to more armed security in schools, churches and hospitals” they were meant as a clever phrase to appease and distract from the senseless reality of mazz murders because of gun violence.

            May the blood of this insanity be on your hands for your constant need to deflect and enable the reality of this madness.

  4. A lot of the ‘good guys’ that I have seen are more likely to shoot themselves or some innocent bystander than a ‘bad guy’. It is harder than it sounds.

    • That is absolutely true. A lot of things have to happen when shooting another human. You must bring the weapon out into the open, make sure the safety is off, chamber a round, locate the target, insure that others are not in harm’s way, point directly at the target and squeeze the trigger. All of this within a couple of seconds in a time of surging anxiety and stress. You are indeed likely to shoot yourself in the leg or foot before you hit the bad guy.

      • My god, man, have you no self awareness? Making this stuff an incredible act of some sort of heroic action is pathological and diabolical. Have you no filters? Have you no shame?

        Totally sick!

          • We all get it. Americans want to live in a country without gun violence. No guns means no bad guys with guns. No guns means no need for good guys with guns. Yes, we get it. So figure out how to make it happen. But if it were easy it would have happened decades ago.

            • Decades ago, nobody had guns. If you knew somebody in your neighborhood who had a gun, at least a hand gun, it was creepy.

              One way to eliminate the problem might be to ban gun lobbyists, or to regulate firearms in the same way we regulate automobiles and the people who drive them. Or treat them more like tobacco products. Control how guns are sold as we do liquor.

              There are plenty of things that can be done, beyond the craziness of NOT ALLOWING ANYTHING to be done!

              The problem is YOU – promoting nothingness!

      • Really fool? A lot of things have to happen when shooting another human? What you described as difficulty doesn’t seem to fit the situation with Kim Potter’s shooting of Daunte Wright, whatsoever.

        Do you make this sh*t up for fun, or are you just fuked up to believe it to be true when YOU want it to be true? Sounds to me it is more likely you are a gun nut enabler just trying to divert the reality and excuse the truth.

  5. Since so much of this blog is politics, issues and opinions I tried to place a link to a YouTube page I thought some would enjoy. It appears to have failed the moderator test. I will put the name of the channel, you can search it out if you are interested, it is worth it.

    Beau of the Fifth Column

  6. which, by default, makes a good guy with a gun a bad guy with a gun!

    Like the guy said, looks like anybody with a gun (think Kim Potter) a bad guy

  7. For those of you who haven’t heard (because this sort of thing is much reported anymore), three people were shot and killed in a bar gun shooting last night in Kenosha, WI – you know, the place where 18 year old Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed 2 unarmed BLM demonstrators, with a rifle bought for him by someone else.

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