Mob rule has been taking over the country slowly but surely. It may have reached an acceleration stage.

Tomorrow the jury in the Chauvin case begins its deliberations. Looks like a winner for the prosecution going away. However, there is no certainty where a jury is involved. One vote in Chauvin’s favor will mean he was not convicted and will walk out of court a free man.

A hung jury an excellent possibility. The defense from day one has hit time after time that Floyd could have died from other causes. The repetitiveness can stick in some jurors’ minds.

The blacks will go crazy. I need say no more.

There there is the Daunte Wright killing. Occurred in Brooklyn Center, a mere 10 miles from where Chauvin is being tried. This case shows mob rule working to determine an immediate outcome.

The black cry immediately was to arrest the female police officer for the gun rather than taser shooting of Wright. She a 26 year veteran. Claims she pulled the wrong gun.

Does not give her an out of jail free card. However, she should be given all the rights to which every citizen is entitled. Instead the local government and prosecution succumbed to the cries on the street to arrest her. She was arrested in less than 24 hours.

No up front investigation of a crime under the facts involved can take place within 24 hours. The police officer was thrown to the wolves.

Police shootings have become an almost daily thing. A cure must be found. Otherwise the peaceful life all desire will never occur

The U.S. has reached a point where it is acting reactively to the shootings. Unless the killing was a murder per se and the police officer clearly guilty, the system should be permitted to proceed. Let the system determine guilt. Let the system find resolution so reaction is no longer required.

Concededly local authorities may try to white wash a wrongdoing. They have been getting away with it. However the tide is turning. My point is lets not lose the law as our guidance. If we do, we may never get it back.

It is not justice to hang an alleged murderer without due process, nor convict any criminal without a trial first. In the end, mob rule will not win. It will only delay significant resolution of underlying problems more years.  During which the number of people killed on both sides will significantly increase. Men in blue will have joined the club of those dying.

A few thoughts on Biden’s announcement he is withdrawing all American troops from Afghanistan by September 11.

The New York Times in a 4/13/21 article updated 4/17/21 wrote concerning the situation. The title: Biden to Withdraw All Combat Troops From Afghanistan by September 11.

Something like 2,500 troops involved.

The war has been ongoing for 20 years. Two thousand four hundred American lives lost. The cost $2 trillion.

Biden correctly said it is time to get out. Twenty years and no victory nor sign of victory is enough.

What Biden failed to tell the American people was that an American presence will still exist in Afghanistan. Nor has the media except for the New York Times even payed attention to what I am about to share.

There is a shadowy combination not labeled precisely U.S. forces which have been financed for many of the Afghanistan years and also in other parts of the world. A group of mercenaries involving Special Forces, Pentagon contractors, and intelligence operators.

Eighteen thousand strong. They will remain.

Note the U.S. finances these not for real U.S. Army people with American dollars. Significant ones. My recollection is the American military budget is around $750 billion. A good chunk finances the shadowy forces.

Which means in effect Biden is merely “drawing” down the war, not ending it.

Afghanistan has become the “Graveyard of Empires.” For more than a century, first the United Kingdom and then Russia, have tried to conquer Afghanistan. Each has walked away with their tails between their legs. The U.S. is now following suit.

There is something inbred in Afghanistan’s people that they do not give up. They continue to outlast major nations.

The Taliban has been the U.S. problem for 20 years. They are still there. Will remain. And presently are shouting to the world the Afghans won again!

A recent study indicates Monroe County is a “very high risk” area for cononavirus cases.

No wonder. The Keys are a world vacation spot. Everyone wants to come. Most do. Tourists bring the virus with them. Leave many in the Keys infected when they leave.

I believe DeSantis has opened everything up too soon. Also, our local government people. A one or two month roadblock would solve the problem. Will never occur, however.

A study issued indicates that as of last friday, COVID-19 was on the rise in the Keys. Six thousand seven hundred eleven cases since the pandemic began.

Key West has had the highest number 3,134. Key Largo the next highest number a distant 1,019.

Restaurant wait staff is minimal all over Florida. When coronavirus hit, many were laid off. They could not afford Florida rents and left the state. Florida is now open. Restaurants are reopening.

A problem exists. Not enough wait staff.

Mr. Q’s House is a famous restaurant on State Road 7 in Hollywood. Across the street from the Hardrock Casino. Weekends at the restaurant are especially busy. Many of the gamblers have come to enjoy dining at Mr. Q’s.

Management came up with a solution. They purchased 3 Robo Servers. Robots to host and serve meals. Human waiters only required to take orders.

Cost of the the 3 robots $30,000.

Joy Wang is the owner of Mr. Q’s. The robots are working, she says. She also advised why from her viewpoint she could not find waiters to hire. She said many employees “would rather sit at home and collect unemployment.”

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. That shadow ‘force’ in Afghanistan was supposedly Eric Prince’s (brother of Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos) private Army (formerly called Black Water).

    No America n not corrupt or slippery, how dare you!

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