Not my usual Cocktails at 7 friday nights with friend Cathy in Seattle. Yesterday was boys’ night out. Four of us at Guy deBoer’s home for drinks.

A terrific two hours.

Guy deBoer had set up the event at his home so Fred and I could meet. Fred is a labor lawyer from New York City. He has a home in Key West, also. There is a connection between Fred and I. He too writes a blog. Friday Night with Fred. Read it. You will enjoy.

Fred is a labor lawyer closing in on retirement. Seventy nine at the moment.

Fred and I have communicated via e-mail a few times. It was Guy who brought us together.

Last night was our first face to face meeting. Fred’s friend David Berger was with us also. Berger a mere 65 and already retired. A Long Island doctor. Anesthesia his specialty.

He too has a home in Key west.

Fred a Syracuse graduate. He was wearing s Syracuse T shirt last night. We were at Syracuse a brief time together. One year. Fred was an undergraduate University freshman and I a senior in the law school. We never met back then.

A lot of Syracuse talk ensued. Some of Fred’s fraternity brothers were football and basketball players. Like Ernie Davis and Dave Bing.

We spoke of Joe Biden. Another Syracuse alumnus. The law school.

David had spent some time in Syracuse as a student. Although Upstate Medical is not a part of the University, it sits right next to the campus. Doctors to be and for real ones staff the facility.

Guy’s race came up. Time was spent discussing the race. I am ashamed to admit I did not know it was such a big deal.

Called the Golden Globe Race. Not run every year. The first was 1968, the last 2018.

Guy’s race is labeled Golden Globe 2022. The race begins September 27, 2021. Ends 530 days later in 2022. The race begins somewhere in the Canary Islands. It is the longest and loneliest race in the world. Each boat is piloted by one person. No one else on the boat for company or to help.

Guy solo! All alone by the telephone as Irving Berlin once wrote. I’m not sure if even telephone service is available, however.

Buy’s boat the Tashiba. Thirty six feet long

The trip non-stop.

I thought 412 days of self-quarantine was difficult. Guy is going to do 530 on the high seas which probably will have its moments for concern.

Guy, I think you’re crazy. I wish you well, however.

Do not plan crossing the Seven Mile Bridge saturday from 6-9 in the morning. The Annual Seven Mile Bridge run will be taking place. A thousand plus will be making the run.

Read an article this morning that Trump’s donors are flocking to Florida Governor DeSantis. Now I am convinced Trump’s supporters were and are crazy.

I have for the past year pointed out how incompetent and inept DeSantis is. He is a lousy Governor, he would make a worse President. Trump constantly referred to DeSantis as the best governor in America. No wonder, DeSantis did everything the President suggested.

The title of the article referred to is “A Nicer Version of Trump.” We can do without DeSantis.

Insanity prevails in the Halls of Congress. Especially the Senate.

I cannot understand how some Senators think.

Josh Hawley was an open supporter of January 6 before it even began. Ted Cruz for all his intelligence and experience has lost it. He probably thinks his conduct will buy him the Republican Presidential nomination in 2024. Will he be surprised!

Whatever, both are targeting Major League Baseball for its position re the new Georgia voting laws. Both want Major League Baseball “to pay.” Their voices in unison with Trump who said, “I would say boycott baseball.”

Not what is happening in this country. What has happened in this country?

Ivanka Trump in the news in a good way. She got her first vaccine shot yesterday.

She reacted like most others who have or are getting their shots. Thrilled! She told the world on Twitter. Again on Instagram with a photograph of her receiving the shot.

She said in Twitter and Instagram, “I got the shot. I hope you do too.”

Republican donors and fans are upset. They view her as a turn-coat.

Virginia Torrelino and I are Facebook friends. Have been so for quite a while. She lives in the Philippines.

Loves music! Says “music is my stress removal friend.”

Recall the Three Tenors. What great singing!

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a 3 person group who sang like the Three Tenors. In fact, held themselves out as  Three Tenors. Ages between 30 and 40.

I saw their video on the internet. Decided a few days later, I wanted to share it with everyone who reads my blog. The three sang that well.

When I went find it, I could not. Knowing how Virginia feels about music, I asked her to look. She is. In the meantime, Virginia sent me a video of the original Three Tenors Luciano Pavarotte, Placido Domingo, and Jose Carreras. A performance they gave in Italy in 1994.


Enjoy your day!


8 comments on “COCKTAILS AT 5

  1. Me and all my friends that are Republican all got the vaccine. Why wouldn’t we? Trump worked hard with Warp Speed to get the vaccine out to the people. Give credit where credit is due!

  2. I am so pleased to see we finally have a well spoken and knowledgeable press secretary, Jen Psaki, in place at the White House.

    It makes me proud to be an American again after several years of embarrasment.

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