The following is typical of Donald Trump. It portrays the nature of the man. Petty, scumbag, and a sore loser.

The Bidens walked up the driveway to the front door of the White House. The first time they would be entering as President and First Lady.

A special thrill had to be theirs. A one time event.

Two Marines stood at attention.  One on each side of the doors. Normally, the Marines would open the door. For whatever reason, they did not move.

Another option would have the Chief Usher open the doors from the inside. No Chief Usher or butler opened the doors.

The Bidens were left standing there for roughly 10 seconds. Not a big deal. However, it was obvious something was amiss.

Finally, the doors were opened by some one from the inside. Who I do not know nor could I ascertain.

Reportedly, Trump set up the scenario.

He abruptly fired Chief Usher Timothy Harleth 5 hours before the Bidens arrived. No other butlers were available because Trump had sent them all home so “there would be no one to help the Bidens when they arrived.”

Petty, scumbag, sore loser. The labels all fit.

Today was going to be solely Catholic Church day. However, the Trump/Bidens story took precedence when I discovered it.

Now for the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church cannot agree on the quality of the man when it comes to Biden. Two factions. Pope Francis and the U.S. Bishops Conference.

Francis telephoned Biden and personally congratulated him. He also forwarded a telegram of congratulations. Biden is the second Catholic to hold the position of President. John Kennedy the first.

The U.S. Bishops Conference sent a letter offering prayers and outlining its disagreements with Biden on various matters.

Why such a different approach in offering congratulations?

The U.S. Bishops are anti-Francis. They may be properly described as right wing conservatives. Their primary goal is the removal of Francis from the Papacy.

Steve Bannon and the Bishops are close friends. They walk hand in hand. Recall that Bannon’s primary goal in life is to bring down established governments.

The Vatican is a government. Bannon has been working close to 2 years trying to get Francis removed. Bannon has spent much of that time actually at the Vatican.

Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles is the President of the U.S. Bishops Conference. Again, the Bishops Conference wants Francis out. There is major disagreement between the two.

Gomez’s letter was a 1,200 word statement offering his prayers for Biden and outlining also areas of policy disagreements, particularly on the issue of abortion writing, “Our new President has pledged to pursue certain policies that would advance moral evils.”

A birds of a feather situation exists here also. Bannon and Newt Gingrich are close friends. Revolutionaries at heart.

Gingrich actively supported Trump in 2016 and 2020. Newt’s wife is Castella Gingrich. Trump nominated Castella Ambassador to the Vatican in 2017. She remains so.

Francis has his hands full with Bannon, Gingrich, the U.S. Conference of Bishops, and spies within the Vatican itself.

Hard to believe.

Francis has problems with the Vatican Bank. Not unusual. Every Pope in the modern age has.

The Vatican is very wealthy. It has its own bank. Finances money deals all over the world.

Everyone wants to control the bank’s cash flow.

The Vatican bank is the Institute of Works of Religion. Its former CEO was recently found guilty of money laundering. Eighty one years old, he has been sentenced to an 8 year 11 month term in jail. He was CEO of the Bank from 1999-2009.

The CEO is the highest ranking Vatican official to be convicted of a financial crime. The religious have been involved in bank shenanigans also.

Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu was fired December 23, 2020 by Francis. Francis fired him with a one sentence statement.

The Cardinal was one of the most powerful members in the Church hierarchy. Considered by many to be number 3 in the hierarchy.

The Cardinal followed up Francis’ firing with a letter of resignation the next day proclaiming his innocence. He had been charged with embezzlement.

The Cardinal is suspected of having a connection to a financial scandal involving a London real estate transaction that hemorrhaged Church money but enriched middlemen.

Then there is the story of Pope John Paul I. He died August 26, 1978. Thirty three days after he became Pope. Allegedly died in his sleep. Several conspiracy theories surround his death.

The one claimed to be most believable is that John Paul I had discovered serious wrongdoing in the Vatican bank. Described as corruption at the highest levels. The misdeeds had to do with the $3.5 billion collapse of Banco Ambrosiano.

The  most believable cause of the Pope’s death was that he had been force fed with valium. No autopsy was performed.

The movie Godfather Part III bears a resemblance to the death of John Paul I and the Vatican bank.

What is about to be described is personal to me and to this day I consider it funny.

My brother in law and sister in law had another baby. Good Catholics! They asked me to be Godfather. A big deal in the Catholic Church.

One problem. I was and still am a fallen away Catholic. I had not been to Church in 20 years at the time.

I agreed. Did all the necessary preparatory things like confession, mass and receiving communion.

A confession after 20 years is not an easy task.

My Godchild was duly baptized.

An outdoor cookout was held in honor of the event in my brother in law and sister in law’s backyard. Tons of people. Kids jumping in and out of the pool. Great Italian food!

I was sitting on a lounge chair talking with several people when someone came out and announced the Pope had died. This was terrible, but I thought it was funny. First time I go to Church in 20 years and the Pope dies!

Enjoy your day!




    • Not all Republicans- remember the Lincoln Project and – some of the REAL Republicans who helped make Trump a one term wonder.

      • It’s easy NOW to say you are not a Republican, even Sandy is doing that. But supporting Republican policies, ideals and supporters, is what makes you a Republican not claiming a distance simply because your have been embarrazzed by Trump or maybe some of those other goons.

        And that’s what got America in trouble in the first place.

  1. Biden: ‘Nothing We Can Do’ to Change Trajectory of COVID-19 Pandemic in Next Months. This means that Biden is doing the same thing as Trump was planning to do. Story teller.

    • No it doesn’t Sandy the troll, like always you have NO idea what you are talking about.

      You need to go back to spending all your effort telling Proud Boys bed time stories and tucking them in for the night.

  2. If Republicans help Trump skate from impeachment, they will be committing political suicide as he is planning to create his own party.

  3. Millions of people witnessed Trump incite the rioters. What possible defense can his legal team mount in 2 weeks or 20 weeks?

  4. Interesting that Trump is the only ProLife and ProIsreal candidate and yet he’s the evil one? Re-evaluation may be in order. Why didn’t Biden have his own butler? Why would the marines not open the door? Answering these questions may help you understand what really happened.

    • Wake Up – Trump isn’t a candidate anymore and is now a twice IMPEACHED past president

      And Biden IS Pro Life too, and Pro Is Israel as well.

      You and people like you seem to be the ones who need to re-evaluate.

      EVERY president has a series of butlers, including a “chief-Butler” who’s job it is to open the door for a president. Donald Trump specifically fired the White House Butler as his last act when leaving the White House for the final time, in what can only be said to be in spite.

      Did you even bother to read Lou’s blog before you posted your response?

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