Many view Trump’s followers as a destructive authoritarian cult.

Vanity Fair published an interesting article by Joe Hagan on 1/21 concerning whether such is an accurate statement. Per Hagan, it is.

A question by Hagan was whether Trump’s followers could be deprogrammed.

Not that easy. Many of those brainwashed may be described as great, educated, functional people.

Hagan noted many of Trump’s followers have an intense passion for the man. They have to be deprogrammed in a fashion similar to those brainwashed after having been cult members with other groups in the past.

Someone working in a major Miami court house publishes a daily blog. The blogger’s identity unknown. The blogger yesterday wrote a piece titled Banned and Shunned. The article related to Trump’s standing today. Rapidly diminishing. History will record him as a “failed President.”

Portions of the blog: “Let his name be spoken nevermore…..he tested the edges of our Democracy…..leader of a cult personally…..rallied a segment of our country with lies pandering to their racist beliefs fostered by their disaffection of their failed lives…..precisely bcause they are uneducated racists.”

“He bent Democracy, but he did not break it. Democracy survived and will emerge stronger.”

“He has been banned by Twitter, the sword of his attack and lies.”

“And now we commit to never speaking or writing his name again. The worst punishment that can be meted out to the narcissistic sociopath is to be made irrelevant, ignored and forgotten. He shall forever be known as the former failed President, or POTUS 45. Nothing more.”

The Republicans gave Biden a 24 hour hiatus. Led many to believe that they had decided to take the bipartisan approach to government.

How wrong they were! The partnership is over. McDonnell and McCarthy are back on the “same old same old” path they have taken the past 8 years.

I have every confidence Biden will figure out a way to get things done, put them in their place, if necessary.

Impeachment does not require violation of a specific criminal statute. The standard is loose…..High crimes and misdemeanors.

The case of Brandenberg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969) comes into play in one fashion or another in either an impeachment or criminal proceeding.

Brandenberg held: Speech advocating illegal conduct is protected under the Fourth amendment, unless the speech is likely to incite “imminent lawless action.”

I believe the President’s words, those of Giuliani and Donald Jr. also, made under the white tent immediately before the attack on the Capitol fall under speech likely to incite “imminent lawless action.”

A star was born during during the Inauguration ceremony. Amanda Gorman. The black 22 year old Harvard graduate who in a time earlier had been the National Poet Laureate of her age group.

Her appearance and presentation perfect.

Amanda had authored 2 books previous to her Inauguration presentation. Yesterday, she tweeted: “I AM ON THE FLOOR MY BOOKS ARE #1 AND #2 ON AMAZON AFTER ONE DAY.”

Amanda, it’s only the beginning. You will be noted for your poetry the rest of your life. Without question, you will be the U.S. Poet Laureate for many of those years.

No one seems to want Trumps for neighbors.

Donald Sr.’s right to live in Mar-a-Lago is under scrutiny. A 1993 agreement he signed prohibits anyone from staying overnight at Mar-a-Lago for more than 3 weeks a year. With the further prohibition that the 3 weeks cannot run consecutively.

Ivanka and Jared purchased a lot for $31 million at Billionaire Bunker in Miami. $31 million for the lot alone. They have been blackballed. Prior owners vote on who they want or don’t want as a  neighbor. Present owners do not want them.

Now comes Donald Jr. and his lady friend Kimberly Guilfoyle. Millions involved in their purchase of property in Jupiter. The Jupiter area known as Admiral Cove. Thirty homeowners have complained to the Home Owners Association they do not want Donald Jr. and Kitty as neighbors.

Today a significant one in American history. On this day in 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized most abortions.

DeSantis is either the poorest or near poorest Governor in the U.S. Easy to understand. He was a Trump puppet. Also his brain capacity seems limited.  I make the representation in all sincerity.

“Vaccine tourism” became a popular thing the past 2 weeks in Florida. Somehow DeSantis’ rules or what have you re vaccines permissible for non-residents to receive became popular

A significant number involved. So far Florida has vaccinated 1.1 million persons. First doses. Of that number, 39,000 were non-residents.

There is not enough vaccine for Florida residents. It should not be shared. Let the non-residents go home and get it.

Allocations to states are not made on the basis of residents and non-residents. The allocation is made based on the number of residents.

DeSantis made a Trump type appearance on TV the past few days. He was putting a stop to non-residents getting their shots in Florida. He never accepted responsibility of course for the snafu.

Many wealthy Argentines have been flying to the U.S. for 30 days. Vacation and 2 shots each.

Vaccine tourism is becoming popularized. The following does not apply to Florida. However it could have happened before DeSantis’ recent ruling.

A British travel agency is advertising a $30,000 package. Refer to the package as “vaccine tourism.” The package includes air travel to Dubai, lodging, and both doses of the vaccine.

On this day in 1957 a fishing contest took place between 2 sport greats. Baseball star Ted Williams and golf’s Sam Snead. Labeled as a fishing duel. Took place in the Keys.

It must have been a poor fishing day. Williams won. He caught 2 bonefish to Snead’s 1.

Many important and delicate matters come before the Key West City Commission for decision. One recently involved chickens. The ones that freely roam Key West streets.

The chickens have apparently have become increasingly aggressive. I would not know. I have been in self quarantine for over 300 days.

The problem came up before the Commission. The Commission passed an ordinance prohibiting anyone from feeding the chickens. The street walking roaming ones.

An interesting question arose. The eternal question. Why do chickens cross the road?

Finally the answer.

To get to Stock Island where they can still enjoy a free meal.

Enjoy your day!


  1. In court in Honolulu on Monday, Magistrate Judge Wes Reber Porter found that Ochs had no prior convictions and granted a $5,000 bond. Ochs’ attorney, Myles Breiner, told CNN that Ochs was set free on a “signature bond,” meaning he did not have to put up any money for release.

    He’s at least being treated like other rioters this summer–let free

    Joe has not changed

    Now you can add your disclamer please.

  2. In court in Honolulu on Monday, Magistrate Judge Wes Reber Porter found that Ochs had no prior convictions and granted a $5,000 bond. Ochs’ attorney, Myles Breiner, told CNN that Ochs was set free on a “signature bond,” meaning he did not have to put up any money for release.

    He’s at least being treated like other rioters this summer–let free

    Joe has not changed

    Now you can add your disclamer please.

    you do not read well–do you.
    This is my 3rd name which was not for trump.

    • Man Sandy, you are really F’d up sandy and will try and spin even a peace of sh*t like one of your Proud Boy buddies. No wonder people on this blog think you are such a jerk – you keep proving it true!

      You don’t deserve America azzhole.

  3. In court in Honolulu on Monday, Magistrate Judge Wes Reber Porter found that Ochs had no prior convictions and granted a $5,000 bond. Ochs’ attorney, Myles Breiner, told CNN that Ochs was set free on a “signature bond,” meaning he did not have to put up any money for release.

    He’s at least being treated like other rioters this summer–let free

    Joe has not changed

    Now you can add your disclamer please.

    you do not read well–do you.
    This is my 3rd name which was not for trump.

    I love this sh*t

  4. Hey Lou, can you help me get back into the VFW in KW? They banned me for life because of all the sh*t I post on your blog making Key West Vet’s look bad. Now I have to figure out a way to get back in. I hate apologizing to those azzholes, but I have to figure out a way to get back, their grilled cheese sandwiches are the best. You gotta help me Lou, or I’ll start spreading bad rumors about you and those sheets.

    I’m funny aren’t I? Want to get together again for dinner?

  5. Sandy feet is one really good guy. He isn’t like mean people like Lou’s other people and he cares a lot about things, like animals and palm trees, but not Uganda’s. I’m JustSaying people should give him a chance and not complain about him because he understands things good but not chickens.

  6. If Trump followers are to be deprogrammed, the process should begin as soon as possible. There are 74 million people who voted for Trump, and each deprogramming can take weeks. The most common method is to have the cult member seized, then held against his will while being subjected to mental, emotional, and even physical pressures until he renounces his cult beliefs. Deprogrammers usually work for a fee of $25,000 or more. If deprogramming can be completed on 10,000 people every day, then It will cost about 3.2 billion dollars, and will take 20.5 years. Let’s get started!

    • Sounds good, let’s get started.

      Of course there are alternatives. I’m thinking along the lines of Heaven’s Gate, or even Jones Town, where in both cases those cults became despondent with the realization that the world just wouldn’t see things ‘their way’ and took care of the problem for us.

      Then of course Hitler had his methods for those who didn’t see things his way, or Stalin too. But Biden and Liberals don’t think along those lines, so maybe letting Trump and the top GOP operatives alone to lead their followers into a final solution, like suicidal annihilation by the national guard at some ill advised pep rally gone wrong, might turn out to be the best solution. Or perhaps some ritual where drinking bleach was recommended?

      Or maybe they could join you in prison TJ?

  7. Thursday was Joe Biden’s first day in office. You can tell a lot about what people value on their first day in any job, so what’s at the top of Joe Biden’s to-do list? Opening the borders and crushing our country’s last remaining independent economic sector.  Well done

  8. and of course boosting the federal response to the Coronavirus crisis

    Rejoining the Paris climate deal.

    Rejoining the World Health Organization at a time of a world wide Pandemic

    and a whole bunch of other things you conveniently forgot to mention or distort.

    No telling what could be accomplished if the deniers and obstructionists like you TC, would just drink a little bleach and let the good guys take care of things again.

  9. Hey Sandy, what ever happened to those names of all the people you say were lynched. Cat got your tongue, or was that just all a lie, like most of your posts

  10. Gov DeSantis is bringing back the Guard solders after their poor treatment by Biden. “The group was forced to rest in a nearby parking garage without internet reception, with just one electrical outlet, and one bathroom with two stalls for 5,000 troops,” a guardsman told Politico. Good for the gov!

      • Well, apparently yes. SNOWFLAKE

        That’s what it would be, or worse, if we were fighting Russia, Iran or Korea, all possibilities under Trump. As is still those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other places Trump promised to get troops out of.

        None of these guys would have to endure sleeping in anything but their own beds back home, let alone in any parking garage if it wasn’t for you crazy wacko Republican misfits and creeps attacking the Capitol building and killing Americans in the first place.

        Stop crying about things you helped bring down on the rest of us to begin with Sandy and work on your own Hari Kari techniques

    • That wasn’t Biden, get your facts straight.

      They were forced out of the Senate Building by the Capitol Police and brought back by the efforts of Palozzi AND Schumer

  11. I bought some fried chicken at Dion’s on Key West today. Boy is that good stuff and the people there so nice. I can’t believe I used to think they were a terrible scumbag Cuban hangout place. No more Swartza Popeye’s for me

  12. Attention club 501,Big joe is cutting in on your game. He signed to permit boys to join in girls game in the schools bath rooms. There is no difference said his signed new rule. Which trump rule did that cancel?

  13. Chicken Flue AKA bird flue is very dangerous. This flue also started in China!. Many more times contagious than covert #19and it is air born. Also has a high death rate unlike covert#19. The city should turn all the dog catchers and parking cops in to chicken cops now. And if Biden were smart he would send the guard to the 22 mile stretch.

  14. In addition to waterfowl, cats , dogs and ferrites are speeders of the bird flue. We have all of them here in abundance in our town. With ships and plans from away lands coming each day we are a good bet.

    Backyard poultry production is viewed as “traditional Asian” agricultural practices that contrasted with modern commercial poultry production and seen as a threat to biosecurity. Backyard production appeared to hold greater risk than commercial production due to lack of biosecurity and close contact with humans. And we have back yard production here in KW.
    The Mayor should be very concerned with the chicken population and you too. PS staying in side is not a defense.
    Thank you China. There was a large out break last fall in France and Germany.

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