Life or death depending on money. On ability to pay.

That is where we are at with many in our country.

Donna and Terri have had some hard times the past two years. Some things had to give. One was health insurance.

Terri is sick. She has been diagnosed with a rare blood disease Little Chain Deposition. In addition, multiple myeloma.

Neither good.

The lower Keys Medical Center was terrific. Terri was there a week. Underwent all kinds of tests. Diagnosed. The hospital and doctors were advised up front that Terri had neither insurance nor sufficient monies to pay.

It made to difference to the hospital. They provided Terri with excellent care. The same hospital that has been severely criticized recently.

Terri now needs chemotherapy. The hospital does not provide chemo. She has to go to a physician’s office. One that specializes in illness such as Terri has.

The cost of the chemotherapy is $750 per visit. She needs chemo twice a week. Totals $1,500 a week. Additionally, $1,000 a month for drugs.

The chemotherapy physician’s office told her no money, no chemo. It was a for profit operation.

Terri is without choice. She will die. Obviously sooner than later.

I can understand the doctor’s office turning Terri away. He has a ton of overhead, an expensive staff of professionals, etc. If not paid, he would not be in business long. Not able to provide to any one the life saving treatment he does.

That philosophy does not help Terri, however.

Terri is too young for Medicare.

The system cries out for true universal health care. One with one payor. Like Medicare.

A fund has been established to help Terri with her initial expenses. One to get her started. The goal is $9,000. Over $5,000 has already been raised.

Please do what you can.

A Go Fund Me fund has been established: go fund

Help Terri today.

The City Commission voted last night to return the Tiger to the corner of White and United. The Tiger’s original site.

The original site won out by one vote. The issue has been before the Commission for months. Absolutely amazing how Key West politicos can spend so much time on a simple issue. Whereas, they have been known to authorize millions in little time and with insufficient information. Priorities misplaced.

My blog is short this morning. Between Terri and an early appointment, I am unable to get into Installment 15 of my Key West Rotary history banter. I am disappointed. It is interesting. Covers the Rotary and the Edward Strunk Jr. story. Strunk’s history in and of itself inspiring.

Strunk tomorrow!

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “NO MONEY NO CHEMO

  1. Life is all about choices and responsibility. Health insurance is a necessity. Chemo and radiation treatments are a bitch and expensive, I have the bills and receipts to prove it.
    Terri may find help elsewhere, Miami or some such city comes to mind. Some hospitals specialize in certain cancers and have run into similar financial problems often.

  2. Yes, Patrick I agree, given my family’s extensive cancer history.

    Louis, there are many places in this country where chemo and other cancer treatment is available to those who are uninsured. It may take some homework but it’s out there. To start, suggest that Donna inquire with the University teaching hospitals in your area.

    There also is the possibility that Terri has chosen the path she’s on, without you’re being aware. Our best friend is currently taking that path…no treatment and a quiet end to a great life.
    It’s a very personal choice.

    So sorry to hear the news. Thank you for introducing Cindy and me to “the girls” and having Terri sing for us. A very memorable night.

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