Not even close to his first hundred days and President Biden is performing big time and speaking truth to the American people.


Biden said he would see that 100 people would receive the vaccine in his first hundred days. He is scheduled to announce today that number has been reached. Forty seven days early.

At some point, Biden will have to deal right on with the filibuster. And he will. America cannot permit a Senate procedure which has past its time to stop him. Especially in days of many needs.

The Republicans will receive an epiphany. They will claim surprise. However, it is obvious they know it’s coming.

This week Biden called Putin a “killer.” Something  Trump was reluctant to do. Whatever wrongdoing Putin was guilty of at a particular time, Trump would say I asked him and he said he didn’t do it.

Some day the world will learn why Trump bought Putin’s lies. It will have to involve women and money.

Florida’s Department of Health has removed from its daily COVID report the number of people who received their second shots.

Florida claims its actions lie withing CDC guidelines. Moderna requires the second shot on the 28th day following the first. Pfizer on the 21st day.

The CDC recently advised those days are not rigid. There is flexibility involved. Can be late. The CDC however did not spell out how late.

DeSantis’ people said if the second shot day is not fixed and rigid, we do not have to report it all. And thusly was the decision made by Florida.

DeSantis and many others in this country forget a most important thing Fauci said: We are in “a race between vaccine and the virus.” One would think every elected official would recognize and move their asses with regard to vaccine shots.

Republican Senator Rand Paul is an obstructionist, a know it all and a pain in the ass. He also is a doctor. An ophthalmologist.

He never agrees with Fauci. Fauci rarely agrees with him. They frequently have words during Committee hearings where Fauci is speaking. It was face to face bickering yesterday. The issue mask wearing.

Rand told Fauci masks were not needed. He believes people are not a at the risk of COVID after they have recovered or have been vaccinated. Rand said it was all “theater.”

Fauci strongly responded: “Masks are not theater. I totally disagree with you.”

Fauci explained science believes the vaccine is good for 6 months. Not sure after that. One reason to keep wearing a mask. The other are the variants that are popping up. No one is sure how the virus will react to a variant. Another reason to continue wearing a mask.

Rand continued to disagree again claiming there was “virtually zero percent chance of anyone getting COVID-19 if recovered or received the vaccine.”

Pope Francis. One terrific person! Much like Biden. Francis has half the Church hierarchy against him.

It was on this day in 2013 that Francis officially began his ministry as the Catholic Church’s 266th Pope.

May God continue to help him in holding off the hordes of troublemakers he has to deal with on a daily basis.

An interesting piece of information. The Brooking Institute claims there were 300,000 fewer births in the U.S. in 2021. The reason coronavirus. It was noted that in Planned Parenthood’s recent fiscal year, it performed 354,871 abortions.

The Monroe County Commission is to be complimented. Actually, cheered! They voted to stand with Key West in its cruise ship problem.

The bubbas and business people claim the people want bigger ships and more ships visiting Key West. Of course, their pocketbooks are invcolved.

They have exerted their “influence” in getting the State legislature to introduce and presently have moving through committees a bill that would permit the State to preempt the recent vote by Key Westers to limit size and number of ships.

In the election, Key Westers voted in 3 referendums by more than 60 percent each for the limitations.

The State is wrong re the preemption issue. The bubbas and business people likewise. Though i can understand their position. Their pocketbooks are at stake.

An interesting article in the Key West Citizen this morning. The question was raised asking how the restaurant business has been doing since COVID-19 hit. The surprising answer, 8 new restaurants opened.

Would you believe!

Good for the new owners. They may have properly seen the future and took the gamble.

I wish each good luck. Once my quarantine is behind me, I have 8 new restaurants to try,

The Key West Art and Historical Society is to be complimented. Its curator Cori Convertino is to receive special recognition.

A new exhibit opens today. The History of Duval Street. It will run through August.

Exciting! Can’t wait to view the exhibit. After my self-quarantine ends, of course.

On this day in 1949, Harry Truman left Key West after a 2 week vacation at The Little White House.

The 11 trips and 175 days he spent in Key West speaks well for the community. Truman had to like more than the accommodations beach. He had to be enamored with the people. Their uniqueness.

March Madness is here!

Syracuse opens tonight against San Diego State. San Diego had a great season and is favored. It is the #6 seed in the Midwest Region. Syracuse the #11 seed.

The game will be carried on CBS at 9:40 this evening. Hope I can stay awake to watch the whole game. Hope Syracuse wins!

Go “Cuse!’

Enjoy your day!



    • Rand Paul couldn’t pazz the official Ophthalmology board certification test, so he created his own Ophthalmology organization in Kentucky and was somehow (wink, wink) able to pazz their test there.

      So, that’s just how Libertarians roll, I guess!

      • Especially since Trump ordered 800 million doses of the vaccine, the pharma companies were working on this for quite some time. Ole Joe is trying to take credit for something he had nothing to with once again.

        • Willie, that’s proven NOT TRUE

          Total Fake news.

          It has been widely reported that Trump did not order ANYTHING close to the 200 million he himself said he’d ordered and then did not distribute even what was ordered in any meaningful way. It was a total mess.

          Thrum famously said “Let the states figure it out”

          If you’d done ANY research, you’d know that – Why do you lie?

          President Joe Biden can very much take credit for getting and distributing almost all of what is now, and has been, what is being used to vaccinate Americans.

          • Give Joe credit for the rapidly increasing availability of the vaccines created during the previous administration. Good job!

            I must also give him credit for the disaster currently happening on our southern border. Fourteen thousand illegal minors in custody and nowhere to put them. Many thousands more illegals on the way, and our Border Patrol is already overwhelmed.

            Joe also gets the credit for the extra dollar per gallon I am paying at the gas pump.

            Joe has already begun bombing Iranian forces in Syria, and today both Russia and China are openly laughing at our so called foreign policy.

            Ordinarily, I would expect our President to take steps to fix all of this. But this President can’t even mange the steps on Air Force One.

            • Fair enough, but only if you believe that there is currently a DISASTER on the southern border, or anywhere else.

              This whole immigration issue is sooooo overblown and a political stunt. Remember when there was this pearl clutching caravan of 6500 people on their way to the “southern border” you would have thought it was Pearl Harbor or an Nuclear plant exploding with the way FOX news and the right wing wacko machine was reacting. Get off it with your overreacting as a theater stunts. Sure there’s a problem, but not something that can’t be handled and resolved.

              Let’s not forget that with all the time and money and politics and hair on fire reactions, Trump was only able to deport 1/3 the number of immigrants that Barrack Obama did, during their first four years in office. Why was that? BECAUSE IT REALLY WASN’T A CRISIS it was made out to be. It was Republican politics and NOTHING more.

              Put the fire in your hair out, 1776 – You ain’t fooling anybody but yourself!

              • The World Health Organization defines disaster as a serious disruption of the function of a community or society causing widespread losses that exceed the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own resources.

                That’s a good enough definition for me. So, yeah, I believe we currently have a disastrous situation on our border. Try telling anyone who lives or works along the border that this is just a political stunt. Tell that to Biden’s border agencies that are frantically trying to find floor space for thousands of minors who have already been held much longer than the law allows.

                Coming to a high school gym in your neighborhood maybe?

                • There are more people dying of Covid every month here in Florida alone then anybody dying at the border. Take YOUR Hair on Fire definition of a disaster at our southern border to Lou Dobbs and cry with his defrocked azz. We’ll solve the flair up border problem without your political attempt to influence Lou’s readers to riot at the capitol. Your advice has no credibility anymore.

                  Your time might be better spent trying to convince the rest of us that Biden should be impeached for slipping on stairs.

                  Wring your hands all you want, we’ll look for a tiny violin to soothe your distraught mind.

                  • You really think the border “problem” is a “flair up”? Just watch. You haven’t seen anything yet.

                    And who said ANYTHING about dying, COVID, riots or impeachment? Jeez. You people are really hyper-sensitive.

                    • Hey Chicken Little, the illustration of more people dying in Florida from Covid being worse than anybody dying is an example of how comparatively unimportant your argument about the issues at the border really are, not that you give a sh*t about the issue itself, you are really only interested in the political handwringing you can use as a fear issue for political theatre.

            • Hey 1776 – Please give us some proof of how you know that “today both Russia and China are openly laughing at our so called foreign policy” and while you are at it, why we should give a sh*t about how we should feel about what Russia or China feels about what WE do in the first place, or why YOU think that’s important!

              • (1) Two days ago a grinning Putin challenged Biden to a one-on-one debate, knowing full well that Biden would not accept.
                (2) During last week’s US-China talks in Anchorage, China’s leading negotiator was allotted two minutes for opening remarks. He took two hours to criticize US foreign policy, trade regulations and the US economy. No apologies for highjacking the talks.
                (3) we live in a world where we should all give a sh*t about what other world powers think of us, especially when they are nuclear armed, hostile, and with military forces larger than ours.

                • All of a sudden?

                  Not four months ago these were our friends, particularly Russia. I don’t recall you having and worries about them then, apart of course for the Kung Flu smear campaign.

                  I don’t think we need to take any advise about foreign policy, particularly that about Putin or Russia, from you unAmerican armchair phonies, who only seem to be REALLY interested in disrupting things for political agitation.

                  • So what changed between four months ago and now? Oh, right. There was a presidential election in the US. And “all of a sudden” international relations have taken a turn for the worse.

                    • Do you not comprehend even the simple things?

                      We no longer have a corrupt goon in the white house and YOU suddenly find Russia and China the enemy instead of your best friends. Under trump YOU had no problem with issues you now find unacceptable and it’s suddenly something YOU want to complain about?

                      Has it occurred to you that Russia and China are no longer running this country. America no longer has to do what China and Russia says we have to do, because our leaders are no longer beholding to them for corrupt personal reasons.

                      We as a country are no longer run by what Russia and China believe were “Useful Idiots.”

              • Actually I think 1776 is right, we are the laughing stock of Russia and China. However not in a way he wants everybody to believe. Russia and China are still laughing because they were able to run us as their bitches, because they ‘owned’ us, having a compromised president who was beholding to them for a whole bunch of reasons.

                Thing is, that’s changing and they know the party’s over – it’s just that “1776” doesn’t quite know how to handle the new reality and is spinning his wheels as fast as he can trying to figure out a way to still sound relevant in a new wold where he is anything but just that.

                Time to pay the piper 1776. Best you STFU and be thought a fool, rather than try and spin things your way and prove it without any question!

        • Hey Willie P – you get the Sandy Feet award for Bull Sh*t Trolling.

          “As of 20 January, the day Mr Biden became president, about 16.5 million vaccines had been administered in the US, according to official statistics.”

            • Comphrehension issues huh. 800 million doses ordered. If you want to use your 16 million administered number then you’re lying according to Biden. He has stated there were none before he took office. Seems we all watched him get his shots before Christmas.
              But, being ordered and being developed and delivered are comparing apples and oranges. Trump got the companies to work as they did to develop these vaccines in record time. Now they are being delivered and administered. Biden might be trying to do what he can now, but he hasn’t done anything productive in the past 47 years.

              As far as your southern border, its a mess. In our infinite wisdom the incomers are now going to be sent to all corners of our country at our expense. Now they want to send them to the Montana Canada border and let Canada handle them. I’m sure Canada will welcome them with open arms.

              • Willie P. is a troll who post blatantly false facts, under a false name. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about most times and is really just trying to start fights.

                Willy P., who most of us know under a different name anyhow, is the perfect example of what is terribly wrong with America.

      • Biden officially reached his promise of 100 million Covid vaccines in his first 100 days yesterday March 19, 42 days ahead of the promised schedule.

        Promisses made, promisses kept – science is back

  1. I don’t need to see Biden getting into some kind of chest thumping mode, ala Trump. Just do a good, honest job and we will see the results for ourselves.

  2. The city of Chicago on Thursday decided to withhold first doses of any additional COVID-19 vaccines from a hospital that was found improperly administering vaccinations to ineligible Chicago Trump Tower workers.

    My God, you’d think it was Florida!

  3. Trump is totally exaggerating and lying about his “warp speed” program, about what we expect from the dud by now.

  4. Former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida, club has been partially closed because of a COVID-19 outbreak.

    Irony, given that on that same day the rest of America celebrated over 100 million people having been now been vaccinated.

  5. Warp Speed and 100 million doses.
    That has more to do with Trump, major delivery companies now offering their services and state/ local governments/ volunteers than Biden.

    • Not true Willie, you are factually wrong (as usual) on all counts. Something even your Qanon friends aren’t stupid enough to try or claim.

      But thanks for the humor, although it’s humor like trying to watch a handicapped women tie her shoes – you know, pathetic!

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