Giving hurricanes names began during World War II. The Army and Navy began assigning the names of their wives and girl friends. Before then, hurricanes were named for the place or date or both of where and when the hurricane occurred. Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 an example.

Exclusive use of female names continued to 1978. Gender equality arrived. Hurricanes began being named with male and female names.

Greek names came into play when the allotted proper names for a season were used up, Greek names were added. Think about it. The Greek names generally come into play near the end of the hurricane season. Proper first and then Greek names.

The World Meteorological Organization is responsible for hurricane naming. It has decided Greek names/letters are too confusing. They recently announced that henceforth the Greek alphabet would no longer be used. The official death notice.

One problem. The Organization failed to advise the source of names to be used in replacing the Greek ones. We will probably learn as late season hurricanes occur this year. The naming may be the first notice.

Governor DeSantis full of surprises. Generally neither advantageous nor helpful to Floridians.

DeSantis announced yesterday that Florida would not be receiving Johnson & Johnson vaccine for several weeks. Later defined as 2-3 weeks.

The reason not made clear. DeSantis advised that reasons “beyond our conrol” were involved. Is he hiding something? He has been known to do so.

FEMA was contacted by the media. A FEMA representative advised Florida had received 6,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson last week. Received at the Jacksonville site. However, the FEMA representative further advised  vaccine availability in Florida is expected to run out shortly.

He further explained that the 6,000 was the last shipment till the State says otherwise. Suggesting the problem was with the State.

Florida coronavirus cases now total 1,981,024.

The State reported that the average number of new cases and deaths for last week were 4,491 new and 82 deaths per day.

State reporting is sneaky. Skill involved in the wording of the report. Note in the first set of figures that what initially appears as a whole week is in actuality “per day.”

Huge amounts of government spending has been involved in fighting COVID-19. Necessarily so. It’s war time. Funds in whatever amounts needed must be provided.

An interesting article this week noted that monies expended thus far totaled $6 trillion. Broken down, it represents enough money to give every taxpayer $41,870. If broken down so each American was counted rather than taxpayers, the amount would be $18,181.

COVID has required a speedy monies blowout in roughly one year. However spend we must till coronavirus is defeated, less it defeat us.

A significant number of $1,400 stimulus checks were direct deposited yesterday at 9 am. A few earlier.

I did not get mine. Whereas I previous received the $2,000 and $600 checks day one.

I suspect there are many as I.

A bureaucrat said those who failed to receive would in “coming weeks.” Made it sound like most had been paid. Understanding government and money, the “coming weeks” could be months. Note that just less than 9 million eligible Americans failed to receive the $2,000 checks in the first payout and are still waiting. Forgotten a better word.

I suspect the problem arises out of new steps added last year to determine who would get deposits first. Receiving $1,400 deposit in similar fashion as with the two previous stimulus checks was no more. The only condition then was direct deposit of a person’s Social Security check. I get my Social Security monies monthly that way.

No one is talking about the utilization of Social Security as a guide to depositing the new check utilizing the two methods previously used.

The problem arises because of something that was added during the Tump administration as to the pecking order for direct deposits. A person had to file a defiler, whatever that is. This is all confusing. The defiler or I guess check a box on a tax return advising you want your stimulus check direct deposited.

These two new groups have received their direct deposits to the tune $2.42 billion this week. Ninety million received the deposits.

There have to be millions of me. Those who do not file tax returns and have never “defiled.” Why was the system changed? When are my group who were first before going to receive payment?  Why the change at all? Was it Trump who made the change? If so, why?

Deposits and checks are going to continue to go out. Though again, I could find no listing for my kind of people. The forgotten ones this time around.

A screw job.

Biden and the Democrats should stop delaying with getting rid of the filibuster. The only way to get needed legislation passed swiftly and efficiently is for Biden and the Democrats to control. If they do good, the people will reelect them. If not, the Republicans will have their opportunity to show Americans they are the A team.

Manchin and Sinema are the bad guys here. Not the Republicans. Out of nowhere they have come to be Senate powerhouses. Biden should make sure neither gets money the Senators are seeking for their states. Then let the citizens of West Virginia and Arizona get on the backs of Manchin and Sinema. Cooperation will soon follow.

McCullough’s threat of a scorched earth should not be of concern. The Republicans have been scorching the earth for 10 years. America will survive. Though I do not believe McCullough could accomplish what he threatens.

Lynda Frechette came up with more goodies in her St. Patrick Day’s blog. Described as Irish Craic and Humor. One, “It doesn’t matter how big your house is, how much money you have, or that you wear expensive clothes. Our graves will be the same size. Stay humble.”

My leg is better. No pain yesterday and none so far today.

The doctor first suspected a blood clot or small fracture. Testing revealed neither. He was in a quandary. I was also. He said go to bed and elevate your left leg for 3 hours. Then elevate it again and as many times as you can. Oh, and take 2 Tylenol.

I have only taken 2 Tylenol.

The problem evidenced itself 2/27. It took till 3/17 to go away. I was in extreme pain most days. Acute.

I followed the doctor’s orders. Stayed in bed with my foot elevated . Pain began to diminish 2/12. Still stayed in bed. Out of bed only to go to the bathroom or downstairs for some food.

I am a happy camper today. May I stay so. Thank you for the many kind notes and phone calls.

I am still in self-quarantine. Three hundred seventy eight days. My second vaccine shot the 27th.

I am back to another doctor today. My heart doctor, Dr. McIvor.  A series of annual tests in order. Overdue. One later this morning. One monday. And others to follow. Don’t get nervous with the heart tests. Merely precautionary. If something new is discovered, I will then get nervous.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou. The IRS issues the first round of deposits to persons who have filed a 2020 or 2019 tax return showing a bank account and an adjusted gross income. This makes sense because it is easiest to do. But when a person has social security deposits, but does not file a tax return, it becomes more difficult to process. This year the IRS is recommending that persons file a tax return, even if you don’t need to, so they will have enough information to make the correct deposit to your account.

  2. I wonder if anyone ever thought about that when approving these drugs and advised those administrating them of this issue?

    I wonder if we should stop administrating these drugs right away, that being the case?

    I wonder why you would post that information on Lou’s Blog?

  3. Forbes reported, “Americans are looking forward to another round of stimulus checks and gun shops are looking forward to another round of stimulus stockpiling.

    “As the House takes its final vote Wednesday on the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, many Americans are looking forward to spending their $1,400 stimulus checks at the gun store.”

    That’s what a stimulus does. It gets people to buy things.

    Look for drug overdoses to spike, too,

  4. The stimulus is meant to stimulate and get folks to keep the economy rolling. Keeping the gun makers and stores in business is a good thing.
    Problem is that one can’t buy ammunition for the guns they already have.

  5. Ammunition is still needed to get off those few shots. Hopefully one should hit what they are shooting at before getting shot themselves.

    Not all ammunition is used for shooting people regardless of what some may think.

    Even shotgun shells are not available. I’m a competition shotgunner. Reloading supplies are hard to find.

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