The world is learning. America has a new leader and he is not a Donald Trump. The new Sheriff in town is Joe Biden.

Some people are complaining. Claiming Biden already is making trouble for the U.S. with Russia and China. Biden referred to Putin as a killer. The meeting with Chinese and American representatives this past week in Anchorage found both sides playing diplomatic hard ass. No name calling, however.

Better Biden openly acknowledged Putin a killer. He is. His track record in this regard clear.

I don’t know why China has a hair up its derriere. My gut feeling is China is testing the waters as regards Biden. Let’s see how tough he is type thing.

I am an expert at falling. I have many times in the past few years. I now require use of a cane. And I still fall, though much less.

Biden fell friday. Going up the steps of Air Force One. He apparently stubbed his toe on a step, fell forward, grabbed the handrail, went to pull himself up and fell again.

Got up and finished the step climbing with no problem. No injury involved.

He subbed his toe? Who has not?

Trump and Republicans are making a big deal of it. Trump especially. He who has been the biggest clown to ever sit in the White House has been tweeting negatively about Biden’s fall. Making fun of the President.

One tweet has Biden stumbling down the steps of Air Force One. Another also prepared by Trump has Biden being knocked over by a golf shot Trump’s father had just made.

Another tweet joked Biden needed a “Chair Force One.” A stair lift to help him up the steps.

The arrogance and poor taste of Trump. On the other hand, could less have been expected of him?

There was a case similar to Brown v. Board of Education 69 years before Brown. Brown was decided in 1954. The case I am referring to in 1885.

The Asian racial situation coming to light motivated me to do some research about Asians and their problems generally in the U.S. I came upon the case in question.

An 8 year old Chinese-American girl in 1885 helped desegregate San Francisco schools. The issue discrimination against an Asian-American girl.

Her name Mamie Tape.

One significant difference between Tape and Brown. Tape was finally decided in the California Supreme Court whereas Brown in the U.S. Supreme Court.

It was September 1884. Mamie’s parents were prosperous. Her father a very successful businessman. Their home in a very affluent neighborhood. Though Chinese, the family well respected and part of San Francisco society.

Mamie was born in the U.S. Her parents, immigrants. She was raised similar to an affluent white young lady.

The school of choice for affluent persons was Spring Valley Primary School. Mamie’s mother attempted to enroll Mamie. Never gave any thought she would be rejected.

Principal Hurley refused to accept Mamie citing scholar board policy against admitting Chinese children. Anti-Chinese sentiment was running high at the time. Chinese were assumed to be incapable of assimilating to mainstream American culture. Note Mamie’s parents and their family were totally westernized in language, dress and lifestyle.

Suit was filed against the Principal Hurley and the San Francisco Board of Education. The case was ultimately decided by the California Supreme Court one year later. Mamie won! The Court holding the Constitution’s “separate but equal” clause had no application.

Mamie was permitted to enter the previously all white school. Not just Mamie. The decision in her case applied to all San Francisco children. Chinese students from that point forward were admitted to all San Francisco schools.

Mamie’s decision did not seem to have any impact on other states.

I wonder if Mamie’s decision had any influence on Brown v. Board of Education. Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court at the time was Earl Warren. He previously had been Governor of California and a California prosecutor before becoming Governor.

Warren ran for the Republican nomination for President against Eisenhower. Eisenhower beat him. When the Chief Justice vacancy arose on the U.S. Supreme Court, Eisenhower nominated Warren.

Could Warren’s California experience with Mamie’s decision have influenced his thinking in arriving at the decision the full Supreme Court did in Brown? It has been mentioned historically that Warren pushed for the decision in Brown. Insisted it had to be a unanimous one. Convinced his fellow Justices there could be no other  decision.

Donald may be having financial problems. Could be. I suspect so.

Trump’s personal jet prior to becoming President a 757. Those were his glory days.

The glory days may be gone and the 757 with them.

The 757 sits in an airport in Orange County 60 miles north of New York City. The plane is need of extensive repairs. Big dollars involved.

The plane has not been flown at all since Trump left the White House. For his trips back and forth from Palm Beach Airport to La Guardia he uses his smaller 1997 Cessna 750 Citation X. Nowhere fashioned in gold as the 757. Trump even had 24 carat gold plated seat buckles on the 757.

I was thrilled beyond expectations last night. Stayed up till midnight watching the Syracuse/San Diego game. The first night of March Madness in Indianapolis.

San Diego State was favored. Syracuse destroyed them. With class! Seventy eight to sixty two.

Syracuse’s 2-3 zone defense worked all night. San Diego I suspect had never run into a zone defense before. They could not penetrate, get the ball in the center. They were relegated to taking 3 pointers which eventually did not fall. Embarrassingly so.

Buddy Boeheim excelled again. Scored 30 points.  Sixteen consecutive points in the first half. At a time when San Diego scored not one point and Boeheim was the only Syracuse player who did score. He made 6 of 8 shots from the field.

Syracuse’s next game is Sunday at 5:15 pm. Syracuse plays West Virginia. Will Syracuse win again? I don’t know. What I do know is Syracuse played as close to a perfect game last night as can be played.

Go ‘Cuse!

One week from today I get my second vaccine shot. I am thrilled. Two weeks later I hope to be out on the road again.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Biden harshly criticized Trump when he slipped similarly, turn about is fair play.

    European countries, especially Russia and China, will eat Biden up and spit him out.

    Biden’s dementia grows worse by the minute. He can’t think on his feet or put together 2 sentences. He won’t be able to use his cheat sheets or a tele-prompter when meeting our leaders.

    • “Willie P.” or whoever he really is – is nothing but a troll on Lou’s blog, who delights with making outrageous and often ridiculous factually wrong outbursts, just to start fights.

      He regularly wins the “Sandy Feet” award for “intentional deceitfulness”

        • And he should have, it being appropriate for Trump having slipped. Hardly wrong, or hypocritical. Everybody has seen that video, please explain your point and reason for posting.

            • Could be as you say, or it could be that you are simply wrong. Please explain your point anyhow, because I saw nothing wrong with Biden having chastising Trump for having slipped, just as it wouldn’t be wrong if Trump now chastises Biden, although one might say that would now be somewhat hypocritical of DON to do so, apart from Pay-Back, of course.

              Thing is Biden didn’t do anything wrong – but YOU have if your point was a smear, instead of a simple reference – which your nasty response seems to validate.

  2. Just a suggestion: seniors living here in ‘The Villages” walk in the pool to strengthen their legs and help with posture and balance !!!!!! Great exercise !!!!! Try it !!!!!!!

  3. Why would China attack us? They are making a fortune by selling us just about everything we use. Attacking us would be like shooting themselves in both feet.

    • Of course China doesn’t want to attack us, it’s Republicans who want to attack us – proven fact.

      It’s also a proven fact that Republicans are the ones who are always trying to scare us into thinking that the Chinese want to attack us, when the truth is that they only want to sell us stuff made by the American Companies who moved their businesses to China over the last 20-30 years.

      • I’m interested in the “proven fact” that Republicans want to attack us. Will this be by military force? Where can we look to find the proof?

        BTW American companies are no longer moving to China. In fact they are leaving by the hundreds.

        • No, No, with a rag tag group of misfits and nardowells.

          The Proof is January 6th at the US Capitol.

          Had you missed that part, or were you looking the other way AGAIN ?

          Hang your head in shame, Republican.

          Oh, and yes you are right, Fewer and Fewer AMERICAN companies are moving to China. That’s because there are fewer and fewer American companies, left in America.

          But that doesn’t alter the statement that “the truth is that they only want to sell us stuff made by the American Companies who moved their businesses to China over the last 20-30 year” as a reason that China does not want to attack America, which you said they did.

          You really need a reality check each time before you post ypur garbage.

          • There you have it, folks. A complete, concise and unambiguous summary of the current socio-economic relationship between China, America, Republicans and us (whoever that is). It’s all clear to me now.

            • Good, I’m glad to hear things are “clear to you now,” even if it sounds more like you are just playing games and are not really serious about any real discussion and only interested in spewing misconceptions and lies to try and fit some (not so) hidden agenda.

              You really need to work on your China hate thing.

    • Well the real Barny Fife had many more years on a television show than did Donald Trump, the previous Sheriff in town, with HIS TV show and presidency combined. The real Barnie Fife was also smarter, did better things and not as much harm.

      I think the new sheriff will do just fine.

  4. China has plenty of their own companies making about everything we buy. Sure those goods could be made here and sold just as cheap if American workers would settle for a few bucks a day in wages.

    • Wasn’t China where the Trump’s manufactured all their clothes for Ivanka’s companies. And wasn’t that where she went right after the election in 2016 and secured several new copyrights for her companies?

      Why are Republicans trying to scare us about China wanting to attack us. We are their perfect useful idiots, aren’t we?

      Didn’t Donald Trump promise to fix what he said was a trade imbalance with China using beautiful tariffs?

  5. ​Biden tried to walk and chew gum at the same time. He failed miserably. The Dr. Jill needs to keep him away from the bubblegum jar.

    • Interesting facts, can you back it up, or is this just a post meant as a political slur? No wonder you got fired.

  6. Last summer, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta said President Trump’s slow walk down a steep ramp was proof of dementia.

    Gupta has never met or examined Donald Trump.

    And Gupta seems silent about Biden falling up.

    Falling up. That’s the story of his political career.

  7. International Business Times reported, “The first talks between President Joe Biden’s administration and China were ‘tough and direct,’ a senior US official said Friday, amid rising tensions between the rival world powers.”

    Tough talk, no action.

    It is all kabuki theater.

    • And neither have you, I azzume Mr. S. Yet you have no trouble either weighing in on this idiotic issue with your own opinions, yet again showing us all your own incredibly shallow stupidity and willingness to jump on any idea that has no real merit, apart from political smearing.

  8. Glenn Reynolds wrote, “Democrats need the ‘anti-Asian hate crime’ storyline because they’re starting to lose Asians over affirmative action.”

    The problem is most of the perps appear to be black.

    • This same Glen Reynolds (a conservative blogger) once tweeted “Run them down” as a suggestion to any drivers feeling threatened by protesters objecting to the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina. Twitter suspended Reynolds’ account.

  9. More racism Don? This time against Chinese AND Blacks. You are incredible.

    BTW, could you please reference this quote? I can’t find any Glenn Reynolds. Is this fake quote, by one of your neighbors?

    You do seem to make up a lot of sh*t.

    • Don is referencing a post attributed to Glen Reynolds on his “instapundit” website, where Glen was responding to someone else’s comments. It was Don (of course), himself who added the exceptionally racist addition “The problem is most of the perps appear to be black.” which had nothing to do with what Glen Reynolds” said, or for that matter anything to do with the post Glen Reynolds was responding to, nor does it make any sense as used (apart from Don’s usual race ranting), or even logical.

      Dons S., is himself a piece of work, whose comments here on Lou’s blog are mostly comprehension challenged and make no sense, is mostly just trolling Lou. His views seem more “scrambled egg” in nature, made more to provoke chaos than anything else and in the end really only reflect him and what can only be described as a deviant. He would probably should pay more attention to trying to improve his own failing blog.

      • Yeah, I remember him, he was the guy who got fired from the Charleston Daily Mail, here in West Virginia, after he wrote that Michael Brown was an “animal” that police in Ferguson, Mo., had to put down. He likes to now refer to himself as “retired” but that’s what a lot of people say after they get canned for cause.

        Yeah, that guy is a total racist, isn’t it.

  10. Don S – seems to spend more time on Lou’s blog actively trying to be wrong, them most people spend brushing their teeth.

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