Most believe Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Historically incorrect. Most historians claim it was not possible. At the time Rome was burning, Nero was 35 miles away at his country villa. And, not fiddling. In fact if my memory proves correct, the fiddle was not invented till years later.

Nero’s life nevertheless was strange.

On this day in 68 AD, Nero committed suicide. He implored his secretary Epaphroditos to slit his throat. The Senate had imposed the death penalty upon Nero. Death by flogging. Nero considered the flogging too painful a way to go. Ergo, he had Epaphroditos slit his throat.

His first heinous act was having his mother killed. He blamed the Christians for Rome’s great fire. Christians the scapegoats. He had them burned alive.

Nero was motivated at all times not by justice, but by personal cruelty.

He was the first persecutor of Christians. Among them the apostles Paul and Peter. He had Paul beheaded. Peter crucified upside down.

A sicky.

One of Key West’s most popular tourist attractions is Fort Zachary Taylor. Construction of the fort began this day in 1845.

Still standing next to Key West’s best beach named of course the Fort Zachary Taylor Beach.

Today is one to remember our Arab friends. Especially Saudi Arabia.

It was on this day in 2008 that retail gas prices rose above $4 a gallon.

Our “friends” do nothing for us. I shall never forget the hike in gas prices, 9/11, and other things the Saudis did for us.

I am still in self-quarantine. Today the 90th day. Still ok. It will be a while yet for me.

Florida’s Governor De Santis is Trump’s lapdog. Trump says jump and De Santis jumps.

Florida was one the States that began reopening early.

New coronavirus cases in Florida have increased an average of 46 percent over the past week. One week!

The rise is attributed to “increased testing.” Don’t know if the numbers support the theory.

In the one week, Florida experienced 1,000 new cases per day. The increase came as Florida entered the second stage of reopening last friday.

The reopening did not include Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties where the numbers are still off the wall.

The weekend was Key West’s first on a reopened basis.

I have spoken via phone to several friends who were out and about.

Friday and saturday nights busy. Sunday night dead. Makes sense. Most of the tourists came in from Miami and Fort Lauderdale attracted by reduced hotel and restaurant rates. They would have left for home late sunday.

The Pier House is open. The Beach Bar by day only. The Chart Room not yet open.

The bars were busy in the evenings. No social distancing. People didn’t seem to care.

The mix friday and saturday nights were locals and tourists.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight at 9. Join me. I have tons to talk about re Trump, the police, etc.  Guaranteed I will be ranting  and raving about Trump and the protests.

Today a big one in the history of horse racing.

On this day in 1973, Secretariat won the Triple Crown. The first horse to do so since Citation in 1948.

Secretariat ran 6 more races. Then put out to pasture.

He fell ill in 1989. He had to be euthanized. An autopsy was performed. It was discovered Secretariat’s heart was 2 1/2 times the size of a normal horse heart. Many believe the size of his heart contributed to his extraordinary racing abilities.

In the 1950’s, Senator Joseph McCarthy was a nut. Not the best of people. Lied about many. Persecuted many.

McCarthy said there were hundreds of Communists in government and in important outside businesses like the movie industry. Spreading Communist poison.

Most of the names on the lists were not Communists, had never been. However McCarthy added their names for publicity purposes.

McCarthy claimed there were many Communists in the U.S. Army.

A young officer was being questioned by McCarthy. The Army’s counsel was Joseph Welch. A tiny old crafty attorney from the Boston area.

McCarthy was beating up on the young officer. Brutally. Welch interjected: “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

Like an inquiry from on high.

The question was the beginning of the end of the McCarthy hearings and McCarthy himself.

A little Trump today.

Trump is trying a new election message. He is now the candidate of Law and Order. As Richard Nixon was. Birds of a feather.

Trump applying the Law and Order slogan to himself is merely a rattling of old America. He is appealing to his base again. It will not carry him to victory.

Words describe the Washington activities of the past few weeks. First protesters, then demonstrators. Perhaps the other way around. First demonstrators, then protesters.

Whatever, the label that comes next significant. “Uprising.”

The line to an uprising not yet crossed. The country is close, however. Trump is not calming the situation. Rather he is pouring fuel on the fire. It will be a new world if the protesters/demonstrators take down the black steel fencing and march over the lawn to the White House.

Never say never. Did you think the situation would have developed to this point 3 weeks ago?

Disband the police! Wow! Strong language. A major intent.

It has happened already in a handful of communities. Not this week or year. Several years ago.

Camden, New Jersey the largest community.

The police department was disbanded in 2012. The city was out of control. Public corruption rampant. Drugs big time. One hundred seventy open air drug markets. The area known as Heroin Highway. Police falsely placing “evidence” on a person to be arrested.

The slate was swept clean. Everyone on the force went.

The “new” police department operates in a different fashion.

Violent crimes are down 42 percent in 7 years. New police officers go door to door in the neighborhood they are working when first assigned to the area. They introduce themselves.

The police frequently  have a “pop-up- barbecue on a street corner. Hot dogs for the neighborhood. Occasionally a Mr. Softee truck operated by a police officer drives through. The police also sponsor drive-in movies.

Blacks the majority in Camden. Ergo, the police force is composed of more blacks than whites.

Some say the new procedure is working. Others, complain.

Then there is the tiny hamlet of Deposit in New York State. The police department was costing $200,000 a year to operate. The town could not afford it any longer.

The police department was disbanded. One hundred percent. Deposit is now watched over by one deputy Sheriff.

Trump is “military crazy.” National Guard units are returning home. Many other departments were represented in the force opposing protesters. Especially in Washington.

Among others still remaining in Washington are the Border Patrol and ICE. Not many. Enough to make one uncomfortable, however. Four hundred Border Patrol members and 160 ICE agents.

My concern a simple one.

Trump loves the military. Loves force. Enjoys being seen as a tough guy.

I have written and said for the past 2 years that the country needed to beware of Ice and later added the Border Patrol. I see these 2 groups as Trump’s Gestapo.

Don’t say no. Keep in mind Trump wanted U.S. Army troops sent into cities all over the U.S. last week “to control” the protesters. Were it not for 1 or 2 four star generals, it would have happened. Humvees, helicopters and troops coming down the streets of America. Freedom no more.

Jared Kushner has not proven himself to be a leader of anything. If he were not Trump’s son in law he would not have the many governmental positions he convinced Trump to place him in.

Kushner holds several titles at the present time. He is one of the heads of Trump’s reelection committee.

Trump is not doing well.

The word is he is “malignantly crazy” about his reelection poll numbers. He blames Kushner.

Kushner may not be in charge of Trump’s reelection much longer.

Enjoy your day!


13 comments on “NERO’S THROAT SLIT

  1. On top of the fencing around the White House is barbed wire. My work has taken me to many 3ed world countries and this I have never seen.

  2. Try and storm one of their buildings where the leader is housed. See what happens. Barbed wire lowers the risk of having to use bullets to stop intruders.

    • Maybe it is just me, but I fail to see how barbed wire lowers the risk of having to use bullets to stop intruders. Is that somehow a way to reduce the risk of cutting a hole through the fence? Would that make any resulting intruders less of a risk to bullets? The issue I think from both Lou and the other poster is that the presence of barbed wire on any fence around the US White House in one hell of an unusual and horrific optic.

  3. Lou, looks like you were right about Trump creating his own “Brown Shirts” army from the ranks of ICE! Spot on and frightening, regardless of the denial crowd. who will probably say it’s a good thing.

    It seems to me that Trump is perhaps maneuvering to create the impression that we are going to need armed guards around the polling places come November. I am sure he feels this would be a win-win, with both reinforcing the idea that he’s tough on crime, while at the same time also suppressing the vote.

  4. It is obvious that there are many in Trump’s base that would happily do the worst of the worst to the rest of us in his name.

  5. Is this the same barbed wire, relatively harmless, that farmers and ranchers use across the country every day? Or is it razor wire used atop prison walls? Funny that close up photos of the fence don’t show either one. In fact, this big scary fence is now covered in protest art, posters, banners, spray paint and signs. No one seems to be very intimidated by it. Oh, and the fence is scheduled to be removed tomorrow.

    Does anyone here know what the hell they are talking about?

  6. Does the American Dictator really think AARP is Antifa?

    Democrats don’t have to try and convince heretofore Republican voters to reconsider their vote for president, Trump is doing that for them.

  7. Ok Lou… that does it for me. I’m continuing to hunker too. till the Chart Room opens. Hummmm… I could change my mind. Does anyone know if the Rum Bar is open?

    Kokomo Man

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