The land of the free. Our land. A problem. Freedom is being lost. Temporarily. The protesters across the nation are saving it. We will remain the land of the free.

I have to admit however I was concerned for a while.

Our government has become the bad guys. Especially the police. They killed one black person too many. Now the pendulum is swinging.

“Kettling” is a process which provokes violence by trapping protesters in a fight or flight type situation. “Trapping” significant. An example being driven down a narrow street where at the other end more police are waiting.

At that point the protesters are gassed, pepper sprayed, beaten with batons, and then arrested.

Not all atrocities are reported. There are too many. I want to share 2 situations which recently occurred in Los Angeles.

A homeless man wheel chair bound. He was out past curfew. However he had nothing to do with the protest. In any fashion. The police shot him in the head with a rubber bullet.

The homeless person slumped in his wheel chair. He was bleeding profusely from his head.

I have seen enough photos the past 2 weeks to realize rubber bullets are not kid toys. They are capable of serious damage.

The other situation a “drive-by shooting” by the police.

Past curfew again. A 7 pm curfew. A bunch of teenagers were quietly walking on a side street on their way home. They were in their own neighborhood.

A Deputy Sheriff was driving by. He leaned out the car window in a “drive-by” fashion. He opened fire on the kids on the sidewalk. Pepper balls and rubber bullets.

Mitt Romney exhibited his independence once again last night. Sleeves rolled up, he marched with the demonstrators in Washington.

Donald lives in another world. He sees what he wants to see. Nothing more.

He is taking credit for the peaceful protests.

He is lucky no one has been killed. The black steel fence would not have stopped the protesters.

Coronavirus deaths now exceed 110,000. Trump takes no credit for any part of them.

Something about the Greek people. Coronavirus hit them. Their number of confirmed cases and deaths relatively small. The reason being the Greek people listened to their government. Who in turn had listened to the scientists.

Mykonos is a busy beautiful island. I have visited a few times. Night life beyond conception. Narrow streets. Every building a bar or restaurant on the first floor. People everywhere.

Note again the Greek people pay attention. It was reported this past week that a Mykonos bar was fined $20,000 for failing to social distance. Can you see that happening in the U.S.?

Remember Looney Tunes Cartoons? Age may play a part in whether you recall. At 84, I distinctly remember watching Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Elmer Fudd every saturday at the movies.

The saturday movie bit began when I was 4. Neighborhood movie houses were packed with kids watching the movies and yelling and screaming. Two movies. One a cowboy flick. A serial. And a Looney Tunes Cartoon.

The admission $.04. Hard to believe! Many years ago. 1939-1940.

HBO brought back Looney Tunes this past week. The characters the same. However “liberalized” to some extent. For example, Elmer Fudd who was always chasing and shooting at Bugs Bunny will no longer have a gun. Substituted for the gun a scythe. HBO views it as a “liberal alteration.”

A lot of big companies cutting back or filing for bankruptcy. It’s the times. Coronavirus the primary reason.

BP Oil announced it is cutting 10,000 jobs. Fifteen percent of its work force.

BP offered 2 reasons. Coronavirus, of course. Fewer persons driving. Less gasoline being sold.

The other is BP’s plans to shift oil and gas majors to renewable energy. BP’s capitulation in this regard is admirable. Major companies are reluctant to change the nature of their businesses. BP has seen the light of day.

My good friends Fran and Tom Dixon are visiting from Buffalo. They have been here since June 1. I have not seen them. Told them before they came I planned on remaining quarantined. Told them also they were crazy to come yet. Coronavirus still with us.

Though younger than me, both are senior citizens. Braver than Louis. They are here. Called yesterday. I did not hear the phone ringing. Tom left a message. Know you refuse to come out, we miss you, etc.

I miss them, also. Two of the best people I have met in my years in Key West. Tom owns a piece of the Ocean Key House. They visit 3-4 times a year.

Next time!

Masks required in Key West? They were till thursday. The Monroe County Commission voted masks were “recommended,” not “required.” A stupid move I thought. The vote was 3-2.

Friday Key West ruled on the issue. Rather than follow Monroe County’s decision, Key West Mayor Johnston issued a ruling that masks must be worn, except when drinking or eating.

Good for her!

Key West experienced its first reopening weekend this past one. I am curious to see what the coronavirus numbers will be for Key West 4-6 weeks from now.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. When Lou said Trump is lucky because “no one has been killed”, I had to go back and read again the NYT article about at least five people being killed during the protests. There have been acts of violence and many injuries on both sides, but actual deaths would have to include David Dorn, a retired St Louis police captain who was shot to death. Serious injuries would include a Las Vegas police officer on life support. Four more officers were shot in St Louis. Another severely injured in NYC.

    Meanwhile, over Labor Day weekend in Chicago 25 people were killed and 85 wounded by gunfire. None of those deaths were caused by a white police officer killing an unarmed black person, and none seem to be related to protests over the death of George Floyd. The leading cause of death for black males between the ages of 15 and 35 is homicide. And the vast majority of those homicides were committed by other young black males. If black lives matter (and they do), then why aren’t we protesting all of these troubling deaths equally.

    We live in a strange society.

    • John, I think you have your facts wrong again. Overstating things doesn’t make your point any better, it actually makes YOU look bad and people stop listening to you for anything else.

  2. I miss the days when you had a real blog about Key West,it was such a joy and I looked forward to every post. Now it’s mostly politics. I used to come here to escape politics, now I have nowhere to go. You ought to take the “Key West” out of the title, and change it to “Lou’s Political Manifesto.”

    • Jeff, I have personally been reading this blog for over ten years, Lou has ALWAYS discussed politics here, as have so many of his readers with their comments. Where have you been and what the hell are you talking about?

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