In a Letter to the Editor in this morning’s Key West Citizen, the writer stated that Monroe County’s annual visitors equal 65 times the number of permanent residents.

Checked the numbers as best I could. Appear correct.

The population of Monroe County is 75,000. Key West makes up 25,000 of that number. Sixty five times Monroe County’s 75,000 permanent residents totals nearly 5 million. Key West’s share 1.65 million.

I have commented in the past I could not understand how Key West has not sunk under the tourist burden. Space problems alone past the breaking point.

The Keys are guilty of gluttony. Going after more and more tourists every year. The pleasure of the islands being lost along the way.

Strange day yesterday. Did not feel right. Stayed in all day.

My pleasure came from the Final Four games. Terrific! Oregon better than most thought. Lost to North Carolina by only one point. Gonzaga/South Carolina another good game. Close, with Gonzaga winning.

Monday night should be wild!

To err is human. I prove the adage frequently.

Twice this week, I commented on the Cow Key Channel Bridge Run. Said it was Saturday. Saturday was yesterday. No run. The reason simple. The run is today.

So there is yet time for some of you to make it. Noon today.

Yesterday’s race was the Seven Mile Bridge one.

Interesting that one day a 7 mile run and the next a 300 foot one. Only in the Keys!

Both races will have between 1,000 and 1,500 participants.

We are spoiled by modern conveniences. Like running water. William Hackley reported that this day in 1856…..There was no water in the tub or well, so I could not bathe.

A day without bathing ugh!

Russians protested in 99 cities and towns last weekend. Against corruption in government. They are back this weekend.

I ask now as I did last week whether the Russian protests are an extension of the Arab Spring. Is Putin’s foundation crumbling? Could be. He is killing those who could top him all over the world.

Don and Chris in town. Plan on having dinner with them tonight.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. I visited the keys for 4 days in mid January. Flew from Mass. to Ft. Lauderdale via Swest. Rented a car then drove to Key West. The traffic thru Miami on 95 was bumper to bumper. When I arrived near Key West traffic again bumper to bumper.
    Had lunch at 5 Guys then drove back toward Marathon Key and stayed in an ocean front motel ( for remainder of the stay. Was very relaxing with beautiful weather. Hope to return again some time.

  2. Richard, which Five Guys – the one near Winn Dixie or the other on Duval now closed? Did Louis know that the Winn Dixie Five Guys and the ice cream place next to it 2Scoops maybe is the name are both owned by local KW people? The ice cream place high school aged employees told me that. Showed me the owners’ photo. One owner name is Jamal.

  3. The Keys are guilty of gluttony. Going after more and more tourists every year. The pleasure of the islands being lost along the way.
    end quote

    Unfortunate, isn’t it.

    I find it more commercialized each year. Harder and harder to find places ‘ where everybody knows your name’ from winter to winter.

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