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This morning’s Key West Citizen ran a major story regarding real estate sales. They fell in 2016.

Since 2009, real estate sales have increased each year over the previous year. Not 2016. Key West sales dropped 17 percent. Sales in the lower Keys outside Key West 8 percent.

There is a message. Real estate prices are not realistic. People have become aware. Prospective buyers are reluctant to spend the dollars required to live in  Paradise. Especially when they can buy better and significantly cheaper on the mainland.

More and more homes were listed last year with asking prices of $1 million and more. Some, several hundred millions of dollars.

What’s the saying…..Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg. The goose is being killed. By piggish exorbitant prices.

The next to feel this experience will be the hotels. Tourists will go elsewhere. To Florida vacation sites with cheaper hotel facilities.

I have seen the high price impact over recent years. People staying in high end hotels going to their rooms at dinner time with a pizza and six pack.

Next to suffer will be the restaurants. High prices and smaller portions will not be tolerated. Even alcohol costs.

All will happen because Key West became a pig. A gluttonous one.

Treated myself yesterday morning. Eggs benedict at Camille’s. Sat at the bar. Read the Sunday papers. First time in a couple of years I have been to Camille’s.

Last night, Don and Chris. My friends from the Syracuse area. Both world travelers with their work. Don primarily South Korea and China. Chris, Europe and Asia.

They are snowbirds. Visit 3-4 times a year. Love Key West!

They had a major announcement for me. They are getting married! Wonderful! Both around 50. This will be a second marriage for both. Two better people cannot be found. Last night, two happier people could not be found.

The wedding to take place in Key West. March 24. That’s next year. Chris advised that it had to be that far ahead. Venues not available that fit into their schedules.

We met at the Chart Room first for a drink. Then to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. A good time throughout the evening. We chatted about everything. Especially Syracuse basketball. Die hard fans as I.

Dinner over, I headed home. Don and Chris left me to take a walk down Duval. The difference in our ages responsible for our different paths.

My Facebook quickie video had to do with matelotage yesterday. Sailors marrying. In pirate days. Gay marriages. Generally the French. The English and Spanish frowned on homosexuality.

Rules/laws applied. If one partner was killed, the surviving partner automatically was given his share of the bounty.

The gay marriage bit began in the early 1600’s. Sex partners were scarce. Pirates in port would import for a time a ship load of prostitutes from another island.

Final Four tonight. How exciting can it be?

Cow Key Channel Bridge Run yesterday. A new record. Fourteen seconds. The previous, 21. A tough 350 feet to travail.

Key West has advised Lyft to cease and desist. Otherwise, drivers will be arrested. Per local law passed last year to protect taxi drivers to the detriment of the public. The Bubba system in operation.

Leotards. Credit therefore attributable to The Daring Young Man On the Flying Trapeze.

Jules Leotard graduated from law school. Decided not to practice. Wanted to be an aerial acrobat. Not yet known in those days.

He joined the circus. Invented the aerial trapeze in 1859. Two years later, The Daring Young Man On the Flying Trapeze was written in recognition of his aerial activities.

Leotard’s clothing was loose and dangerous while doing his aerial act. The clothing also failed to show off his exceptional physique. He designed what today is known as the leotard. Tight fitting with long sleeves. Initially called a malliott. Twenty years later, became known as a leotard in honor of its designer.

Trump says the U.S. is ready to act alone on North Korea if China does not take a tougher stand against North Korea’s nuclear program.

Suggests a pre-emptive strike.

Scares the hell out of me!

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Secreting unpaid tax dollars a big business. There are 214,488 offshore tax haven entities.

Enjoy your day!


6 comments on “2016 REAL ESTATE SALES DIP

  1. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
    end quote

    Only with science. When humans are involved anything can happen.

  2. The real estate prices- and rents for that matter- are off the scale in KW. Without doubt it has great weather and a cool vibe but there are many other places that do too without the super inflated prices. Making a substantial investment in KW plus foul weather insurance costs would break most bank accounts. Many working multiple jobs to pay rent, and sharing the space too. I suppose it comes down to how badly one desires to live in what is close to the total package while taking the risk of loosing home equity if the bubble bursts again. I’ve spoken with a number of fresh water conchs that were making plans to head out explaining it is just too expensive and close quartered for the long term. Tourism may suffer as prices escalate, certainly tourism to Cuba will have an impact when that comes. KW, a very nice place, just very expensive too.

  3. “Trump says the U.S. is ready to act alone on North Korea if China does not take a tougher stand against North Korea’s nuclear program.

    Suggests a pre-emptive strike.

    Scares the hell out of me!”

    Only one way this would work, a TOTAL strike taking ALL of North Korea out and scaring the very bejesus out of China and everyone else.

    A Roman move that will never happen.

    • Leanardo,

      My fear, Trump continues to be embroiled in scandal and investigation, he continues to fall short on his agenda with pushback from all sides, the majority that watches him carefully, the Freedom Caucus and others on the hill. His base, the core of his “movement” is already showing signs of discontent in his lack of victories. He needs to deflect and his standard methods are not working, more accurately they are transparent and obvious to the purpose. What is the one time proven way for a President to get the heat off your back, to get the nation waving the American flag again? What is a time proven way to get the nation behind you?. Start a war. Works for the economy, works for cause of patriotism and works for a President who can’t stomach being viewed as weak. I hope I’m wrong, but I replay Trumps bravado filled campaign rhetoric and when combined with the crazy bastard’s rhetoric in N Korea, it may not end well.

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