My Gift to you. For the warmth with which you have welcomed my return.


Syracuse trounced Louisville last night 31-7. Oh, what a night it was! Syracuse has had very poor seasons in recent years. If last night is any indication, watch out world! Syracuse’s might of yesteryear has returned!

It was the opening game for both teams. Louisville was a 4.5 point favorite.

Syracuse has a quarterback and runner. No question. Garrett Schrader lead the team beautifully. He mixed the plays. Passes and runs. Went 18 for 25 pass wise. Ran when he had to.

Sean Tucker also distinguished himself. As he did last year. A dynamic runner. Already last night rumors began of his being a Heisman candidate.

Syracuse exhibited one weakness. Penalties. The offensive team had 18 penalties totaling 107 yards. Did not affect the team last night. Will in future games.

Why so many penalties? Syracuse has a new offensive coordinator. The team is still learning his plays. It was obvious. There was one instance when a backfield player was to run forward and turn right in front of Schrader. He turned left. The whole line collapsed.

Schrader took it well. Smiled and pointed to the right when the play was over.

The team was too good last night for it to have been an isolated victory. Lets hope the year turns into what a season it was! It has been a long time.

I was surprised Syracuse did not can Coach Dino Barbers following last season. The school gave him another year. I’m glad he was retained.

Go ‘Cuse!

Bobby Mongelli is one of the the nicest guys in the Keys. A hard worker. Until Thursday, owned 3 restaurants. Hogfish, Geiger Key and Roostica. Sold Geiger Key for apparently a big buck. He deserved it!

Geiger Key is 10.5 miles up U.S. 1. Bobby bought the restaurant when it was in foreclosure back in the 1970’s. A run down shack. Serving only beer at the time. He kept the shack flavor and turned it into a restaurant.

It has become one of my favorite haunts over the years.

The purchaser is Parakeet Communities out of Rockville, Maryland. Parakeet has advised it will run Geiger Key as Mongelli did.

Bobby had been asking $17.5 million. Actual sale price still secret. Understanding Key west values, I would not be surprised if he got close to that number.

A happy type blog today. The Three Tenors, Syracuse’s win, and Bobby’s sale of Geiger Key. Though infrequent, glad to be able to do one occasionally.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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