The more Trump pushes the Mar-a-Lago document search in Court, the worse his position gets. The hole he is digging gets deeper and deeper. Would not surprise me if he ends up in China.

The most recent revelation is that 48 folders marked “classified” are empty. An additional 42 marked return to staffers or a military aide likewise empty.

A total of 90 folders. Pray tell, where are the documents that were supposed to be in the folders?

When this mess began unraveling, I worried Trump might have sold or used for a benefit the materials. When has he perhaps not done something shady in his lifetime? Today, many are beginning to think that way. Persons in the media and the public themselves. The thinking being Trump sold or used the contents to gain favor with a foreign nation.

A President of the United States a treasonous traitor? Hopefully not. Time will tell.

Many speak with a forked tongue. Even a lawyer on occasion.

William Barr was the best. He could mangle truth like no other lawyer in my memory.

Now his ass is on the line. He appeared on FOX. He crucified Trump. It was obvious his goal was to save his own butt.

Barr said there was no legitimate reason for Trump to take classified documents to Mar-a-Lago. He was skeptical they had been “declassified.”

He rejected criticism that the search was wrong because it was an “unprecedented” search of a former President’s home. He followed the statement with it was unprecedented for a President to “take all this classified information and put them in a country club.”

Barr described Trump as having “jerked around” the government, leaving the government no alternative but to obtain and exercise a search warrant.

Additionally, from Barr’s perspective the Special Master request by Trump was a “red herring” and “waste of time.”

Artemis I will make its second attempt today. Flight is scheduled between 2:17 and 4:17 this afternoon.

Weather a prime concern. However at the moment it is expected all will be well and the flight will take off.

Weather includes lightning. Any lightning within 10 miles of Artemis will result in a further cancellation of the flight.

Four hundred thousand are expected to be in the area to watch ignition and take off.

Most have pools in Florida. Pools generally usable 12 months a year. Memorial Day Weekend reminds me of pools back in Utica, N.Y. from where I originate. Few had pools. They were only usable 2 months a year. Not worth it.

I didn’t care. I had a pool.

Always had my pool opened Memorial Day Weekend. Weather prohibited its use till July. However hope sprang eternal and as a family we always were hopefully excited that this year it could be used earlier.

Never was. The weather rarely made it possible till July 4th.

Note Utica is in the central part of New York. In the foothills to the Adirondack Mountains. Fall always came early. The leaves began changing August 15. Never failed. They began falling soon after. Clogged pools.

My home was like in the middle of a private forest. Without fail, the pool had to be closed the day after Labor Day every year.

We still enjoyed the experience, no matter how limited.

Syracuse/Louisville at 8 tonight. First game of the season for both teams. This morning the sports page has Louisville listed as a 4.5 point favorite.

Steve Thompson and an early Groovy story. This is back in the 70’s. I have no idea who Groovy was.

Groovy was sitting at Howie’s Bar. Jimmy was setting up tuning his guitar. Groovy hollered, “You don’t have to do that to play, nobody is going to listen to you anyway.”

They ended up best friends and sailed the Caribbean.

When Jimmy and Jane got married, he was best man.

Groovy flew to Europe and sailed a Swan back. I never knew anyone who did anything like that. He lived in St. Barts and owned Mango Air. He flew folks to St. Maarten to play golf there.

He stayed at our house in the 70’s when he was in town. Never a dull moment when he was around.

Bob Mayo, Phil Clark, and Groovy started Come Monday Construction. I guess Groovy needed a tax deduction. Bob did construction when he was living with me. Phil was a pirate looking at 50. I’m not sure if they ever built anything, but I sure enjoyed celebrating with them.

Enjoy your day!










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