My feet hurt.

I woke monday morning with pain in the ball of my right foot. Tuesday the pain was in the ball of both feet. Wednesday and today, the pain is in the ball of the left foot.

Strange how the pain moves from one foot to another.

Saw doctor yesterday. Make pain go away! Every step hurts! Sometimes takes my breath away!

Doctor thinks it is my lower back. I think he’s wrong. He is the doctor, however. So I will be taking x-rays.

If any of you have had a similar experience, please write and tell me what caused your problem.

First stop after doctor visit was the Chart Room. I really felt like a drink.

John bartending. Donnie and Doug drinking.

Donnie and Doug are from Mississippi. Doug a therapist. Actually lived in Key West for a while years ago.

Donnie a printer. Sixty five. Says it is good bye to his business when he is 66. Wants to retire to Key West.

The wives were in their Pier House rooms getting ready for dinner.

The guys good conversationalists.

I was hungry. Walked over to the Hot Tin Roof.

Enjoyed lamb chops. I have said this before…..The best lamb chops I have ever eaten! Not sure whether it is the meat or the preparation or both. Just good!

Jack Terry bartending.

Jack has a second life. He writes! More profusely than I! Has many books to his credit. Presently into mysteries. Finishing his third mystery. Part of his Tricky Dick series.

The crocodile on the golf course. A front page photo in the Key West Citizen this morning. Big croc! Scary! Golfers…..Forget golf, take up tennis.

State wildlife officials decided not to remove the croc. The officials say the crocodile is harmless. Crocs bore easily. They assume the croc will move on in due course.

There are two ponds on the golf course. The croc is inhabiting both.

The croc cannot be killed. A protected species.

On this day in 1912, a Captain Charles Thompson harpooned a whale shark from a fishing schooner. Near the Seven Mile Bridge. The whale shark was 38 feet long and weighed 26,594 pounds.

Diana Millikan back. For three weeks. Look forward to seeing her. She can be disruptive and aggravating. However, she is sincere and a good person. We disagree politically. She likes Trump!

“Without him, there’d be no me.” Words by Shaquille O’Neal. He was speaking of George Mikan at the time of Mikan’s death.

Mikan made professional basketball. He stared with the NBA’s Minneapolis for years. The Associated Press named him the best basketball player of the first half of the 20th century.

Six foot eight, a dominating force in the early years of professional basketball. The lane was expanded to 12 feet from 6 feet because of him.  The 3 second rule came into play because of him. Goal tending, also. He was blocking too many shots.

Mikan died this day in 2005.

Enjoy your day!



3 comments on “MY FEET HURT

  1. Your feet hurt because you wear Crocs everyday and have for years. You get no sort of arch or ankle support, which means you are clenching your foot to keep the shoe on it. That changes the mechanics of your stride over time, which forces your back to compensate. Wear proper shoes. I had constant back pain when I lived in Key West. I finally figured out it was because I was walking constantly in shitty flip flops. Changed that over to proper shoes, like night and day.

  2. I had the same thing. Mine was due to a compressed nerve in my spine that was aggravated by poor support in my shoes. I second getting better support in your footwear. As for if it’s related to a compressed nerve, if the pain does not “shoot” up and down your leg it may not be a nerve. Gout is also another possibility, or diabetes. Hope you get relief soon!

  3. Louis, you are a Catholic or used to practice your Faith. Therefore, you probably have forgotten about the healing by hands practice in the Church. Go and have the priest put his hands on you. The next day you will awaken without foot ball pain. It worked for me at the Cathedral in Granada, Spain 2 years ago. It can work for you. Healing of hands to heal your foot balls.

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