Age does have its problems. The older I get, the better I live. I watch myself meticulously. Never the less, I get sick.

My pancreas acting up again. The morning spent seeing doctor and tests. Another later this afternoon.

Ergo, no blog today. Nor will there be a blog talk radio show tonight.

I began researching today’s blog at 6 this morning. Assumed I would run to the doctor and return to finish. Not the case. I am shot.

Dr. Louis says not serious. Everyone being cautious.

Enjoy your day! I plan on spending the rest of mine in bed watching TV

2 comments on “MY BODY SAYS DAY OFF

  1. Looks like Covid is getting some help fixing stupid.

    It turns out Iivermectin causes all kinds of fertility problems in men, including infertility. Although it has been approved for use by humans, ONLY in certain cases and in VERY prescribed (low) dosages.

    The irony (look that word up if you need to) is that those willing to take Ivermectin, are doing it because they are afraid to get vaccinated, given the uncertainty of it and the fact that it was rushed through, where as the problems of Ivermectin are well known.

    So if those stupid enough not to get vaccinated and stupid enough to take mazzive doses of Ivermectin and still don’t die, they probably won’t be able to reproduce children anymore.

    See, we can fix stupid!

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