Women have been second class citizens in the United States from time immemorial. White women included. Color has nothing to do with it.

Female progress has been slow. Even today, professionally, politically, socially, and in every objective way. Such observation is not a matter of opinion. Rather, it is based on facts of systemic sexism historically and currently.

Examples of past historical and current sexism are many. Many colleges did not permit admission to women till the mid 1900’s or later. Harvard Law School did not accept women till 1950. Pregnant women could be discriminated against in the work place till the 1970’s. The GI Bill of Rights discriminated against women. The Constitution and 1965 Civil Rights Act did not provide women with equal rights.

A second class citizen is generally defined as “a person belonging to a social or political group whose rights and opportunities are inferior to those of the dominant group in a society.”

Women fit the definition perfectly. Women are paid less. They make up a tiny fraction of executives, CEOs, board members or leaders of companies. Certain countries have had one or more Presidents or Prime Ministers. U.S. still at the zero mark. Women are not given the same opportunities in the technology fields.

Information provided in previous paragraphs are based on “objective facts.”

Women have been exploited sexually in order to get ahead. They have been compelled to do things in order to gain promotions or to keep their jobs.

Now comes Texas.

Recall Giant. The Texas movie starring Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor. A perfect example of the subservient position of Texan women.

Giant covered several decades. A tune that popped up at various parts of the movie began with “The eyes of Texas are up you…..” A slightly different version today would be “The eyes of America are upon you…..”

Though women have been subservient to some degree way back to Biblical times, Donald Trump gave it an implied consent with his three nominations to the Supreme Court.

Regardless of the historical time, men have a tendency to come after women like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Why? Hard to understand, How great must be their fear of the female sex. The men cowards all.

Women and families are directly affected by the Texas law. It pits citizen against citizen by providing enforcement only by private citizens.

Now businesses will be formed. Vigilante types. Bounty hunters. At $10,000 a crack, why not. Business and non-business persons will become “peeping toms.” The profit incentive a great one.

Bounty hunters will in effect be the creation of an extra-judicial enforcement arm doing the dirty work the Texas GOP knows would otherwise be unconstitutional.

Can you imagine? The new law “deputizes” citizens against women. Shocking on its face!

Present day Republicans are on a large scale political mission: To turn Americans against each other, to provoke political violence and to encourage mob rule, provided it’s their mob.

The new law an act the Taliban would approve. Enforcement will smack of the Maoist Cultural Revolution which turned China’s citizens against each other.

Understand what the Texas law says: Any member of the public has “legal standing” to control a woman’s body. Amazing! I cannot think of any law that permits a woman to control a man’s body. Obviously the new law not a what’s good for the goose is good for the gander situation.

Everything proceeding while the Supreme Court “stands mute.”

There is a further implication. The new law will spread to other Republican controlled states. Roe v. Wade is in trouble.

An interesting observation. Who is the initial cause of the problem giving rise to the need for abortion laws. Men! Without them, there can be no conception. Men are at the root of unwanted pregnancies. Men do the dirty deed and women pay for it.

The Supreme Court has abandoned 50 percent of the electorate be declaring women second class citizens when it comes to the most personal of rights: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

White men will pay. Women will “come marching home”at the ballot box next year. So I assume. I cannot see how they could do otherwise.

Ladies of Texas, the eyes of America are on you.

There is another way women can push their men to somehow change the law sooner. Cut them off off from sex. Let them know it is your way or the highway!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Women in this country have always been second clazz citizens. Since the 60s however, they made significant progress. That was until Trump was elected. We all know what he thinks of women and since he was in power, they have again become second clazz citizens.

    Don’t think so, just look at Texas.

    …or for that matter his wife (any of them)

  2. The Republican Party is an embarrazzment, not only for what they have become– but for what they claimed to be, and never was.

    • …and the secret we need to protect is that Republicans don’t yet realize what an embarrazzment they really are.

      Don’t tell them, it’s fun (although sometimes a little sad for us ex-republicans) to watch.

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