Merrick Garland has had a distinguished career. First as the lead investigator in securing the conviction of the Oklahoma City bomber 25 years ago. Followed by 20 yeas as a federal appellate judge.

Now he is Attorney General. Only a few months. Time waits for no man, however. As Biden’s plate is full, so is Garland’s.

He has to move his ass. He is working too slowly. His decision making is that of a judge. Deliberate and analytical. Yes or no must be answered with clarity when a judge. A prosecutor has a more leeway.

Three things are not getting the attention they deserve. Some the Justice Department not even involved in, though they should be. The three are the new Texas voting law, the new Texas abortion law, and the January 6 investigation.

The January 6 investigation needs the power of the FBI in directing the investigation, issuing subpoenas, etc. Not to the say the House will not do a good job. However the House can be played with politically during the course of its investigation. The FBI not.

Subpoenas would have already been issued. Doors knocked on at 5 in the morning with court orders for records, etc.

Speed is demanded in the three matters specified. Perhaps in others also.

I had a concern when Biden nominated Garland to be Attorney Justice. I shared it in my blog titled Morning Stew #48 published May 13, 2021. The comment short. I repeat it in its entirety. My concern today similar as back then.

“Merrick Garland was confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee this past week for the position of Attorney General. The Senate will confirm him, if it has not already done so.

Garland has been touted as ‘best’ for the job for two reasons.

First, he headed the Oklahoma investigation 25 years ago. Second, he has been a respected federal judge for more tan 20 years.

Both experiences qualifying on their faces. However, I question such.

Twenty five years is a long time ago. No one can tell whether he is as good investigating wise today as he was then. A good judge does not necessarily make a good prosecutor. Especially after 20 years as a judge. The mind changes. In some instances, the drive also.

I hope Garland does well and I wish him well. However, he causes me concern.”

When I began reading Texas Governor Abbott’s comments re the new abortion law he signed yesterday, his “rape” comments hit me hard. Right between the eyes.

How was he to get around the rape issue?

The thought was immediately followed with what about “incest.’ OK to permit a rape impregnation to be dealt with, but what of the incest situation for example where a father impregnates his daughter?

I thought further the child probably would not mention the act(s) to the mother. She would be on the way to developing a belly before the pregnancy was discovered. Too late to meet the 6 week requirement.

As I read further, I saw Abbott and I were not on the same page.

Abbott stated at the signing that the new law did not force victims of rape to give birth and he vowed to “eliminate all rapists.”

Sounded good. As far as it went. Ranked of sheer stupidity and non understanding of the problem with the words that followed: Rape not a problem because the law “provides at least six weeks for a person to get an abortion…..There are services available to support victims of rape in the state to make sure that anybody who’s victimized will get the support they need.”

Texas is in deep trouble with Abbott and his type leadership.

Children increasingly are becoming infected with coronavirus. Failure to be vaccinated the primary cause.

Unvaccinated teens are being hospitalized at a rate 210 times higher than vaccinated ones.

The report the result of a 14 state study running from 7/20-8/31.

I am still tired. Waiting for blood results that will be available tomorrow afternoon.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Like almost everything Republicans do, abortion itself is not really the issue. The issue is THE ISSUE itself! something to make a fuss about and something to rile up their base.

    If the “church” was doing it’s job abortion would not be a problem. If the Republicans were doing their job, they wouldn’t need to mess around with the church’s moral issues.

    • One thing for sure, the church has always tried to run peoples lives.

      Isn’t it ironic that those people who hide behind religion are the ones who complain most about government trying to run peoples lives.

  2. How is it that all the wacko right wing talk shows and internet blogs are mouthing the same faux outrage about how somehow Biden has embarrazzed America on the international stage by withdrawing in defeat from Afghanistan, yet not a word about any embarrzzsment re: ex President Trump charging $50 bucks a head, for him narrating a boxing match between two has beens on TV on September 11th, of all days.

    and YET they want to be taken seriously?

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