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        • Sure do wish you felt that way about Trump. Funny how you looked the other way on that, but want us to now believe Govenor Andrew Coumo’s relatively more minor advances and stupid comments are somehow sooooo much more important that what the President of the United States of America had done.

          Oh, and what’s a “Fat Jerry”?

  1. You’ve no clue how I feel about Trump. Cuomo is a murderer and sex offender. Enough said. Defend him all you like. Just don’t let your grandma or daughter anywhere near him.

    • Enough said because YOU said it?

      Coumo is NOT a murderer and at best not a criminal sex offender. Certainly neither to the extent of Donald Trump on either account and both my grandmother and my daughter would be safer around him they ever would be around Trump, or Trumps friends like Jefferey Epstein or Alan Dershowitz. In fact he’s not even as bad as Prince Andrew. Those guys did sim real damage.

      Me thinks you are just a Troll trying to push a political meme beyond it’s true value.

        • No sob story here, you are the one with crockadile tears and faux indignation.

          Everybody knows this is nothing but a political smear campaign and inflating the number of women ALLEGING bad behavior WAY beyond the 6 women, makes this serious situation almost laughable.

          And those elderly dead stories wouldn’t have even been an issue if Trump hadn’t handled the the Covid issue as if it was just a hoax, to begin with.

          What we have here is a political operator (YOU) screaming fire, every day, about an issue about a single governor of a NORTHERN state, on somebody elses southernmost city in the entire country’s blog, on an issue that hasn’t even yet been proven.

          Calm down – you troll!

          • Yes, Cuomo’s reported treatment of women could be a smear. It happens in New York politics. Who knows.

            But the directive he signed on March 25, 2020 did require nursing homes to admit residents with positive COVID-19 tests and active cases. More than 9000 such persons were sent to the nursing homes. This is absolute fact. Anyone here can easily look it up. How many residents died because of his directive may never be known for sure. But it is easily in the thousands.

            I cannot imagine how Trump’s beliefs about the virus would cause Cuomo to issue or not issue his directive to New York nursing homes. Maybe Maria can explain how the nursing home deaths are Trump’s fault and not Cuomo’s.

            • But that’s hardly murder and the results far less that DeSantis just not counting Nursing Home deaths as Covid statistics. which was far more than 9,000 alone. Then there was republican debate on the floor of the House that too bad but elderly need to be sacrificed.

              You singling out Coumo remains a political stunt and your screaming that he was a murderer and that HE Murdered people is just unnecessary political theatre, especially on a KEY WEST blog.

              The girlie stuff is a total smear just like you claiming over and over that Biden actually raped Tera Reade, something even she NEVER claimed.

              Trump treated the Covid pandemic as it was a myth, not something bad enough to create a defense for or to create alarm or be careful of. He also failed to protect the elderly in ANY way, nursing home or not. To most people he didn’t care about the elderly and azzumed they were going to die anyhow. That’s far worse than anything Cuomo did.

              • I said nothing about murder. And how does Florida’s DeSantis have anything at all to do with Cuomo’s nursing home order in New York? Was Cuomo acting on orders from Trump? Not likely. Would Cuomo care about Trump’s opinion? Or DeSantis? Why? They don”t like each other. Everything in your post shouts that Trump is the blame for New York nursing home deaths, and Cuomo had nothing to do with it.

                I was born at night, but not last night. Try again!

                • You have called it Murder in all of your posts, and DeSantis handling of the nursing homes in Florida is an appropriate example of anther guv’s similar (worse) actions, making Coumo’s accusers – you, seem more biased than anything even approaching fair.

                  Doubtful Trump directed Coumo on anything, let alone this, however Trumps responsibility and actions, resulting in Covid deaths in contrast to Coumos actions were far worse.

                  And yes, Trump’s actions having to do with NYS’s Covid deaths, including Nursing Home deaths are FAR greater that Coumo caused. No one I’ve heard suggests the=that Coumo had NOTHIMG to do with it, that’s something you are just making up.

                  Is something wrong with you? Is your comprehension really that bad? You sure do seem to be acting as if you were born last night, or just pretending to have been just to be argumentative and twist other peoples words.

      • Cuomo is not a murderer or sex offender ? Whats a Fat Jerry ?

        Me thinks you are a TROll, capital lettered TROLL.

        Anyone not know what a Fat Jerry is, knows nothing of politics.

  2. Looks like Tucker Fox Carlson is greasing the Trump rabble in hopes they will support him when he runs for President.

      • I’m not sure what is your problem. I met Lou at a small bar in Key West back in 2017 and after an enjoyable and lively debate, he encouraged me to check out his blog. If he does not want an opposing views to be stated, then it’s his blog.

        • Hate filled rants with false facts are NOT “opposing views.”

          Either way, why do you feel YOUR posts should be above criticism?

          • Pay no attention to these comments. They are posted by the moderator for Lou’s blog. She keeps his site up and running but can’t resist name calling and hysterics whenever anyone posts non-liberal views. She often is confused, thinking every post she doesn’t agree with, as being from the same person. She, herself, often posts under many other names.
Ignore her.

            • I think the moderator, who ever she is, has been doing a pretty good job calling out trolls and other agitators who are just trying to cause trouble and distractions.

              Please keep up the good work, mom.

      • Can someone explain to me how posting a greeting to Lou is “brown nose suck up”? What do you get in return? Does Lou send you a slice of key lime pie or something?

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