It’s one of those days! So much news. Material galore. So I am rolling out today’s topics as they appears in my notes.

First, a morning happening.

I fell. On the stairs in my home. Sore leg is all I suffered. However my wall at the top of the stairs looks like a Picasso.

I was carrying a large glass of chocolate protein drink up with me to sip on as I wrote. Stubbed my toe as I neared the top. Went flying. As did the chocolate drink.

The wall at the top of the stairs now a work of art! Looks like it will need a paint job to clear what was left after I finished cleaning the wall.

Floor at top of stairs likewise covered. However it is tile and I was easily able to clean the mess.

Why the calamity? Simple. I was not using my cane. This is day 302 on my self-quarantine. I discovered early on the cane was not needed (or so I thought) in the house. When I sensed I was going to fall, there was always a wall or piece of furniture to balance myself.

My theory was good for 302 days. I intend to use my cane in the house more often.

Families not being fed, people being evicted, no work available, etc. The third stimulus package is desperately needed. Such has been the case for several months.

The Democrats came out with their plan in late September or early October. The Senate never voted on it. McConnell has kept it on his desk. Trump says he does not like it.

Not all Republicans have a care not attitude. Four Republican Senators sat down with five Democrats the past few days to see if something could be worked out.

The bill the House approved in September was in the $3 trillion area. The “compromise” bill suggested by the nine Senators yesterday $906 billion. A far cry from what is and has been needed. McConnell thinks it’s too much. Trump does not like it.

They sound like Marie Antoinette: “Let them eat bread!”

Republicans should recall what happened to her.

Trump refuses to give up. Through yesterday morning, 39 lawsuits were brought to have the election declared a fraud, etc. Trump won only 1.

Yesterday after the first 38 defeats, Trump brought another lawsuit. This one in Wisconsin. He has a new tact. He wants the State Supreme Court to nullify and withdraw Governor Evers’ certification of the election.

Does Donald ever learn? When is enough enough with him?

The New York Times reported yesterday that Giuliani sat down with Trump last week to discuss a pardon for Giuliani. Two persons verified the meeting with the Times.

This morning news indicates the issue of Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric. and son in law Jared arose. Apparently Trump wants them pardoned before he leaves office.

Money flows freely in Washington. A story broke yesterday of a federal court pending lawsuit where someone was tying to bribe another person to get Trump to pardon someone else.

Lawsuit several months old. Nothing further known at this time.

Pardons for sale. Wonder if there will be such a sign on the White House lawn.

Republicans have politically destroyed reality in everything they do. This has to stop.

Such action has been ongoing for at least 30 years. A planned event. Take for example the conservative Supreme Court. The Federalist Society has fought for 30 years or more for it. They now have it. The Court will reek havoc on the American people.

People feel unsafe. Have felt that way for many years. I refer to uneducated whites. Thirty years ago they were making as much as a college graduate. Today so little in comparison. They looked to Trump to return them to the comfortable days they once knew. A time when they felt safe. Not realizing he never would.

A funny cartoon on today’s Key West Citizen’s editorial page. A husband and wife sitting in their rocking chairs watching TV. The husband says: “Look at all the kissing and hugging.” The wife responds: “Will a vaccine bring it back?”

May Johnson this day 1896.

Everest missed the boat. May wrote, “Ev. got left, the boat was gone when he got down, ha!”

The hand writing is on the wall. The Trump ship is going down. The rats are jumping overboard.

Attorney General Barr announced yesterday that the Department of Justice investigation uncovered no widespread fraud that would change election results.

Barr needs to get on the side of truth and righteousness. His ass could be on the line, though I doubt it.

The Georgia special Senate election could turn into blood on the streets. Trump followers protesting big time. At the homes of some election officials. Threats of bodily harm.

Trump recently said voting was rigged in Georgia. Said many times. Suggested Republicans should not even vote on January 5. Implying their votes would mean nothing.

Republican politicians now fear Trump’s comments will keep Republican voters from the polls. Panic is not setting in. It has sunk in.

Various political leaders are coming out advising Republicans to vote.


Georgia has turned into a Michigan. Public employees being threatened. There is a real fear that someone will be seriously harmed.

Parking lot dining in Miami-Dade County has proven to be a hit. Restaurateurs and customers like it.

Restaurants are applying for permission to use their parking lots for dining. Applications being made. Will depend how many parking places a restaurant has. Existing law requires x number of spaces. A restaurant will need extra spaces to set up parking lot dining.

The weather outside is frightful…..Actually not that bad. The problem is that it is the first cold wave of the season. We have to adjust.

I went to sleep with a heavy quilt on me. Woke at 1 am and was cold. Especially my ears. Temperature 61 degrees. Turned the heat on. Within 15 minutes, everything was ok. In fact, it got so warm I did not need the blanket.

Going to be colder tonight. Perhaps high 50’s.

Cold front will have passed friday when the temperature by day will be in the high 70’s.

Understand how I feel. I am not a big fan of cold weather, that’s why I moved to Key West.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Morning Stew.

Enjoy your day, also!

7 comments on “MORNING STEW #47

  1. This might be the first time I have ever agreed with Donald Trump, but he is right about the upcoming runoff race in Georgia. It will be as totally rigged and corrupt as was the election back in November. Therefor the Republicans have absolutely no chance of willing and should not even bother to vote this time. The Democrats are on their own and should due their duty and vote responsibility, but Republicans should give up this hopeless and corrupt situation.

    • Yeah… what he said (tee hee). All you Republicans in Georgia should boycott the election in protest. That’ll show them. It’s not time for you loyal Donald supporters to waver. You believed everything he said till now, so you should not vote because The Donald said so.

      Yep… we’ve had enough.

    • Even Sidney Powell, that lawyer “Sandy” is afraid of and could cause him to move to Russian Siberia, was part of the rally that urged people of Georgia to sit this one out.

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