Remember Mel Gibson at the end of the 1955 movie Braveheart. He was leader of a Scottish rebellion against England and eventually captured. His actions were considered treasonous.

It was the high Middle ages.

Gibson’s character was a patriot and national hero to the Scots.

High treason carried a sentence of death. Death by being drawn,  hung, emasculated, disemboweled, beheaded and then quartered.

Not done in a humane fashion. The traitor was fastened to a wooden panel. The panel and traitor were drawn by a horse to a place to be hung. The traitor was hung, but taken down before death occurred. Still alive, the traitor was emasculated, disemboweled, and beheaded. His body was then quartered (cut in four parts). The body parts were then taken to the four corners of the realm for viewing by the populace.

Not a way to go.

Joe diGenova is part of Trump’s election ballot legal team. A U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia for several years during Reagan’s Presidency. Since that time, he has been practicing law with his wife Victoria Toensing in Washington.

Newsmax is an up and coming conservative television network. Similar to FOX. Its founders intend it to be competition for FOX. DiGenova appeared on a recent Newsmax talk show.

Recall Christopher Krebs. He had been serving under Trump in a bureaucratic fashion as a cybersafety chief. Krebs reported the 2020 election in effect was fair and there was no fraud involved.

Trump fired him the next day.

DiGenova said on the Newsmax show that Krebs “should be drawn and quartered. Then taken out at dawn and shot.”

He also said something that is hard to accept: “Man in balloting is inherently corrupt and this election proved it.” I merely share this last statement with you to further evidence diGenova’s state of mind.

Back to the “drawn and quartered, taken out at dawn and shot.”

How sick! Even Trump has not come out with anything so disgusting as a punishment for treason in 4 years. Trump merely says, jail him or her.

DiGenova’s quote not correct either. He left out first being hung almost to death, the emasculation, disembowelment and beheading.

Quartering creates problems for diGenova’s statement. How can a “quartered” man stand to be shot? What value is there in shooting four body parts without a head?

No wonder Trump lost something like 37 election ballot lawsuits. His legal team like the gang that could not shoot straight. Led by the worst shooter of them all, Rudy Giuliani.

Another Trump winner. Scott Atlas. A doctor. Radiologist. For the past 4 months, he has been Trump’s guru as regards coronavirus. Without going into detail, each and every thought he came up with bordered on the ridiculous. Each idea hurting rather than helping Americans.

Trump was so impressed with Atlas, he pushed Fauci to the side. Atlas was Trump’s man. He said things Trump liked to hear. He did not speak truth to power.

He resigned yesterday.

Good riddance.

Evictions have been staved off because of federal and state rulings and  federal financial assistance. The money dried up long ago. The rules to prevent evictions will soon run out.

It was revealed yesterday that there have been 10 million additional Covid cases because of the lack of continued monies.  The number of deaths resulting from the 10 million cases 433,700.

This set of numbers will increase dramatically over the next several months in addition to the expected surge wave in coronavirus cases generally.

Key West weather. Seems a cold wave has come in. Will be with us a few days.

Last night was not bad. Today the high will be 69. Tonight, 61.

We’ll feel the cold tonight.

The Marathon Turtle Hospital in the news again.

Turtles have a hard time surviving in cold waters. The cold “stuns” them. A hypothermic reaction occurs when turtles are exposed to cold water for a prolonged time. Causes them to stop eating and swimming.

Thirty Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were flown from Cape Cod to Marathon saturday.

Not unusual this time of the year. Turtles flown in from all over during cold seasons up north. Sometimes in the several hundreds.

May Johnson. This day in 1896 was a good one from her perspective. After school, she spent the afternoon into the evening with Everest visiting, seeing a show, etc.

They returned to May’s home at 10:15. Everest stayed till 12 o’clock. May’s comment, “Ah!”

Surprised Everest stayed so long. Mother Johnson in the past seemed to want Everest out by 11.

Maybe the extended the time because Everest leaves Key West tomorrow morning.

May will suffer the pains of separation from a loved one.

Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou! Nine my time. Join me for a quick moving half hour where I rant and rave.

Love it!


Enjoy your day!









  1. The Donald will be in serious trouble when real lawyers destroy his clown lawyers in criminal court. The Donald is liable to spend the rest of his life in jail.

    To quote The Donald himself… SAD.

    We, the voters, had enough, and he’s gonna be gone.

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