Coronavirus has struck a Key West family in a violent way. One of Key West’s most prominent. Craig and Crystal Cates and their daughter Crystal.

The three were struck low by the virus. Their infection most difficult with which to deal. The three were sent to a Miami hospital several weeks ago for care. Fighting for their the lives the entire time.

Little news is presently available other than two had passed away. As I understand, Crystal first. Then her mother Cheryl. All within a very short time.

Craig remains in bad shape. He is back on the ventilator. A representative of the Key West Citizen tried to talk to him by phone. Craig could not take the call. He did text the reporter however and said he was unable to talk on the phone because he was “struggling to breath.”

I never met the Craig family. Their life was politics. Socialization involved politics. When I moved to Key West, I decided to forego political involvement. Ergo never met Craig, Cheryl and their family. My loss.

Craig was Mayor of Key West for 10 years. Cheryl was Key West’s first lady. Craig was recently elected a County Commissioner.

Even though I never met the family members, I feel a great loss this morning. To the extent of teary eyes as I read about the deaths and the Mayor hanging in there in the Key West Citizen.

I felt I had lost a family member or close friend. It has to be the belief Key Westers hold. We are one human family.

May Cheryl and Crystal rest in peace. God willing, may Craig survive.

The coronavirus numbers are going crazy all over the country. Yesterday’s deaths totaled 3,157. More than died on 9/11.

Coronavirus in the U.S. is less than one year. Trump never appreciated its significance and danger. Interestingly, he has not spoken of the virus since the election.

Locally, bar and restaurant owners have proposed a plan to deal with the virus and their businesses. One facet is they will decide what restrictions, if any, are to be imposed. Beware! It’s like letting the fox in the hen house.

Think for a moment of the theme from Love Story. Where Do I Begin. Recall the words: “Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a LOVE can be…..with angels’ songs, with wild imaginings.”

The emphasis on “love” mine. Delete the word and substitute LIE for it. One word changed and it could be Trump’s theme song.

Trump continues to be a mad man on the stump. He argues he won, Biden lost, and the election was rigged. Not even the courts believe him. He has lost 38 out of 39 lawsuits brought to invalidate the election result in one fashion or another.

Saturday, he will be in Georgia. Purportedly for a “press conference.” It will actually be an opportunity once more to decry the election result.

The man needs a psychiatrist.

The run off election for the two Georgia U.S. Senate seats is January 5. Trump will attack the run off also.

He has already advised Georgia’s Republicans to sit out the vote, claiming it will be another “rigged election.” He also takes the position the two Republican candidates “have not earned your vote.” How this plays in, I am not sure.

Trump’s press secretary Kaylegh McKenany was asked a question about the many large White House parties over the holidays. She responded, “You get looting and protesting, we get the parties.”

A flippant young lady for such an important position.

Pompeo is also throwing parties over in the State Department.

I have a question: Who pays for these parties? The taxpayers? Some special fund? Rich supporters? Who!

I suspect somehow that the monies are coming from some source it should not be. Trump never pays for anything himself. Pompeo cannot afford anything on the scale of large parties.

Trump did a 46 minute video yesterday which was distributed immediately. His talk combative and emphatic. No mention of coronavirus. Merely the election result.

Will he ever give up?

Philip Rucker of the New York Times wrote Trump spewed allegations of voter fraud and outright falsehoods in which he declared the nation’s election system was “under coordinated assault and siege” and “argued it was “statistically impossible” for him to have lost to President-elect Biden.

Second day in a row I have been impressed with an editorial cartoon in the Key West Citizen: “Little Donnie T. wants his run not to die and Little Rudy G. wants his dye not to run.”

The weather. Cold during the night. Turned the heat on again. Supposedly will be better today. Heat turned off a couple of hours ago.

May Johnson a lucky young lady on this day in 1896. Everest missed his boat yesterday. I assume no boat today as he remained all day and into the late evening hours in Key West.

May and Everest got together after school finished and stayed together till evening.

They played by Mama’s rules: “Everest stayed till 11 o’clock. OH SWEET.”

Enjoy your day!








  1. A flippant young lady for such an important position.

    Being a brat seems to be a condition of employment in the Trump WH

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