So much news! Sad it is primarily Trump. Other things happening in the world. I try to slip some of the other news worthy items in. Not always successful. The reason being Trump’s mishaps more interesting.

I have much material to share this morning. So much that it is difficult to organize. So I present the material accumulated this morning in the order they appear in my notes.

A short story by Ernest Hemingway discovered. Amazing! After all these years, something new pops up. Title “Pursuit of Happiness.”

The story is published in this week’s issue of New Yorker.

The story recounts a hunt for a huge marlin, which echoes the narrative of The Old Man and the Sea.

Hemingway’s grandson Sean came across the manuscript when he was going through the Ernest Hemingway Collection at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum in Boston.

Plans in the next year are to republish The Old Man and the Sea. Pursuit of Happiness will be added at the end.

An observation that bodes well: “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.”

Key West reopened yesterday. Restaurants, bars and businesses. Certain restriction. Social distancing one. Mask “recommended, not mandatory.”

I do not know how the evening went. Most I know remained in. Donna and Terri were out, however. Dinner at 905. I woke Donna this morning for information. She said there was social distancing between tables. Did not know how the bar was handled. The restaurant full.

The Key West Citizen is of no value. It is always a day late during the week. Since they also do not print on sunday and monday, the Citizen is of no value till tuesday.

Donna and I spoke yesterday also. She said that she and Terri ate at Harpoon Harry’s several times this week. The place full. Business cut in half however because of restrictions. Only every other booth in use. Few seats available at the counter so social distancing could be observed.

Big companies keep going out of business. Coronavirus has done many in. Some were teetering before the virus hit and could not handle what followed.

J. C. Penny has been in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Announced friday it had obtained court approval to close 154 of its stores as part of a restructuring plan.

I was saddened to read that Brooks Brothers was in trouble. They are seeking financing prior to filing for Chapter 11.

Brooks Brothers was my clothing store of choice for 25 years. The home store in New York City.

Many lawyers back then dressed Brooks Brothers. When I finally could afford it, I joined the club. Bought suits initially. Then had them custom made by Brooks Brothers. Sports clothes also. Camel hair and cashmere winter coats. Everything!

Everything, except for 2 things. Dress shirts and ties.

Never liked their shirt collar. So I had the dress shirts custom made. Brooks’ ties also not too my liking. Bought ties wherever I saw one that attracted my attention.

Recall buying my first pair of Brooks’ dress shoes. Around 1970. $650! Even too expensive for me at the time, but I succumbed to the desire.

The most exciting purchase was my first tuxedo. I was invited to a black tie Syracuse event. Went to New York and bought the entire ensemble from Brooks. Suit, vest, even their dress shirt, bow tie, socks, and fortunately was able to wear the $650 shoes I had purchased several years earlier.

Brooks dressed guys like me just starting out. Continued dressing us forever or till we wanted to graduate a step up.

After about 25 years, I did. Custom made suits from another source. At tons more money. It was time, I could afford it. Why not.

Even the shirts got more expensive. I am ashamed to even tell you how much I paid for custom made shirts over the years.

Now I wear tee shirts, shorts and clogs every day. I have a couple of custom made suits and sport jackets in the closet. They have not seen my body in 25 years and probably never will.

I even still have the shoes!

Brooks Brothers is a big operation. Two hundred fifty stores in the U.S. Five hundred stores world wide.

The thought of Brooks closing saddens me. It was part of my history. And the history of many others, including the history of the United States. Brooks first opened in 1818.

Coronavirus did Brooks Brothers in.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser a flower that just bloomed. Nationally and internationally! She has taken on the President and fears him not.

Excuse the description, the woman has balls!

She has been fighting Trump re everything that has gone on in Washington this past week. It’s her city, not his. He merely lives in a house located Washington. Believes his bringing all those military in not required and illegal.

Trump began making fun of her. Like Teddy Roosevelt, the woman walks quietly and carries a big stick.

Beginning in the dark of one night this week and working till dawn, she had Washington city employees paint in huge bright yellow letters on a street in front of the White House: Black Lives Matter. Two blocks long. From one side of the street to another. Letters 50 feet high.

Mayor Bowser wanted to make sure Trump understood who the street belonged to. She had the usual type street sign placed on a pole at the corner of 16th and H Streets. The new wording: “Black Lives Matter Plz NW.”

That is not all the Mayor did. In one week!

Trump brought to Washington 200 Utah National Guardsmen. They were put up in a hotel. Stayed only one night. The hotel wanted to know who was going to pay. Bowser said not I. Apparently Trump did, also.

The Guardsmen were evicted. Required to move to another hotel. Bowser still not paying. She did not invite the troops, did not want them. Let it come out of the federal government’s pocket.

The situation could snowball into a major one. It is estimated Trump has brought 1,200 National Guardsmen in from all over the U.S.

Trump’s position apparently is D.C. should pay because the National Guardsmen are “supporting law enforcement” in the capital.

Trump created the “need” for “security.” Let him pay the bill!

Trump a bit sneaky. Bowser had the rooms reserved for Covid-19 responders.  Washington paying. Trump came in and took them over without warning.

During a storm, lightning hit at or near the top of the Washington Monument 2 times. It also struck and injured 2 South Carolina National Guardsmen at Lafayette Square.

The White House said the South Carolina Guardsmen were providing security for the “Justice for George Floyd” protesters.

What bullshit!

Troops and machinery of war on the streets of Washington. Oppressing American citizens.

Humvees with machine gun turrets mounted on top. Helicopters flying low over the protesters. Helicopters that spray water and cause dust to swirl.

The beginning of the military occupation of America.

I am not sure why, but we have forgotten the historical significance of today. June 6th. D-Day. The Allied invasion of Normandy.

Little, if anything, in the media and on the internet.

A Day never to be forgotten. Especially in these troublesome times. Think for a moment. Most of our World War II veterans probably have not made it through the coronavirus epidemic. Not that many left.

How could we forget them?

I have so much more material. Some will be saved for tomorrow. Some will be stale and not used.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. History !? We don’t need no stinking history !

    History is not properly taught. Civics hasn’t been taught for decades. We are raising generations of Lemmings. History will definitely repeat itself.

    Most here probably don’t even the where ‘ we don’t need no stinking ;;;; ‘ term came from.

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