Trump appears to want to keep the world out of his world. The White House. Perhaps he even fears if he does not protect himself, the protesters might gain control of the White House. Such would be the end of the world Trump has become accustomed to.

For 72 hours this past week the fence of fences was erected around the White House. A security perimeter. The fence a black steel one. A violation of democracy.

Armed guards, sharp shooters, and combat troops are omnipresent.

The White House has been transformed into a veritable fortress. The physical manifestation of Trump’s vision of law and order “domination” over the thousands of Americans who have taken to the streets to protest social injustice.

The White House now heavily fortified resembles a monarchical palace or an authoritarian compound of a regime from a faraway land.

The fenced in / barricaded White House portrays 2 symbols.

Trump’s supporters see a projection of absolute strength, a leader controlling the White House and surrounding streets to protect his people.

The anti-Trump see a wannabe dictator and a President hiding from his own citizenry. The White House barricaded as if a “military base.”

Something bothers me. Actually everything Trump is doing bothers me. His fortification of the White House stands out. Trump forgets it is “our house, not his.” We the people merely let him live there rent free while he is President.

From the first day Trump took office, he has been at odds with China. Bullying them. Not handling disagreements in a diplomatic fashion. He hurt China. However, China has caused more pain to the U.S.

The most recent example being crude steel production. China leads the world in crude steel production. Far and away. Even after China’s surge in 2019, it has continued in out producing every nation thus far this year. In spite of China’s having to deal with the coronavirus crisis, physical disputes internally and with Hong Kong, and an ill conceived Trump tariff war.

China is a country that has never let a major crisis do it in. Even the present one of pandemic proportions. China never lets a good crisis go to waste.

The U.S. ranks 4th in production. Before and after April. The U.S. dropped crude steel production 32 percent in April.

India which runs 2nd worldwide, dropped a whopping 64 percent.

China on the other hand, moved in the opposite direction. First for several years, China increased crude steel production 64 percent in April.

Interestingly, China did the same thing during the 2008 crisis.

Production graphs clearly show China spiraling upwards and the rest of the world down.

One of the Opinion pieces in the Tuesday edition of the New York Times was titled: DONALD TRUMP IS OUR NATIONAL CATASTROPHE / With malice toward all; with charity for none.

Many believe their President. Even where he is badly wrong. They respect the office and will follow the person filling the chair to whatever extreme.

Recall April and Trump’s promotion of Clorox or some other disinfectant to kill coronavirus. Drunk or spread on the skin. If drunk, would kill the virus in the lungs within 5 minutes.

I thought Trump was crazy and fortunately no sensible person would believe his rank ignorance.

I was wrong.

Many did.

The CDC reported this past week that there are Americans gargling with bleach and drinking household cleansers to prevent coronavirus from affecting them. These persons believe such actions are “preventive measures.”

Many of Trump’s actions are “reactive.” In most instances, “retaliatory.”

This past week Trump ordered 9,000 U.S. troops to leave Germany by 9/1. Trump’s reason was the need to offset NATO defense expenses. The real reason is that Merkel thwarted Trump’s plan to host a G7 meeting this month.

Putin is smiling big time!

As you are aware, I am an admirer of Canadian blogger Ian Welsh. Though I do not always agree with him. The man is sort of bi. Swings both ways. Liberal and conservative.

On April 26, 2017, Welsh published an article titled “The Age of War and Revolution.” The article was republished this past week on June 2. Its contents as applicable today as 3 years ago.

The article is lengthy. Broken into 4 sub-sections: Economic, Geopolitical, Technology, Environmental.

Regardless what Trump was tying to sell the American people prior to the coronavirus crisis, the American economy was not that good. Good for the extremely rich. Sucked for everyone else.

I set forth 4 quotes from the Economic sub-section. Each speaks for itself.

“The developed world has soaring inequality and is stagnated. Real value is not being created, instead it is being cannibalized through financial gains by rentiers; they take all the profits and download all the risk on to others…..”

“Response to a financial crisis…..bail out the people who caused it, make everyone else pay.”

“…..it doesn’t matter if Thelma has a TV or a smartphone, what matters is she’s scared all the time because if she loses her job she’s screwed, and as a result she has to do whatever her boss says. She has little real freedom, save the right to become homeless. And that fear is constantly there, even if it is subconscious.”

“The age of neoliberalism is all but over.”

Key West reopened this weekend. I cannot tell you how it was, what happened, etc. I did not go out. My local friends, except for Donna and Terri, did not go out. Their position…..Not time yet.

Ergo, I have nothing to report.

Enjoy your Sunday!




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  1. “China leads the world in crude steel production.” China also leads the world in air pollution. The picture is now complete.

    • I totally agree with you Sandy. Thanks for your support with this, it is important for the whole world, not just you and me.

      • Hey Al, don’t you know that Sandy Feet is one pf those hypocritical snowflakes, when it comes to anything to do with clean air, environmental responsibility or climate change, yet is willing to co complain about China being a big polluter at the drop of a hat. The truth is he is just a political hack more interested in anything to start a fight. I’ve heard he is still under investigation for at least two environmental vandalism incidents. He’s pathetic really.

        • Thank you for your astute comments following every one of Sandy Feet’s posts. Without your superior insight, none of the rest of Lou’s readers would be able to form their own opinion regarding Sandy’s posts. Perhaps you could get a job with the NY Times.

          • Are you Sandy’s mom and did he ask you to come on Lou’ s blog and try and get people to like him again.

            Because if you are, then there are things you should know about him and what he has been doing here. Like the time he made fun of somebody’s mother’s Vagina or the countless times he has used other crude and vulgar language. Or the insults He useless with those people HE disagrees with. And especially all the times he has used totally false Information to try and make HIS point. He has directly insulted Lou directly and even admitted to only posting to start an argument.

            Sandy (yes, we know that’s not his real name) has abused his privilege on this site so many times he has forfeited and credibility or his right to have any business being here anymore. He has been told many times by many people that we don’t want him talking up space on this blog anymore and that we are tired of his openly racist garbage. So, if you really are his mother please tell him nicely not to bother us here n Lou’s blog or that maybe you’ll tale away his internet privileges again.

            If you are not his mom, maybe you need to re-evaluate your relationship with him, now that you know what he’s doing and get him some help. Annoying other people on someone else’s blog just isn’t healthy.

            If you are actually Sandy and this is just another one of your dishonest scams, may you rot in hell with only creeps around you.

  2. My point is that Sandy or anyone else who posts here has their own opinion. You don’t have to like it, read it, or acknowledge it with tit for tat. You are doing the same thing as the current mob in this country is doing, trying to shame people with opposing views, into silence.

    I have no idea who Sandy is. I know that he has poor writing skills, (or poor eyesight while typing on phone) and that his ideas and comments are wacky. But I take them for what they are. I don’t need you to explain him to me.

    The day that Lou asks you to remove his posts, will be the sign that Lou is bothered by his comments.
    (Yes, I know that you are the moderator for this page)

    • Nonsense, deliberate attempts to create an argument, particularly racists or totally off the wall lies, are NOT “opinion” and deserve to be called out and denounced. The occasional coherent sentence or even full post, from someone, anyone who has admitted to deliberately post for ill effect, including that person who posts he wishes “Lou would die already” is not opinion nor defendable, even by you, a self appointed defender of Sandy on some questionable basis of so called “opinion” or some false (mate even phony) sense of fairness.

      Lou may or may not have his own reasons for removing or not removing any post he chooses, including mine, yours, or Sandy’s. I have not called for him (Lou) to remove ANY of Sandy’s posts, nor have I seen anyone else critical of Sandy to do that either, only that he Sandy cease and desist, stop, go away and disappear, etc., etc. YOU (and on occasion Sandy himself) are the ones regularly accusing others of removing, blocking and or banning peoples posts.

      And by the way, please allow me and any of the others the same courtesy here on the subject as you and your mother are doing for yourselves

  3. I have not accused anyone of removing, blocking or banning posts. I am calling you out for being the one who follows and tags each of Sandy’s posts, as if only you know the truth about him. It makes you seem brittle. None of the rest of us need your protection from Sandy.

    • Sandy Feet’s posts on Lou’s blog have clearly been to “game” the system and he has even admitted that himself. His posts are often abusive and racist. He is also purposely offensive to women. To try and defend this as his “opinions” is either naive on your part or openly manipulative. It also stinks of collusion.

  4. Then only you ignore the reality and not for the first time either, we have had this discussion before.

    Call me out if you like. I happen to know the real reality.

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