So much news out there. Especially re coronavirus. Makes it impossible to organize. So it is another Morning Stew day. I go as far as my notes will take me.

A problem. I am into my sixth day of self-quarantine. Isolation. Spend a lot of time on my cell phone and computer.

Since yesterday both are moving slow. Takes forever to go from one thing to another on the computer.

A few weeks ago, I began a podcast on Facebook. A day time thing. Several minutes, one issue. I rant and rave.

Do the show off my cell phone. The last step is “connect.” Not connecting. I have been unable to do the podcast for 3 days.

Means a visit to Verizon. Do not want to leave the house. I am Pruell equipped. N95 masks and gloves not yet received. Expect delivery this week. When received, I will be off to Verizon to correct the cell phone problem. Face mask, gloves, and all.

In the meantime, my What Bugs Me Today podcast will be off the air.

I am having my groceries delivered from Publix. Second delivery yesterday.

I enjoy salmon. Never would buy it in a store to prepare at home. Always enjoyed it out. Stuck now. So I had 4 filets delivered. Looked up on the computer various ways to prepare. Followed the frying instructions. A little olive oil, salt and pepper. Voila! Chef Louis did it!


I may learn some things during my home confinement.

I will be doing Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight at 9 my time. A quick half hour. Definitely ranting and raving! Coronavirus provides the opportunity.

Key West is a prime real estate town. Many buying and renting.

The coronavirus is affecting the manner of selling/renting. The virus has affected the way 1 in 4 properties are sold or rented nationally.

Open houses have been stopped. Potential buyers or renters are required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. They must also remove shoes or wear footsies.

The percentage of change is higher in Washington and California. Washington 47 percent and California 34 percent.

It will become modus operandi for Key West in short order.

The world is slowing down. The U.S. included. With all the closings and everything else happening, America is at a standstill.

China hit the worse. Millions of Chinese affected by the virus.

In every picture I saw of China, the people were wearing masks. The reports were the Chinese people were also being tested.

I appreciate the Chinese can make anything and swiftly. However the numbers affected were overwhelming in China.

Now comes Jack Ma. He is China’s richest man. He announced friday he was shipping 1 million masks and 500,000 testing kits to the U.S. They were ready to fly out of Shanghai friday.

He did not say where or to whom the masks and kits were going.

Ma previously pledged $14.5 million towards development of a vaccine.

Italy is in total lock down. The number afflicted and death toll continues to rise.

I still cannot find Anna.

Death has become additionally sad for family and friends of a deceased.

Mourners face death alone. Mourners grieve in isolation. No traditional funeral services. Gatherings of any kind prohibited and funerals fall into the situation.

An 85 year old man died last week. His 70 year old wife of 50 years wanted to give him a traditional funeral service. Church and cemetery.

She was refused. Traditional funeral services are illegal throughout Italy. They are part of Italy’s “national restrictions against gatherings.”

Italy is thinking outside the box re its problems. What is the saying…..Necessity becomes the mother of invention.

Businesses are closed. People not working. In effect, the nation is in total lock down.

Italy has suspended all mortgage payments.

A terrific idea! Banks normally get helped out first. Not by this procedure. The banks are best able to handle the no pay problem for a while.

Something for the U.S. to consider.

I would go a step further. If a landlord does not have to make a mortgage payment, a tenant should not have to pay rent. The landlord not hurt because he is not obligated to pay the bank. Unjust enrichment not right.

Another beauty aspect of this arrangement is that there will be less reason to bail banks out with American tax dollars.

The stock market closed 3,000 points down friday. Wow!

Not so bad this morning. It is 10 am and the market is only down 10 points today.

My blog sunday was “I Am Concerned.”

The House had passed an emergency aid bill friday night. Mnuchin acting on behalf of the President approved. The President later said he was ok with it.

What remained was for the Republican Senate to approve the bill. The indication again was the President was with it. Repetition for purpose of being clear on the President’s support.

The Republicans went home friday knowing the bill would be coming to them that evening. Which meant this “emergency” measure would have to wait till monday for a vote.

I wrote of my concern. Trump would change his mind on some things. Certain Republican members also.

The unexpected came from left field first. Rep. Louie Gohmert is a Texas Republican. A die hard Trump supporter. A far right winger. Every time I have seen him on TV, I thought the guy was a nut.

Some “minor technical changes” were made by the House over the weekend. Why, I do not know. The way these things are normally handled is for any technical problems to be corrected as an add on in a subsequent bill of any kind.

Gohmert suddenly became holier than thou. He said he could not vote to approve the bill without going over the “minor technical changes.”.

Monday morning, he did. Said everything was ok. Note that under House rules, one member can hold up a bill as Gohmert did.

The emergency bill still awaits passage. I doubt this very important bill will pass the Senate today. The word is it will go before the Senate in 3-4 days.

Trump said he has some changes he wants to make. Event though he said friday night everything was ok.

I had reason to be concerned. My gut was correct. Neither Trump, McConnell or the Republican Senate are to be trusted.

Key West announced over the weekend the closing of 3 landmarks. Smathers Beach, Southernmost Point buoy, and Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square.

Corporate McDonald’s announced it was closing all seating and play areas in its facilities. Franchise owners are not part of the arrangement. Corporate McDonald’s believes they will follow corporate’s move in this regard.

Key West Regal Cinema is closed till further notice beginning today.

Trump not looking favorably on his son in law Jared Kushner these days. Bad advice re how to handle the coronavisus crisis.

Especially, the Oval Office speech a week ago.

The word emanating from the White House is Trump “is pissed at Jared.”

Jared convinced the President to treat coronavirus as a PR problem, rather than a national emergency.

Trump’s attitude change was evident in his coronavirus update yesterday. He now views the problem as a national emergency.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is at the forefront of the virus fight in New York. Trump should follow his lead. Cuomo is being active rather than reacting.

He and Trump are at a cross roads. Not agreeing on one of the things that should be done.

Cuomo wants the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to be used to build hospitals to handle the gigantic flow of patients expected. As early as 2 weeks from now, the word is hospitals will be overwhelmed.

The Corps is trained to erect hospitals and to do so immediately.

No one knows why Trump opposes the idea. Could be because it was not his originally.

Bailouts being discussed already. Typical of the way bailouts have been approached in the past.

I do not approve.

The bailouts are being directed at the corporations/big guys rather than the people. Similar to 2008. The banks were bailed out and millions of Americans lost their homes.

The airlines and hotels are already crying for bailout relief. Both can wait. Provisions of the Bankruptcy Law will keep them operable till they can resolve their financial problems.

A hotel industry bailout! Absolutely no way! The Trump family are in the hotel business. They will gouge the program every which way.

This time Main Street should be taken care of. Not the airline and hotel industries.

America’s most favored movie couple have been released from the hospital. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were discharged yesterday They are now in self quarantine at a private home in Australia.

Enjoy your day!





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