Hopefully, I am back! Long Sloan hours, more dollars to platform people, and everything should be A-OK. This blog will tell the story.

The problem boiled down to the blog having become too big. My blogs longer and comments increased.

I missed doing the blog. I know from comments received over the internet elsewhere that some of you missed reading it.

My frustration knew no end.

I have decided to add to that which I do. Recall for a while a couple of years ago, I did a short daily podcast about 1 or 2 items.  Then for whatever reason, I stopped.

The podcast is returning today. Short. Thirty to sixty seconds. Generally, one topic.

Titled: “What Bugs Me Today.” It will be found on my Facebook Key West Lou site.

Iowa a disgrace for the Democrats. Couldn’t have come at a better time for Trump. What a week he is having!

Trump’s State of the Union Address a disgrace. Lies upon lies upon lies. What bothers me is that 50 percent of the U.S. believe Trump’s lies.

The man truly a Pied Piper.

Yesterday’s religious breakfast and Trump’s acquittal address at noon also disgraceful. Disgraceful seems to be the word for the week.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. No one told Trump. His words at both events clearly reflect his thinking that he is the Almighty.

His reference to political adversaries as evil, corrupt, dirty cops, leakers, and liars show he believes himself to sit in judgment.

I loved his statement that the impeachment experience “never, ever happened to another President, ever.” All in his head!

Clinton was beat up for oral copulation  and a lie concerning the same. What Trump was charged with was far worse. He deserved the same pain and suffering that Nixon and Clinton went through during the investigations against them.

Trump apparently believes that which he says. Like those pursuing his actions were acting “almost like they want to destroy our country.”

Trump had it wrong. He is destroying our country.

As to his family: “We’ve been treated very unfairly.”

He apologized to his family “for having to go through a very phony rotten deal by some very sick people.” The pot calling the kettle black?

Trump is evil. Donald Jr. compared Nancy Pelosi to the devil: The “likelihood of Nancy Pelosi praying for Trump is about the same as the likelihood of Satan running around quoting the scriptures.”

Romney was the only Senator on the Republican side of the aisle to vote his conscience, to recognize his oath as a juror. Whatever you may think of Romney, he is a man of character. He has always been. His Mormon faith is deeply rooted in him.

Trump besmirched Romney. Referred to him as a “failed Presidential candidate” who “used religion as a crutch.”

Trump was acquitted out of fear. The Republican Senators to a person, except for Romney, “feared” him. A journalist wrote, “How in the world can these Senators walk around upright when they have no backbone? “

The best laid plans of mice and men…..

I thought I had the “new” blog down to a science. Apparently not.

At this point, I wanted to add a picture of Tino sitting next to a Chicago Mayor. Tino portraying a political hack. I could not, cannot!

Means Sloan will be back over the weekend to “teach” me again.

A comment re the Super Bowl halftime performance. I thought the show was excellent! The music, beat, dancing, singing, etc. Did not consider it profane or dirty in any fashion. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were wearing more clothes than the cheerleaders.

Did you notice?

The religious got involved.

Franklin Graham said the show lacked moral decency. It was a sexual exploitation.

Another referred to the halftime show as “Satan’s danced troupe.”

Then there was the Catholic nun in California. She considered the show “outrageous.” “Immoral.”

Catholic religious should not adversely comment till they clean their own house. From pedophilia, rampant homosexuality in the Vatican, nun involvement in sexual shenanigans, etc.

I could not help but think with all the bad things going on in the world that some people were complaining about a halftime show.

Time to remember His words…..Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I live and learn. Were you aware those starring in a Super Bowl half time show are not paid. Yes, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were not paid for their performances. Props, etc. are covered.

Forbes says the reason therefore is that the show “is the biggest promotional vehicle for a music star on the planet.” A one hundred million audience.

The economic benefit to a star’s Super Bowl performance in the days following the show dramatically surge upward. So much so  that the NFL has under serious consideration charging acts that appear.

So the world turns.

Issur Danielovich is dead. Kirk Douglas. At age 103.

A great actor!

May he rest in peace.

Glad to be back! Can’t wait to figure the pic problem out. Don’t forget to look for my Key West Lou podcast later today re What Bugs Me!

Enjoy your day!



13 comments on “I’M BACK!!!

  1. “Clinton was beat up for oral copulation and a lie concerning the same. What Trump was charged with was far worse”

    I like to say of the Clinton affair, he had sex with one citizen– while in the Trump transgression he basically screwed us all.

    I won’t miss him when he walks in ’21

    • Accompanied by a significant rise in unemployment.

      Looks to me that the bragging is rather one sided and that the new jobs listing is just a number made up of a lot of people just changing one low level job for a different low level job, not actually anything to be bragging about.

      • And the government also released their annual adjustment to the jobs numbers report, down grading last year by 500,000. That’s a huge number and if considered on a monthly average, somewhere around 42,000 less, making each and every month’s numbers last year significantly less and nothing to brag about.

        Not only that, but this is the second year in a row that the adjustment was downgraded by 500,000, making the job numbers reported rather unremarkable, perhaps even alarming and not the kind of thing the Trump government would like to talk about.

        Everything about this Trump government seems to be a con. A con aimed directly at the gullible and ignorant supporters who are dumb enough to want to troll other people’s websites with inaccurate and misleading information.

        • The 500,000 number is from a Market Watch report from August of 2019. More recent employment growth reports show a total of 2.11 mullion jobs added in 2019 and 2.63 million in 2018. Those are very healthy growth numbers for any industrial economy.

          • More recent employment growth reports you site, are just as likely to be as bogus as all the growth reports that predicted the previous numbers that proved to be wildly wrong. The truth still is “Everything about this Trump government seems to be a con. A con aimed directly at the gullible and ignorant supporters who are dumb enough to want to troll other people’s websites with inaccurate and misleading information.”

            • My source is the U. S. Department of Labor. No other agency or organization has the resources to gather, consolidate and disseminate such a huge volume of data. If you distrust them, indeed the entire government, then you have nothing else to turn to. I don’t believe that every pronouncement from government officials is completely accurate. But neither do I live in a world of suspicion and paranoia.

              • I trusted your same source for that data in 2018 and 2019, the United States Department of Labor. It THEN turned out to be WRONG and by a huge amount! Tell me now why I should trust your source again, especially given that everything about this current government seems to be a lie and a con job?

                Only a fool would do otherwise.

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