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I have 2 days of notes to share. The reason being I limited yesterday’s blog to the UN Madrid meeting and a climate change solution discussed. Kill people! Too many people on Earth contributing to CO2 emissions.

Someone commented I should have discussed Brexit instead of the environmental issue. The reason I did not is the professional media highlighted Johnson’s victory.

Most are aware of Brexit and Johnson. Very few are aware of murdering a portion of the population to slow down global warming.

I open today with a short bit re Brexit. Technically the United Kingdom withdrawing from the Euro Union. Unintended ramifications may result however.

Johnson supports Brexit.

Johnson concerns me. He is an ultra right conservative. I suspect in the same mold as Trump. I sense England traveling the same path the U.S. has the past 3 years.

Enough re Brexit for the moment.

Not through with Johnson and Trump, however. Both are peroxide blonds. Their hairstyles best described as radical.

The English have compared Johnson to a “potato in a blond wig.” He also has a wayward tongue as Trump does. During the campaign Johnson claimed that voting for his party “will cause your wife to have bigger breasts.”

Trump has had his day(s) for insensitive negative comments about women.

Johnson and Trump are birds of a feather. Yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow.

A New Delhi convicted murderer says he should not be hanged because New Delhi’s air pollution is already killing him. India has some of the world’s most toxic air. Certain regions are referred to as “gas chambers.”

The man’s crime was the torturing and then raping of a woman on a bus.

One of the more extreme Republican Congressmen is Matt Gaetz.

This past week during the House Impeachment hearings, Gaetz raised the issue of Hunter Biden. The issue of Biden’s alleged drug and alcohol abuse.

He was immediately stopped by Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson who said, in effect, beware! Intimating Gaetz might be the pot calling the kettle black.

Gaetz’s father was a powerful State Senator.

Gaetz had his wayward moments. One DUI. Several others whose records could not be found. Re the one recorded DUI, Gaetz refused to take the breathalyzer test. An automatic one year suspension of a person’s driving license. His license was not suspended.

It is also claimed Gaetz had 16 speeding tickets between 1999 and 2014.

Gaetz not an Obama supporter. He was a prominent proponent that Obama was not an American citizen. He also claimed Obama had “homosexual tryists” with Massachusetts Governor Devan Patrick and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

Interesting since some claim Gaetz is reputed to have an alternate gay lifestyle.

I am not sure what is true and what is false re Gaetz. I have shared that which is out there.

FOX News is not always correct. Re the following, I am in complete accord however. FOX’s representation that “iguanas have turned Florida into Jurassic Park.”

Florida is finally encouraging its homeowners to kill iguanas found on their property.

Current iguana problems include: Battling each other, showing up unannounced in people’s toilets, digging underneath house foundations, chewing up power lines, and destroying sea walls.

Florida has finally recognized that the iguana population is exploding exponentially. Florida fears it may have waited too long to deal with the problem.

Iguanas began showing up in the 1960’s in Miami-Dade County. Native to the Caribbean, Central and South America, they were shipped to south Florida as pets. The pets left their new domiciles and became marauders.

Melania Trump is anti-bullying. One of her pet projects is discouraging bullying. Her campaign is labeled Be Best.

Greta Thunberg is a 16 year old environmentalist from Europe. She has been traveling the world discussing the need for everyone to combat climate change and global warming.

Time Magazine last week recognized Greta as Person of the Year. There she was on the cover of Time Magazine.

The President was apparently unhappy with her selection. So he bullied her. He tweeted: “So ridiculous…..Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend. ‘Chill Greta, Chill!'”

I never cease learning. Today, blue whales.

Described as the largest known “animal.” It is an “animal.” A marine animal.

So big. Bigger than the dinosaur.

Up to 100 feet long, weighs 200 tons, tongue weighs as much as an elephant, heart as much as an automobile.

Why so big interesting. Food availability. Prey. Other fish. So many in the ocean that each time in gulps a mouthful, the intake is huge and adds to its size.

Popeyes finally opened in Key West thursday. I drove by. Traffic in parking lot and in line in road heavy. When things quiet down, I will try Popeyes’ chicken.

The noted poet Robert Frost spent the winter of 1934 in Key West.

It was the heart of the great Depression. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President. He began the Federal Emergency Relief Administration.

Julius Stone was appointed Administrator of the Southeast Division. Included Key West.

Stone envisioned Key West as a tourist attraction. An astute observation! He worked at making it so.

One of the first things he did was to make Key West an attractive place for actors, authors, artists, etc., to visit. That is how Robert Frost got to Key West the winter of 1934. He was part of Stone’s program.

This morning’s Citizens’ Voice carried another complaint about the price of tickets for performances at the relatively new Key West Amphitheater. The complaint: $99 tickets “robosold” within seconds to “scalpers” who in turn resell them for $400.

Locals are left out in the cold.

Recall, I had this problem when I went to buy Willie Nelson tickets.

The City should look into the problem. I have a developing concern. I worry the City may be getting a pay back (probably legal) from the operators and scalpers. Or, perhaps the operators themselves. Again doubt it is illegal. It is not right, however.

Let’s find out how the system works. And if possible, make it work for the benefit of Key West locals also.

Penis fish. Yes, there is such a breed.

Look like a penis. About 10 inches long. Even has what appear as testicles at one end. Some describe its appearance as that of a “wiggly pink sausage.” Others as a  flotsam from a wrecked bratwurst freighter.

Pink penis fish have been around 300 million years. Live 25 years.

They are found only from south Oregon to Baha.

The penis fish live under the sand in the beach area near shore. The underwater beach area. Called the intertidal zone. A strong storm occurs. It pulls the penis fish up and out and throws them on shore. Thousands at a time.

Syracuse plays Georgetown at 1 today. An old rivalry from Big East days.

The President’s Cup is tiring me out. Being played in Australia. A much different time zone. Kept me up to almost midnight 2 nights ago and last night till after midnight.

Today the final day. Twelve matches. I have no idea when they will finish.

Kim Jong Un keeps testing Trump. Trump keeps doing nothing. Trump claims he and Kim are friends so he is not concerned.

This past week, North Korea tested another super dooper missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and reaching the United states.

Appears to me Kim is saying to Trump: “Up yours!”

Kim has set a deadline of the end of the year for the U.S. and North Korea to work things out.

The “love affair” has obviously ended.

Another of Key West’s exciting attractions tonight. The Christmas Boat Parade. Many dressed up boats participating. Thousands on shore watching. For personal reasons, I will not be participating.

Enjoy your day!





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  1. “..Donald Trump will be eligible for a third term due to the illegal attempts by Comey, Dems, and media et al attempting to oust him as POTUS, so that’s why I was named to head up the 2024 re-election.”
    — tweet by former Gov. Mike Huckabee

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