There is a climate emergency. Unquestionably. To deny it is rank insanity.

Man has not done enough thus far to deal with the problem. Many suggest time is running out. It may already be too late. No one certain.

With most problems, there is a radical fringe that has the solution. An extreme one. Its foundation inhumanity and insanity.

A two week UN summit is being concluded. Held in Madrid. Titled: U.N. COP25.

Twenty seven thousand participated. Some on the lunatic fringe.

The contents of this article based on some of what has occurred at the meeting.

The solution to the climate problem by some is a reduction in population. An indication that the “solution” may be getting out of hand.

Extremism and paranoia move this group. They are referred to as “population control advocates.” Their concern is that the more people living on earth cause the release of more CO2 into the atmosphere. In other words, fewer people mean less activity. Therefore less Co2 would be contaminating the atmosphere.

The ultimate way to reduce population is to “kill.” Kill a certain portion of existing society.

First the decision whether to kill. Then, to what extent. Extent a hot issue. Certain peoples and groups should be targeted most heavily.

The white man, for example. Yes, the white man. Especially Swedes and Americans. Begin by limiting to the extreme the number of babies each may have. Another group thinks Africans and Asians should be dealt with first and most heavily. A third group believes both.

The “means”by which “limiting” accomplished another issue. Propaganda, funded contraception, abortion, ubiquitous birth control availability, and even “coercive population reduction.” The latter meaning “killing people.”

One group believes that the population of Europeans and their descendants should be reduced because their nations consume more resources.

Examples are Scandinavia and Sweden. Both have “clean” images.  Both however are destroying the planet. They consume 40 times more than average Tanzanians.

The “fringe” group believes population reduction efforts should begin with people who are the highest per capita emitters. The U.S. and China at the top of the list.

Two suggestions to begin: Mandatory abortions and adding “sterilizing agents” to the water supply.

It is generally agreed that government coercion is required. Those so thinking believe consumption must be drastically reduced. Reduction should be a law.

A speaker said, “There are too many of us.” He was speaking in support of killing. He noted however that religious problems were involved. The Bible tells us to “be fruitful and multiply.”

The discussions boiled down to the fact a reduction of humans was necessary. Killing, again.

Killing has become a common theme at all U.N. meetings. One speaker noted the difficulty in killing whatever number was necessary: “We can’t kill them all.” The reason being too many people would be required to be put to death.

The U.N. apparently has been promoting that schools teach the importance of “educating children” to the problem and its solution. Killing one of the suggested means. The U.N. teaches that “the planet groans every time it registers another birth.”

Those attending the U.N. summit and the U.N. itself, appear to be hoping for “vast new powers” to deal with the “climate emergency.” Of prime importance would be reducing the number of people on the planet “by any means they consider necessary.”

Shudder with concern, my friends. These thoughts rarely mentioned. A problem in itself. The secrecy of it all. Not so much from the U.N.’s perspective. Rather from the media which fails to mention the climate solutions being discussed at the U.N. level.

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  2. Reputable climate scientists will not quantify the impact of humans on climate change Because they are unable to. The earth has been naturally warming since the end of the last ice age 20k years ago. The current acceleration of warming is almost certainly due to some level of human activity, but to what extent? Are humans responsible for 20%, 50%, 90%?

    So the idea of eliminating a portion of the population to offset warming is patently ridiculous. Should we kill off 20%, 50%, 90%? And how many decades will it take thereafter before the survivors see any change at all?

  3. If you think that people have no effect on climate change, then what happens to all of the pollution only we generate into the thin covering of air that envelopes the Earth?
    Or should we be calling it something else, something more benign?

    • As I clearly stated above:
      “ The current acceleration of warming is almost certainly due to some level of human activity…”
      Please read before telling me what I think. Thank you.

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