America won the Presidents Cup yesterday. The final round exciting!

America had begun 3 days earlier not looking the best. Scrambled  the next 2. Finally, came through big time in the 12 individual matches the last day. Winning 16-14.

A comeback victory!

I watched it yesterday. From 2:30 till 2 in the morning. Stayed glued to the TV set during the last 2 hours listening to the player interviews.

I am tired! As if I had played the 4 days!

Watched most of the Syracuse/Georgetown game before the start of the Presidents Cup.

Not Syracuse’s year! Lost to Georgetown 89-79.

The Syracuse record now a dismal 5-5. The worst 10 game start in 44 years.

To add salt to the wound, Georgetown only had 7 scholarship players available. Four players had left the team in the previous 2 weeks.

It is going to be a long Syracuse season!

Laura Richardson is the CEO of the Key West edition of the Florida Weekly. She does a magnificent job.

Laura is multi-talented. A law school grad, she packed it in after 1 year. Did not enjoy practicing law.

In addition to her position with the Florida Weekly, she owns the Salt Gallery on Fleming and the Salt Island Provisions on Stock Island. Located in the Perry Hotel.

Laura is also a performer. Can she sing! Frequently appears locally.

Her form of writing spectacular. Her words sing. Her talent unique.

Get a taste of her writing. Read her article “I Love Stock Island Festival” in the 12/3 publication of the Florida Weekly: Key West Edition.

The best thing I can say about Laura is that she represents Key West’s tomorrow. She is reminiscent  of David Wolkowsky in the 1960’s.

Michael Snyder is a Canadian blogger and commentator. The best! I have so said many times. He has that Nicholas Kristol-Tom Friedman approach to writing.

Snyder published a pertinent piece on 12/14 @ THEMOSTIMPORTANTNEWS.COM. Titled “Americans Lonely, Miserable and Depressed – The Legacy of a Society That Has Rejected Family, Faith and Religion.”

He believes loneliness rides a high scale. Depending on the study, anywhere from 46 percent to 72 percent.

Snyder recognizes this is “the happiest time of the year.” He follows up the observation with pop singer Mabel’s newest song released this past friday: “The Loneliest Time of the Year.”

He says “deaths of despair” are on the rise. Suicides. In every age and group.

The economy is good. So we are told. The market the highest ever, unemployment the lowest.

I find it difficult to accept the economy is in great shape. I sense a recession of some magnitude. I have been predicting such for 2 years. It has not happened. May it never happen. However, I cannot help but still believe it will.

The high market basically benefits the already rich. Unemployment may be low. The many jobs pay low hourlies. The middle class oft spoken about no longer exists. It disappeared years ago. Only the rich and poor exist.

The Fed is expected to take certain steps in the next few weeks to “keep the economy strong.” At least keep it from falling.

The Fed is expected to flood the market with gargantuan billions of dollars of liquidity to avoid a year end market crash. “At least” $50 billion on 12/23 and “at least” another $50 billion 12/30.

A “repos” plan is involved. The Fed will put the monies in one night and take it out the next day. Referred to in economic circles as a “turn.”

There is more.

The Fed will also do overnight “repos turns” 9 times more from 12/16-1/14. The first will be for $50 billion. The next 8 $35 billion each. The total a whopping $365 billion in the coming month.

My question a simple one. If the economy is so good, why is the Fed playing these games?

Sex and politics. Every now and then go hand in hand. Always in the game. Rarely mentioned, however.

A California Congressional District an interesting example.

Democratic Representative Katie Hill resigned her seat in October. A scandal had erupted. She slept with a Congressional staffer and a campaign staffer. Additionally, nude photos of the Congresswomen surfaced.

Everyone wants to run for her seat.

One is Cenk Uygur. A popular progressive political commentator. He has his own show: The Young Turks. A popular west coast talk show. He himself is also frequently interviewed.

Recently, he was endorsed by Bernie Sanders. The endorsement lasted one day. Sanders withdrew it the day following the endorsement.

Sexual comments are suddenly rising to the surface which probably will mightally affect Uygur’s candidacy.

He endorses sex with animals. In a 2013 interview he said, “I believe if I were the benevolent dictator of the world, I would legalize bestialiy where you are giving, you’re pleasing the animal.”

At another time, he came up with a scoring scale as to whether a man would permit a woman to “suck your dick.” If she was “hot” and a 9, 99 percent would. If only a 2 or 3, maybe 50 percent.

Another time, the comment “obviously the genes of women are flawed.”

My mid day will be busy. Sloan and I have work to do.

Enjoy your Sunday!







    • They’re often exPresidents, like Barack Obama, otherwise running the country, or running major corporations. A Law Degree does not always lead to practicing Law, per se.

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