A bit out of the norm today. Maybe the Fantasy Fest influence. Perhaps not. I have not participated as yet.

Whatever, enjoy.

I inadvertently came across an interesting article yesterday: “14 Ways to Pee Outdoors for Women.” I hit a wrong key. Up came a series of off beat articles. One was the peeing one.

Curiosity got the better of me. I read it.

Interesting. I recommend it to the ladies. Even the men. There are some bits of information that might prove helpful to a man.

The article was published in Exploring Wild 3/30/19.

The writert a female. An explorer. She was hiking and biking in a remote region of Patagonia. I did not know where it was either. Looked it up. Located in a remote region of Chile. Popularly known as the Southern Highway.

The author’s 2 week trip gave impetus to the pee article.

Remote was remote. Necessity became the mother of invention.

Worth reading. I am not going to delve into the details. Some ways I would never have thought of. Perhaps not all women either.

The article’s beginning spells out the 14 ways. Though graphic, not disgusting.

Various positions involved. Names distinctive. “Squat” seems big. Like squat, assisted squat, half squat, no squat. Even a guy style and a climber style.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. A special concern of women especially. The how to’s following whatever left the body interesting. Toilet paper obviously. Air/drip dry, squirt bottle, left hand, skier/snowboarder methods, also.

The author (whose name does not appear with the article) claims, “I am now housebroken…..I’ve tried them all.”

Still with the human body.

Fantasy Fest is in bloom. Tonight more activities than last night. As it will be each succeeding evening.

Tonight, the 24th annual Kinky Carnival. At First Flight on Whitehead. Formerly, Kelly’s.

The ad for the party clearly says: No Kinky Costume, No Entry.

Ten years ago, I went to my one and only such party. When the place was Kelly’s.

Blame Donna!

Donna called me that evening. What are you doing tonight? Nothing, staying home. I have a party to go to. You come with me. Ok, I said.

She did not tell me the type of party or what I was to wear.

It was a house party. About 20 people. All dressed BD/SM. I knew about half the people. I noticed that the women were attired as dominatrixs, the men submissives. Everyone was playing the style out. Men being paddled by their wives/girlfriends. Some with collars around their necks and the woman holding the chain attached.

I came in khaki shorts and a dark blue tee shirt. I definitely was out of place. Told Donna I was leaving. She said don’t worry.

Donna was dressed for the night and the week. She had her chest spray painted that afternoon. A black leather like vest. Boobs and nipples obvious of course.

After a while, it was decided to go to the BSD/SM party at Kelly’s. Ok, I thought. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Also, I had never seen a BD/SM party and was curious.

The night began at Kelly’s door. They would not let me in. I was not properly attired. The girl handling the door was a pain in the ass. Finally, I told her Kelly and her husband were my neighbors in Key Haven and I wanted to see the husband. Sorry, his name escapes me at the moment. I knew Kelly was out of town.

My knowing the owners was the key. The young lady said Ok. But, you have to do one thing. Take off your tee shirt and hang it over your belt. Go in bare chested.

No problem. I complied.

A mistake.

The place was packed. Up and down. Very few female breasts covered. Some women walking around totally bare ass. Men generally wearing leather. Some nothing except a 2 inch by 6 inch piece of cloth covering their genitals.

Crosses everywhere. Men and women hanging on various ones. Each being beaten/whipped by the opposite sex. A few by the same sex. Lines in front with people waiting their turn to be hung.

A crazy place!

All of a sudden, I was being attacked. A lovely young lady came up, grabbed my bare nipples, and twisted them. Hard! She smiled and left. Quickly, 2 others did the same thing.

The procedure hurt. I was neither thrilled nor turned on.

As a fourth young lady approached, I saw the glint in her eyes. I said screw this to myself. As her hands went up for my nipples, I grabbed hers and twisted them. Was she upset!

I did this to 2 others and my problem was solved. No one dared touch my nipples the rest of the time I was there.

I stayed only an hour. Lost Donna. Knew few people. Mostly tourists in attendance. Could not get a drink. The bar 5 deep.

My evening over, I went home.

There are many parties tonight in addition to the BD/SM one. One at 24 North, an Awake the Dead Zombie After Party. A Beatles Tribute at the Green Parrot, at Sloppy Joe’s a Comic Capers Party. For the guys, Tops or Bottoms underwear party at the New Orleans House and Pool Bar.

The Zombie Bicycle ride was yesterday. The photo in this morning’s Key West Citizen reflected easily thousands participating. Riding bikes and tricycles. Participants painted and costumed.

It’s a small world! I referred yesterday to Burt Lancaster’s 2 connections to Key West. I was wrong. There are 4.

Charlene Chapman is a blog reader. Thank you, Charlene. She wrote her 2 sons are related to Burt Lancaster. Lancaster is their great uncle. His second wife Norma Anderson was the boys’ grandmother’s sister Dorothy Anderson Hall. Sort of complicated. Read it again slowly.

Though Charlene’s sons never met the star, their father did. He stayed at Lancaster’s home in California.

Charlene’s sons remain in Key West. One works for UPS on Duval. The other, a bartender at The Perry.

The cry of war is a definite impetus to get things done quickly.

It was Cuban Missile time.

On this day in 1962, there was need for a “temporary airport control tower” at the Key West Airport. It was built overnight. Speed!

A photo in this morning’s Citizen shows the building was no small edifice. A lot of people had to work overnight to get the job done.

My first taste of Fantasy Fest tonight. Dueling Bartenders at Aqua, then dinner at La Trattoria. Along the way will be revelers.

Enjoy your day!




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