16 comments on “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT

  1. Trump “offers” to “mediate” the China-Hong Kong conflict and, in his spare time, help settle the India-Pakistan Kashmir dispute. All of this and still get in 18 today.
    Can you believe this guy?

  2. Lou, how about you create your text in Google Drive and then copy and paste it into your blog? I think it’s pretty much impossible to lose it that way.

  3. Trump says that to him the stock market climb means “jobs”.
    So he is either lying again, ignorant, or stupid because the quickest way for a company to get it’s stock price to go up is to shed a bunch of workers. The investors love to see that, especially if the workers are unionized.

    • Like everything else with Trump, what he actually says is almost always NOT the truth. Often he really doesn’t know the truth, the rest of the time he just lies. The not so funny part, tragedy really, is some people believe him, even after all he’s done to betray that.

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