Modern Day Benedict Arnold a strong title. I thought about several. Another was Slaps the Constitution That Saved His Ass. How about Bites the Hand That Kept Him Free.

Michel Flynn was pardoned last week by Trump. A lucky man. After all he put the federal Judge through, he was lucky to get the pardon. He was facing a few years in jail.

His most recent action provides a fresh dose of Flynn patriotism. Perhaps Trump/Flynn patriotism.

Jack Holmes wrote an Esquire column that appeared 12/2.

Portions of Holmes opening paragraph tells the story: Flynn…..”endorsed a call for the President to ‘temporarily suspend the Constitution, declare limited martial law,’ have ‘the military oversee a national re-vote,’ and ‘silence the destructive media.”’

A coup by any name.

Flynn an example of the scum Trump swims with in the swamp.

Another column worthy of mention is that of Charles M. Blow in today’s New York Times. Titled: For Trump the Past Is Prologue.

Portions of his opening and closing paragraphs aptly describe Trump: “A fair analysis of Trump’s life…..This is what he has always been: a liar, a con man and a grifter.”

“He doesn’t want to be perceived as a loser, even if he is. He doesn’t want to be perceived as a racist, even if he is. He will bend heaven and earth to create an amenable reality when the real reality is counter to his perception of self.”

In my younger days, I frequently was on Miami Beach. Stayed at the Fontainebleau. Enjoyed its many amenities.

Three or four blocks away was the Forge Restaurant. One or two nights a week, I would stop in for a drink or dinner. The bar active and exciting. The dining room elegant. Food the best.

That was back in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

I have not returned in all these years. For no other reason that I acquired a condominium at the Jockey Club. There was no reason to leave the Jockey Club. It had everything. Following the Jockey Club, I discovered Key West.

I read today that the Forge Resistant is having a “total auction.” Every thing to be sold. A total renovation to follow.

The new Forge will have to go a long way to beat the one I knew.

Live and learn. Florida’s unemployment checks take forever to be received by those in need of them. Florida ranks 49th in the nation in how long it takes to pay unemployment benefits. Only Hawaii slower.

The size of the check also leaves something to be desired. What it pays not comparable to most states.

Law makers have done nothing to resolve the problem till recently. Governor DeSantis has agreed to look at the problem and correct its deficiencies. Time will tell.

A national study reveals a national recommendation that checks be issued 2-3 weeks. Only 7 states do. There was another study that indicated only 36 percent of the states issued checks within 3 weeks. Whatever, slowness/delay obviously a national problem.

Government today does not appear to care whether those the most needy are effectively serviced.

May Johnson. Life is good these days. Everest still has not got on a boat to take him wherever he works. May gets to spend all her free time with him.

As it should be with lovers.

Yesterday, May and Everest were out and about from after school till 10 in he evening when they returned to May’s home.

Everest left at 11:00. Mama must be happy again that the two are respecting her time limit.

May is happy. She wrote at the end of her diary entry: “Ha! Ha!”

I made a mistake yesterday for which I apologize. I reported Cheryl and Crystal Cates had both died. I was wrong. Only the mother Cheryl.

Crystal remains alive, though still fighting for her life. I wish her a speedier recovery than she has been experiencing thus far. And many years on top of it.

The same for her Dad, the Mayor. Get better and may you and your daughters move on and happily share the years ahead together.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Trump has shown all of us how deranged and evil a human can be. Those that supported him need to look deeply into a mirror and wonder who they are.

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