ML is a candidate for Fantasy Fest Queen. I think she is a winner. A charming woman. She has a good business sense. Beat cancer several years ago. Is well liked. More importantly, she and Guy de Boer are a pair. The thing I like most about ML is that she brings out the best in Guy.

There is an AIDS/ML fundraiser friday night. From 8-11 at th Key West Pub. The theme of the event is the 1970’s. Guests are asked to dress as their favorite 1970’s sitcom character.

A guaranteed fun time for a good cause!

My yesterday began late morning. Needed a few things from K-Mart and Office Max. Decided on an early lunch. Cheeseburger in  my head. Drove to 5 Guys in Winn-Dixie Shopping Plaza. As I was walking in, I saw the ice cream store next door. Opened about a year ago. The hell with the cheeseburger I thought. Time for a chocolate milk shake!

I generally only drink chocolate shakes when on vacation. I overdid them in Greece. especially Santorini. Since no trip this summer, it has been a year since I enjoyed a chocolate shake.

I got one at 2 Scoops. Heaven blessed me! So good!

2 Scoops is small but well decorated and clean inside. Take the kids! A good place for ice cream!

My physical was at 1. Took 2 hours. On top of the 2 hours last week taking all kinds of tests. This was with the good Dr. Jackie Lefferts herself. A thorough physician.

I am going to live.

Got home and reviewed my material for last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The show went well. A bit of Syria, a baby factory story, and much about police officers. Closed with some food stories re cheese and butter products coming into the U.S. from China. A full evening.

Before the show, I had dinner at the my usual tuesday night haunt. Roostica. Two nights in a row. I enjoyed an order of lemoncello wings. You have not tasted wings till you have tried Roostica’s lemoncello ones.

Yesterday was primary day here in Florida. Key West is in Monroe county. Covers the keys all the way up to the mainland and then more.

I sensed driving around yesterday that the primary would be light. Very few supporters on corners holding signs and waving.  The turn out was small. Depending on who is correct, it was either 27, 30 or 33 percent. The results provided no surprises.

What  did surprise me was the Key West Citizen describing many races as close. 55-45 percent is not close.

Guns, guns, guns. No matter how we cut it, we are a gun crazy society. An occurrence yesterday proves it.

The place a driving range in Arizona. A 9 year old girl was being given lessons on using a Uzi. Her instructor was 39 and duly qualified. One of the rounds was too much for the 9 year old to handle. The gun recoiled and kicked back. Shot the instructor in the head. He died.

Trauma to the instructor. Life time trauma for the 9 year old girl.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Re the shooting range incident. It beggars belief that any parent would allow their 9 yr old daughter to operate a machine gun, even supervised. Legal or not, it’s gross negligence that cost a person his life. The lessons to be learned from handling guns are there every day and sadly those lessons are continually ignored.

  2. I would be surprised if that particular Uzi could be considered a machine gun. Even if it had full auto capabilities I would think it was, or should have been, selected to semi. But, I too have reservations about a 9 yr old operating such a firearm even though I [ and friends] have been shooting since that age. I would like to read more about the accident, facts, not supposition.

  3. Uzis
    • Submachine gun designed in 1950s for Israel’s army

    • Exported to many countries and used in many conflicts

    • Capable of automatic or semi-automatic fire

    • Standard rate of fire 600 rounds per minute

    BBC © 2014

    For the Army! Definitely not for kids!!!

  4. Most people that force their opinions on others about guns usually don’t know much, if anything, about guns.
    There is nothing wrong with having a semi-auto firearm. Millions are used in this country or/and world wide with no issues.
    Civilian model Uzi’s are semi-auto.
    I don’t know which model was used in this incident.
    I don’t want to second guess another instructor. And, I’ve only been able to find a very small portion of the video showing the incident. I’ll not make judgement until the full video or proper story surfaces.

  5. OK, more of the video has been released and its being reported and appears from the newest video release that the girl was operating the Uzi on semi with satisfactory results. It appears this a model which had a full auto mode and the instructor had ‘flipped the switch’ to full auto and allowed the girl to operate the gun as such.
    If that is true, I certainly disagree with that decision.
    I also don’t feel that full auto firearms should be in civilians hands even with the current strict licensing policies.
    Just thought I should add this.

  6. My opinion is that a great deal more thought needs to be used with regard to firearms. We need to get over our infatuation with them, realize they are lethal weapons, and that as such, use around children, especially young children should have strict rules. There is absolutely no need for a small child to attempt to operate a military weapon on full automatic as happened in this case.

    Apparently, the young girl had little to no familiarity with weapons as her family was vising from New Jersey. As a young scout myself I thoroughly enjoyed rifle practice with our 22 long rifles at the range. We were completely trained in all aspects of the weapon and range safety prior to every chambering a round. With respect, training, proper supervision and access to appropriate levels of firepower, guns in the hands of children can be appropriate. A great deal of the idiocy around guns I see today has everything to so with a cult of firearms that glorifies weapons to the exclusion of common sense and good judgement.

    In the past three days I have ready no less than eight stories involving the lethal use of firearm, all in appropriate or unfortunate. As a nation, we either grow-up and stop fantasizing about Wyatt Earp and the OK Corral and deal with firearms and their safety as adults.

  7. There has been some mention of the parents pressuring the instructor to allow the daughter to operate the firearm in full auto mode. I don’t know if thats true or not.
    All I can say is that I would not have allowed that.
    And, from what I’ve seen the instructor was not in a proper/safe position.
    I do believe in teaching kids how to safely operate a gun as soon as possible especially if guns are kept in the home. I had that training and have given it.

    • Totally agree as to kids learning how to use an appropriate weapon responsibly. I have always had weapons in the house as a retired police officer and all three of my kids grew-up knowing and seeing and learning all aspects of my weapons. However, other than for work where I had to open carry, I never paraded them around, strung them from my back with a bandolier of rounds while I shopped at Walmart (in case there was a call from Rambo) or treat the weapons with anything other than the respect a deadly weapon deserves.

      The flippancy with which I see high-powered assault weapons being casually carried about by women and even children in shopping venues is terrible and deadly. It also makes law enforcement’s job that much more difficult as now they need to sort out which of the rifle packing idiots could suddenly swing up and fire into the crowd. I’m so glad I retired as twenty years ago, with the assault weapons ban, we had none of this stupidity. Just good, solid hunting rifles and Remingtons in the shotgun rack of the pick-up where they belong until deer season.

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